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Authority in Smart Sales Calling

Expert on Using the Phone to Sell, Prospect, and Convert Inquiries

Art Sobczak is known worldwide as the go-to phone expert on sales. His primary expertise is in business-to-business inside sales and prospecting without “cold” calling, using his Smart Calling™ methodology.

He also designs and delivers programs on how to effectively handle incoming calls (and web inquiries) and turn them into appointments, sales, and/upsells. He will work with business-to-consumer franchises if the application fits, primarily for handling the incoming call and outbound follow-ups, but not cold prospecting.

Art will work with clients to customize a workshop designed specifically for their franchise system, tailored for their types of calls, to their market, using their terminology. He will listen to recordings of calls, if available, and mystery shop by placing calls to franchisees. These are how-to programs with specific examples. Attendees work on their calls and practice their word-for-word messaging.

Clients include:

  • Vanguard Cleaning 
  • Express Employment
  • LA Weight Loss 

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Speaker Bio

Image of Art Sobczak, Keynote Franchise Speaker in Sales Calling
If your franchisees use the phone as an important part of their sales process to get new business as well as sell to existing customers, Art Sobczak can help increase results. For over 32 years, Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone Inc., has specialized in one area only: authoring, designing and delivering content-rich training programs and resources that salespeople—and all customer contact personnel–both inside and outside–show results from the very next time they get on the phone. Audiences love his “down-to-earth,” entertaining style, and low-pressure, conversational, easy-to-use, customer-oriented methods and techniques.
He works with thousands of sales reps each year helping them get more business by phone, from prospecting for new business using his Smart Calling™ system, to handling valuable inquiries and converting them to customers. Art provides real world, how-to ideas and techniques that help salespeople use the phone more effectively to prospect, sell, and service, without morale-killing “rejection.”
In 2012 Art received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his contribution to the profession. In 2014, once again he was named one of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers, by Top Sales World.
Using the phone in sales is only difficult for people who use outdated, salesy, manipulative tactics, or for those who aren’t quite sure what to do, or aren’t confident in their abilities. Art’s audiences always comment how he simplifies the sales process, making it easily adaptable for anyone with the right attitude.
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  Fee Range: $8900 per day

“Art, here we are nearly 6 months after your initial training session with my team. I wanted you to know how pleased we are with the progress. Currently we are on track to have the biggest sales year in our company’s history. In addition, my top performers are using your CD series and have reported a new outlook on their approach. What’s worth mentioning is the fact that these are individuals that have been in the business for over 15 years and have been the hardest to motivate and even more so re-train with new ideas. In our 19 years of business, we have done it all from motivational seminars to guest speakers to other sales training classes. Unquestionably, your programs are the most well-received by my staff and have had the greatest impact to our sales. I give my highest recommendation to any company that uses the phone as part of their business.”
Kit Jeerapaet
duPont Registry

Program Information

If prospecting for new customers is part of your B2B franchise system business model, but franchisees are not effective at, nor enthusiastic about “cold” calling, there is a better, proven way.
Instead of using tired old formulas and scripts that prospects recognize and dismiss from a mile away, and salespeople hate using, Smart Calling™ is an intelligent method for engaging prospects in conversations that gets results. Tens of thousands of sales professionals, and entire companies worldwide have adopted Smart Calling™ as their method of getting new business.
Art will work with you to customize a workshop designed specifically for your franchise system, tailored for your types of calls, to your market, using your terminology. This is a how-to program with specific examples. Attendees work on their calls and practice their messaging.
Participants will learn to:
  • Leave voice mails that get calls returned, not deleted
  • Engage prospects with effective opening statements that create interest, not resistance
  • Gain pre-call sales intelligence using the latest “social engineering” techniques, so their calls are viewed as relevant, and not a typical cold call
  • Get screeners, gatekeepers, and assistants working for them, not screening them out
  • Deal effectively with buyer resistance
  • Get prospects to take action
  • Get and stay motivated to actually pick up the phone
  • Never be rejected again, and MORE!
Regardless of whether your prospecting objective is to set an appointment, reactivate an old customer, or sell, your Smart Calling™ franchise-specific customized program will provide your attendees with the process and word-for-word messaging to accomplish your objectives.
Franchisees of all types, every day, all day long waste opportunities with people who show interest in buying from them. This is because they mishandle the incoming call or web inquiry. Given the cost of generating leads, this can be the difference between a struggling franchise, and one that breaks system-wide sales records. 
Topics included in the results oriented session:
  • Seven fatal mistakes to avoid on incoming calls
  • How to get inquirers to visit, or apply, or buy and take the ACTION you want on every call
  • How to handle the price shopper
  • How to upsell and cross-sell, and increase the average size of every order
  • How to set up the follow-up to convert those who don’t commit today
  • How to effectively follow-up and not be a pest
Art will mystery shop franchisees and listen to recordings of calls if you can provide them. He uses your language and real-life situations. Attendees learn and practice specifically what to say and when to say it in order to turn the ringing phone into a ringing cash register.
This is not a “telephone etiquette” program or a fluffy “just smile on the phone” presentation. Your franchisees will leave with knowing what to do and what to say to sell. They’ll learn to do it in a conversational, customer-oriented way that inquirers enjoy and respect. Quit wasting opportunities with people who take the initiative and invest their time to contact you. They are going to buy from someone who handles their inquiry and satisfies their interest when it is the highest–at that moment–and that should be from your franchisees.
Every franchise uses the phone in some way to sell and service. And every prospect and customer interaction is an opportunity, either squandered or capitalized on. This is a program that Art will customize specifically for your unique prospect and customer sales and service interactions to maximize the results of every contact.
From a keynote to a full-day workshop, Art will work with you, study your telephone interactions, listen to and/or place mystery calls, and design a program that franchisees will engage with, and take back to implement the next time they are on the phone.
Together you will build a program that covers any and all types of phone interactions, such as: handling incoming inquiries effectively, upselling and cross selling on order calls, turning service calls into opportunities, placing outbound prospect calls, calling existing or inactive accounts, getting referrals and more.

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Sample Client List

  • Vanguard Cleaning
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Express Employment 
  • Complete Music & Video
  • The Knot
  • ADP Insurance Agency Inc.
  • duPont Registry 
  • Global Knowledge 
  • Met-Pro
  • Motor Carrier Express 
  • Ortho Technology 
  • Polaris Advisory Group
  • TeamHealth
  • Wellspring Academies 
  • Wholesale Florists & Florist Suppliers