One of the things we love most about the franchise industry is the culture of friendliness and open sharing within this dynamic community.  From the moment we launched SPEAK! four short years ago, many wonderful franchise industry leaders have stepped forward and extended a helping hand.  From sharing their insights and experiences, to introducing us to other great partners, we owe much of our success to these industry leaders. 

Whether you are looking for a fantastic franchise consultant, an attorney, or someone to write your ops manual, there’s someone here to support you.  These folks know franchising!  Don’t see a resource you are looking for?  Give me a call directly; I may know someone who can help.  After all,  there’s a reason I’m called the Chief Match Maker!

SPEAK! is the only speakers bureau that focuses exclusively on the franchise industry.  Helping franchisors find just the right franchise-savvy speakers, trainers, MCs and facilitators for annual conferences, regional meetings and remote training is our passion.  Our speakers understand franchising, are professional presenters and are committed to serving our clients.  Call us for a 30 minute complimentary brainstorming session on how to make your next event an extraordinary success and when we speak, be sure and ask us about our ‘No Diva’ policy!

Katrina Mitchell, Chief Match Maker ● 720-304-3710 ●

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