Simon T. Bailey: Oozing Gratitude Through Customer Love

As I sat down to write this “week of Thanksgiving” blog post, I wanted to connect with a sentiment which so many of us try to live our lives by—gratitude. I could list the very many things for which I’m thankful, as could you…and we should. But since I typically like to feature one of our fabulous speaker partners (for which I’m very grateful), you know who popped to mind? Simon T. Bailey—and then followed the title, Oozing Gratitude Through Customer Love!

Whether from the stage or talking one on one, Simon absolutely oozes enthusiasm and carries you on board. And the laugh? CONTAGIOUS! Your franchisees will be inspired to “hug people with their words” and create an engaging culture of absolute customer love—because that’s contagious too!

Some of Simon’s most popular keynotes are:

  • Customer Experience – Increase Your Revenue with a Spirit of Excellence
  • Shift Your Brilliance – Leading Amidst Uncertainty
  • SHIFT YOUR BRILLIANCE – Harness the Power of You, Inc.
  • Brand the Moment – Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch
  • Stop Selling and Start Connecting

If customer service, engagement, culture (as Simon says, “culture eats strategy for lunch!), leadership, team-building or change management are relevant topics for your next convention, Simon would be a fantastic choice. He’ll inspire your team all the way to implementing true change through tactical steps and a shift in thinking. We’ve seen it over and over with our clients.

Simon’s fees start at $23,000—and for Orlando area events, his local rate is $18,000! If you loved Simon’s video, let’s talk about the possibilities—it has memorable written all over it!

More soon….


P.S. Here’s another of Simon’s videos which provides his backstory. Do you not find yourself smiling, laughing and nodding along?

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