Colleen Stanley

Sales Leadership Expert

Founder & CEO SalesLeadership, Inc.

The business of selling is changing. Are you ready? Colleen Stanley, founder and President of SalesLeadership, Inc., will help you equip your franchisees with a fresh approach to sales by integrating contemporary sales techniques with motivational sales training. Her dynamic program incorporates critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence skills, consultative selling skills and the ability to build solid client relationships and referral partners. Colleen’s style is authentic and fun, and her presentations are peppered with real-world lessons and downhome values.

These values are partnered with sharp business acumen that makes sense, makes change happen and helps your franchisees close more sales. Colleen developed the EI Selling System™, a system based on the combination of emotional intelligence and consultative sales skills, to help anyone in sales learn the best prospecting techniques and closing techniques and to understand how to create customers for life through effective account management. Colleen knows that soft skills provide hard sales results.

Most Requested Presentations Include:

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