Sgt. Ken Weichert on Transformational Resilience

How resilient are your franchisees?

We all know that running a successful franchise business is sometimes stressful. Whether external or internal—changes require adaptability and tenacity, right? Enter resilience expert, Ken Weichert (SGT Ken®). He will take your meeting from good and productive—to maximum energy and transformational the moment he takes the stage!

Hooah! Right?!?!?

Here is one of SGT Ken’s most requested programs—on resilience:

Headshot of Franchise Event Keynote Speaker, Sgt. Ken Weichert

The Road to Resilience: Turn Stress Into Strength and Obstacles Into Opportunities™ with SGT Ken®

There are two things that can happen to you when faced with an obstacle of any kind: fall apart or bounce back. Resilience, often referred to as emotional fitness or mental toughness, is when you face adversity head-on and grow from your experience. SGT Ken® has over 300 hours providing resilience training to military and non-military audiences. This module will provide you with exceptional resilience training and life coaching strategies to turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities!

SGT Ken speaks on leadership, goal-setting and yes, resilience. Whether as a main stage keynote or a standing room only breakout session, he’ll deliver a memorable and pivotal experience for your team—we’ve seen it!

His fees start at $8,500 and he travels from Nashville. If you’re curious about how SGT Ken could fit within your convention line-up, let’s talk!

More soon…


P.S. Sgt. Ken Weichert is a U.S. Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran AND the very nicest guy!

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