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Linda Cohen, MA

Kindness Catalyst

Linda Cohen, the Kindness Catalyst, is a nationally recognized expert and professional speaker and consultant on Cultivating Kindness. Her first book, 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life, is an inspirational guide to a life of gratitude. Cohen teaches franchise systems the ROI of kindness. She inspires and deftly elicits stories from others, captivating the audience through her interactive and engaging keynotes and workshops.

Linda Cohen, The Kindness Catalyst

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Fee Range:

Keynote $7,500
Virtual $5,500

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Linda Cohen's Bio

Linda Cohen has been a “Kindness Catalyst” for over 10 years. She is a sought-after consultant on the ROI of Kindness and professional speaker. Her goal is simple: to help franchisors improve communication, boost teamwork and improve the employee engagement by focusing on a strong culture of kindness. Her first book, 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life was published by Seal Press.

Cohen received her BA from Lee College and an MA from Brandeis University. Cohen is the immediate past president of the Oregon chapter of the National Speakers Association. She lives in Oregon with her husband of 27 years. They have two spirited young adult children and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. When Cohen isn’t working you might find her practicing yoga or enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of Earl Grey Tea!


Partial Client List:

  • Aging Life Care Association
  • Best Life Brands
  • California Funeral Directors Association
  • ComForCare
  • Idaho Hospital Association
  • Kroger/Fred Meyer
  • New Mexico Nurse Practitioners Council
  • Oregon Healthcare Association
  • Oregon Hospice & Palliative Care Association
  • Portland Adventist Health
  • Society of Certified Senior Advisors
  • Thank you for a great program at the CSA conference. Your content, your passion, and enthusiasm are evident. I’ve recommended you for our ComForCare annual conference. I think your workshopping style and technique is of great value. Hope they select you.

    Zack Demopolous ComForCare Home Care / Owner
  • I've worked with Linda professionally on a few separate occasions. Linda's message on "kindness" is not only refreshing to hear and something that should be core to all workplace cultures, but it's also the person delivering it that makes all the difference. Linda is a kind-hearted person who is thoughtful and generous, smiles a lot, and is incredibly smart. The kindness message sticks with the people she works with because she delivers it in such an eloquent way and strongly believes in what she says. I highly recommend you hire Linda.

    Brandon Laws Xenium HR / Senior Director, Marketing & Product
  • As one of our Association’s event planners, I’ve hired dozens of speakers over the last 15 years. While Linda’s presentation isn’t about healthcare quality, bundled payments, or the future of the ACA, it is about something that is critical to the continued success of any organization ~ kindness. In an era of hostility, sometimes directed at our organizations, it’s amazingly useful for all our volunteers, staff and leaders to be reminded that kindness really does pay off. Linda shares that idea and challenges the audience to harness that power for good.

    Darryl-Lynn Oakes Idaho Hospital Association / Director of Communication
  • Linda’s tenacity for kindness is contagious. She speaks from her heart and leads from the same. She brought a new kind and nurturing dimension to our leadership training that was authentic. We all gained a great deal from Linda’s presentation.

    Beth Garfinkle-Hancock JCC's of North America / Program Executive
  • We are all still talking about your training. Well worth our time and money!

    Kimberly Lindsey Community Counseling Solutions / Executive Director
  • Linda is an engaging, dynamic communicator! Her presentation on The Economy of Kindness was insightful and inspired and provided my team ways to better support each other while serving our customers. I highly recommend Linda for presenting to your organization.

    Gary Schmidt Clackamas County / County Administrator
  • Loved your presentation....loved how prepared you were, and how relevant your material was for our franchise network...THANK YOU! I'm sure we will be referring to your words for months/years to come.

    JJ. Sorrenti Best Life Brands / CEO

Linda Cohen's Keynotes

Economy of Kindness

Format: 30-90 Minute Keynote 

Keynote Description:

In this interactive keynote, Cohen helps employees and leaders at all levels understand that elevating your culture of kindness improves communication, boosts teamwork, promotes interpersonal interaction and customer service. Kindness in the workplace enhances employee morale, increases retention and creates loyalty from customers and clients.

Cohen will illustrate how kindness in action makes a difference using examples of how kindness can impact individuals, communities and businesses. She will share her three greatest lessons from her own personal story and how she became a “kindness catalyst”: the size of the action doesn’t matter, there is often an unexpected ripple effect, and giving and receiving are often experienced differently. Cohen will enlist the audience to expand the conversation around why kindness can be so crucial in a business setting and what value our individual actions can have on the bottom line of our organizations.

Hire Cohen to empower your employees through the ROI of kindness!

Choose Kindness

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote

As the kindness catalyst for more than a decade, Cohen has offered this program to a wide variety of organizations and it always gets to the heart of what’s important to human beings. Belonging, connection and authenticity. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to connect with people at a deep level this is the program to choose.

The audience will:

  • Laugh and cry
  • Identify specific ways to elevate kindness through intentional engagement in acts of kindness.
  • Formulate ideas for their own actions to implement immediately.
Kindness Boot Camp - A Deep Dive

Format: 90-180 Minute Workshop

Workshop Description:

  • This is a deep dive interactive workshop where we’ll discuss why cultivating a culture of kindness in the workplace is imperative: Reputation, Retention and Recruitment.
  • Your franchise system will learn to formulate ways to improve relationships with fellow employees and clients through intentional engagement in acts of kindness. Giving them the tools to address differences and challenges of work style preferences.
  • Discuss and explore kindness practices that would help build stronger strategic alliances.


  • Attendees will leave with kindness ideas to implement in the workplace immediately.
  • Determine that additional “kindness” policies might not cost you any money, but could be crucial for your bottom line.
  • Justify that by focusing on your company culture you will have more loyal and happier employees and clients.
  • Develop a renewed sense of possibilities for ways to cultivate a stronger culture of kindness.
Virtual Program - Kindness During Chaotic Times

How do we navigate a completely unknown territory?

We’ve been thrown into a virtual reality that has us struggling to see through the discomfort into what’s coming next. With the continued stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a divisive public discourse on many sensitive issues, including a hotly debated election people are struggling with a sense of overwhelm.

How are you going to help your employees feel engaged, empowered, even motivated while we move through these next several months of uncertainty?

During this virtual webinar we’ll discuss Adaptability, Communication, Recognition and Radical Self Care as key kindness strategies. We’ll focus not on what we CAN’T do right now but what we CAN still DO.

Part Inspiration. Part Motivation. You’ll walk away with new ideas to step up and take action and thrive through these unusual times!


  1. Recognize why cultivating a culture of kindness in a workplace is imperative: Reputation, Recruitment, Retention.
  2. Evaluate how your organization is currently doing with your own kindness strategies.
  3. Identify several kindness ideas to implement in the workplace.

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