Alice Heiman

Sales Strategist, Speaker, Author, Coach

Let Alice Heiman’s expertise in sales, business growth, networking and social media transform the sales in your franchisee system. With over 20 years of experience, she consistently leads her clients to increase their sales by 30% or more! Informative, compelling, experienced and smart, Alice motivates her audience and makes a profound difference in the way they approach networking, lead generation, and sales. She entertains and engages while delivering valuable, tangible tools that work. When Alice is presenting, everyone is having fun AND learning.

Clients Include:

  • Coldwell Banker
  • FastWrap
  • Murphy Business Brokers

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Speaker Bio

Alice Heiman is a sales expert and networking guru who walks you through what it takes to sell successfully whether it’s your job to sell or you’re a business owner who never dreamed you’d have to sell.

Informative, compelling, experienced and smart! Alice Heiman motivates her audience and makes a profound difference in the way they approach networking, lead generation and sales. A nationally recognized expert, she has a proven record of leading and inspiring corporate sales teams and start-ups alike.

 Alice developed her expertise in sales while at Miller Heiman, Inc. before striking out on her own. In her years at Miller Heiman she sold to and trained some of the company’s largest and most complex accounts including: Coca-Cola, John Deere, Dow Chemical, Fidelity Investments and Hewlett Packard.

A consummate networker, online and off, Alice is the author of the ebook Connecting Your Way to New Business, and the creator of The BizTalk Blender®, a unique networking event designed to engage people in conversations that result in sales. She offers training on how to get connected in-person and online and on how to build relationships that lead to sales.

 Alice has appeared on radio and television, and been featured in print publications including Selling Power and Entrepreneur’s Startups Magazine. Her articles on sales are published on numerous blogs including HubSpot, Sales Gravy, Business 2 Community, Nimble, Ringlead and her own blog at

For the past 20 years she has inspired audiences and transformed sales organizations throughout the country.


  • Saleswoman of the Year
  • Marketer of the Year
  • Northern Nevada Chamber of Commerce Community Spirit Award
  • International Femtor Award Finalist
  • U.S. Chamber Small Business Award
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Travels From: Reno, NV

  Fee Range: $10,000 - $15,000

“Alice is a talented and motivational speaker. She has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the realm of product sales, and I trust her to kick-start a flagging sales organization or to bring a mediocre organization to the next level of performance.”
Christoph J Wittmann, CIO
InfoSearch International

Program Information

“You, not your sales team, are the key to the exponential sales growth your company needs.”

Companies today want rapid, exponential sales growth. Sales leaders are looking to their teams to provide that growth. I challenge them to look at themselves first. How are they contributing? What do they need to do to develop themselves as sales leaders in order to get peak performance from their teams? The challenge is for sales leaders to develop themselves, develop their brand and develop their team quickly and efficiently. I share straightforward advice on how to do that. Sales leaders will leave my session with actions they can take immediately.

“You already have a personal brand. How does it translate online?”

Do you feel you could get more business opportunities if only more people knew about your expertise? In this session geared toward owners and other C-level executives, I’ll give you three big ideas for increasing your online influence and authority, allowing you to generate more inbound business on a regular basis. I’ll show you the best marketing channels and strategies to increase your visibility, top content ideas that will quickly raise your status in the industry and time-saving online marketing tools to easily grow your influence.

“Customers who give referrals become more loyal.”

There are statistics that tell us that 80% of satisfied buyers would give a referral if asked. This is great news. Here’s the problem. There is another statistic that tells us that satisfied buyers are only asked for a referral 4% of the time. Big disconnect. I will cover when and how to ask for referrals using my 5-step referral process. You’ll discover how to build referrals into a main source of business for your company.

“It’s just like real life. You say hello when you see me at the coffee shop, say hello when you see me online.”

Thousands of people are on LinkedIn and not taking advantage of its power. What are you doing on LinkedIn? If you think about what you do to build and maintain your network in person, you can apply that on LinkedIn. I will share the 5 secrets and you won’t be able to wait to log in and change your approach.

BREAKOUT Sessions or Combine for Full and Half Day Training

Module 1: Sales Strategy to Win it!

Plan to win by building a strong strategy.

  • Building a strategy that defines what you are selling
  • Determining who you are selling to
  • Creating a actionable plan for acquiring customers

Module 2: The Formula! How to Exceed Your Goals

Outline the right formula to attain and exceed your goals. Start each day with a road map for success by breaking your goals in to easy steps.

  • Looking at what motivates you
  • The art of achieving more with focus
  • How to use a goal attainment process to insure success

Module 3: More Time Please! Time Management Practices for Sales

Learn the tools and practices that will utilize your time more efficiently. Manage your time effectively by:

  • Determining what to delegate, eliminate, and automate
  • Learning to prioritize and plan based on your unique strategy
  • Effectively maximizing your time for sales by utilizing your calendar in a way you never have before

Module 4: Building a Winning Sales Funnel

Don’t let important deals slip through the cracks. Keep track of leads, qualified prospects, and what’s about to close. Learn to maintain winning sales funnel by:

  • Determine your sales process
  • Clearly define your sales opportunities to shorten your sales cycle
  • Develop actions that move sales opportunities through the funnel

Module 5: Build a Lead Generation Machine

Build a lead generating machine that will run efficiently! Learn the best way to generate leads for your company.

  • Learn the art of prospecting and finding your ideal customer
  • Start using only the most successful lead generation methods
  • Build on your success through referrals

Module 6: Connecting Your Way to New Business

Unlock the most valuable asset you have as a business person today, your NETWORK. Learn how to build and nurture your network so that it is leverageable by:

  • Redefining what networking is. Hint: It’s not SELLING!
  • Developing an effective networking strategy
  • Learning how to build and maintain relationships that lead to sales


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Sample Client List

  • A and H Insurance
  • Advanced Business Graphics
  • Biodiesel Solutions
  • CheckPoint HR
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Dickson Realty
  • DigiPrint
  • FastWrap
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Greater Nevada Credit Union
  • High Quality Organics
  • Home Today
  • Hughes Private Capital
  • iMortgage
  • KPMG
  • Murphy Business Brokers
  • Sierra Family Pharmacies
  • Supra
  • The Coca Cola Company