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Libby Gill

Leadership Expert

If you want a solid framework for success and immediately applicable strategies to apply to your franchise system, leadership expert, Libby Gill, is an ideal choice for your on-site or on-line event. Libby meets your audience members where they are, challenging them to manage change and uncertainty so they can play a bigger game in work and life. With a unique message based on the science of hope, called hope theory, Libby helps your group create an inspiring future-focused vision and an ambitious-but-attainable action plan to reach new heights in your franchise. And Libby’s customization ensures that your participants will walk away with relevant takeaways, including her 30-Day Accountability Challenge, so the learning lasts long after the event’s conclusion.

Libby Gill – Leading Through Change, Challenge & Chaos

Travels From:

Los Angeles, CA

Fee Range:

Keynote $20,000
Virtual $10,000

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Libby Gill's Bio

Executive coach, leadership expert, and award-winning author, Libby Gill, guides leaders to inspire purpose, drive performance, and create hope-driven cultures. The former head of communications for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting, she was the “branding brain” behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show.

Libby’s clients include Acura, ADP, Bank of America, Capital One, Disney, EY, Great Clips, Honda, Intel, Medtronic, Microsoft, Vanguard, Viacom, Wells Fargo and many more. She has been featured on the CBS Early Show, CNN, NPR the Today Show and in the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. And, she is the author of six books including the award-winning You Unstuck; Traveling Hopefully; Capture the Mindshare, and The Hope-Driven Leader, with Leadership Reckoning to be published in 2021.


Partial Client List:

  • Acura
  • Bank of America
  • BCBG
  • Capital One
  • Gap
  • Great Clips
  • Handyman Connection
  • Honda
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • Intel
  • Isaac Instruments Trucking
  • Kellogg’s
  • Leading Age
  • Lilly Pharmaceuticals
  • Marriott International
  • Medtronic
  • Microsoft
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Oracle
  • PayPal
  • Raymond James
  • Principal Group
  • RE/MAX
  • Safeway
  • United Healthcare
  • Walmart
  • Wegman’s
  • Wells Fargo
  • Libby’s presentation really helped me identify, and deal with, those ongoing issues that sometimes held me back.  Her techniques are sure to help you move ahead, and get on with your life and career.

    Jim Hennessy Marriott / Director of Sales
  • Love the passion! I could spend a whole week learning about Libby's message. I can't wait to read her book Traveling Hopefully!

    Tiffany Reynolds Marriott International
  • There are speakers who inspire with their words, and there are speakers that motivate by example. Libby Gill did both for our group at the POWER Symposium. She provided a message of hope, despite uncertainty, along with an action plan they could use immediately to benefit their own businesses. Overall, she was approachable, professional, and extremely memorable. She ranks among one of our highest-rated speakers in the history of our conference.

    Holly Cline Amoena
  • We've seen a lot of speakers at Disney, but Libby’s presentation was the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long time. After a very challenging year, we were ready to get back to work, totally re-energized by her empowering message.

    Sharon Williams Disney
  • I felt really inspired after her presentation to set a clear vision and to create an action plan towards those goal.

    Jacqueline Delgado Hyundai Motor America
  • I love the presentation Libby gave. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd that allowed us to think about ourselves, to think and discuss with our neighbors about how we apply leadership. There were a lot of golden nuggets in this presentation!

    Jacques Delarochelliere Isaac Instruments
  • We were inspired by you…….your stories, your messages, and your insight! You were the perfect ending to a great two days of inspiration and motivation.

    Jodi Weinzetl Medtronic
  • Libby's message of action and accountability was strong, impassioned and clear. Her interactive presentation struck a deep chord and really helped set the tone for our event.

    Monica DeTullio Microsoft
  • Libby Gill just presented at our national conference and the feedback I'm getting is that Libby is the best opening keynote speaker we've ever had. She touched on the subjects of leadership and change but she also reached out to our members before she came here to find out what the specific leadership challenges they were facing and wove it into the presentation and really made it hit home.

    Sandy Markwood National Association for Area Agencies on Aging / CEO
  • Libby really delivered at our conference. She was engaging, funny and insightful on how to reach your full potential by challenging ho-hum cultures and breaking through to be your best.  Our audience loved the 30-day Challenge and raved about the energy from Libby!

    Will Boudreaux Netchex
  • Her content was simple, yet so impactful. It makes me inspired to share these thoughts with my leaders. I know if I follow her lead, my year will improve.

    David Keebler Vanguard

Linda Gill's Keynotes

The Journey of Change Through the Lens of Hope

Libby delivers an inspiring message about the science of hopefulness, called hope theory, and its application to the workplace in challenging times. Sharing powerful stories, relevant case studies, and evidence-based strategies about the journey of change, she helps your organization reframe change as opportunity.

Her takeaways guide your group to:

  • Master results-based strategies based on Libby’s True Hope Process to “Clarify the Vision; Simplify the Pathway; Execute the Plan; and Review, Reflect, and Refine” for current and future success.
  • Identify the personal Leadership Superpower that helps you guide others to be adaptable and innovative.
  • Link beliefs (emotions) to behaviors (actions) to break down barriers and move yourself and your team past any obstacles in your path.
Lift As You Climb: The Latest on Women's Leadership

Libby guides emerging and established women leaders through workplace challenges including career advancement; gender bias; visibility and exposure; connection-leveraging; and work/life balance. With intelligence and humor, she shares an inspirational blend of leadership strategies and hard-won secrets to success.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Craft a Credibility Booster to strengthen presence and build visibility.
  • Tap into uniquely female strengths by identifying your Leadership Superpower.
  • Learn the Art of Amplification to lift other women in your organization.
Mastering The True Hope Process

A deep dive into Libby’s proven four-step “True Hope Process,” that moves your team from clarifying their one-year vision; simplifying the path to reaching the desired outcome; executing the action plan; then reviewing and refining the plan for future growth.

This program can also be presented in four weekly installments for maximum connection and accountability to action.

You Unstuck: Creating a Culture of Risk-Taking

A powerful session for identifying and reframing fear as fuel for growth so that organizations can create cultures where team members are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and develop new strategies for the future.

Maximizing Multiple Leadership Styles

Highly interactive session where Libby guides participants to situationally broaden their leadership skillset by learning four key leadership styles, identifying their default style, and mastering the ability to toggle among styles depending on the circumstances.

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