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The Culture Architect

We all know franchisees are unique beings. They are one part enthusiastic entrepreneur and one part stickler for process and system. Each one is a different blend, but as franchisors, you want them to be both passionate advocates for your product or service AND know how to adhere to the model of delivery that results in consistency across your brand.  

Daren Martin totally understands the nuances wrapped up in a franchise model and knows how to supercharge the franchisees ’ enthusiasm while honoring the consistent adherence to the structure that makes any franchise business amazing!   

Combining humor, thought provoking content, and a dynamic and engaging presentation style, Daren’s transformational speaking has inspired audiences to action all over the world.

Dr. Martin researches each franchise audience, brand and culture so that when he takes the stage he is ready to have a live real time conversation with everyone present.  

He does NOT use Power Point opting instead for stories, research, and compelling content, that leaves his audience actually doing things he talks about and applying his message for months to come.  

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Daren Martin is the author of the bestselling A Company of Owners: Maximizing Employee Engagement, Whiteboard: Business Models That Inspire Action, Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean and The Sink.    

Dr. Martin’s thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title The Culture Architect. Combining humor, thought provoking content, and a dynamic and engaging presentation style, his transformational speaking has inspired audiences to action all over the world. 

Dr. Martin ran his own business for 20 years and for the last 11 years has consulted for Fortune 200 companies, organizations, and small business owners from a wide range of industries. He has been in over 40 countries.   

You can hear his business musings on his podcast The Daren Martin Show. 

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Program Information

This topic is based on Dr. Martin’s top selling book A Company of Owners and is intended for company owners/executives/and managers. Establishing A Company of Owners results in a company where everyone treats the company as if it were their own. Zombie employees become extinct while rock-star employees thrive throughout.  


  • Company Culture Killers (and how to eliminate them) 
  • How to Create a BAM (Business Actionable Mantra) 
  • Establishing a Powerful Identity 
  • Push Play – Why Fun is Good Business 
  • Hiring and Firing the Right People 
  • Maximizing Employee Engagement 

Making Yourself Indispensable To Any Company or Organization – This topic is based on Dr. Martin’s top selling book A Company of Owners and is intended for individual contributors. Dr. Martin maps out core behaviors of people who have an owner mentality and describes how they consistently stand out and separate themselves from the pack.   


  • How Owners Show Up 
  • The Owner Identity 
  • Leaving things Better Than You Found Them 
  • Being Responsible 
  • Going to the Ball 
  • Maximizing Your Impact 

How do you go from a transactional sales person to being a “the sky’s the limit” trusted advisor? Sales people are only as good as their last transaction whereas trusted advisors are partners with their customers in an ongoing relationship.  


  • Problem Solvers vs. Product Pushers 
  • Establishing Traction vs. Making the Transaction 
  • From Rap to Rapport 
  • How to Make a Horse Thirst 

Become skilled at how people truly work. Learn to speak their language for optimal effectiveness and influence! Dr. Martin maps out a tried and true communication model that has been used all over the world for maximizing communication and influence. He also describes the science behind how to gain instant rapport with anybody anywhere.  


  • Understanding Communication Styles and How to Speak Them All 
  • How to Gain Instant Rapport with Anyone Anywhere 
  • How You Show Up 
  • The Science of Being Likeable 

Customers don’t want to simply be “cared” for. Customers what to be wowed! Dr. Martin maps out the strategies found in his upcoming book – think/WOW for how you can have a business that results in raving fans and word of mouth promoters. Customer Service is one of the biggest differentiators in today’s economy and can be the single best way to outperform your competitors.  


  • Good Wows/Bad Wows 
  • The Power of Yes 
  • Lagniappe 
  • Where Wow Lives 
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 

Thriving in the New World – The digital age has ushered in massive change and many companies and individuals have no idea how to swim in the new ocean. Dr. Martin establishes the burning platform regarding why today more than ever is “Grow or Die”. He references recognizable companies that failed to reinvent and what it cost them while outlining what you and your business can do to not only NOT be on that list but to drive the market. Leverage these tools and learn to strategically Reinvent for current and future success.


  • Grow or Die
  • Understanding the Life Cycle of Every Business
  • What is the New Ocean and How Do you Thrive in it
  • Dominating Your Market
  • The Difference Between Reinventing and Repackaging

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Sample Client List

  • Bayer CropScience
  • Burger 21
  • DL Rogers (Sonic)
  • Holly Frontier Corporation
  • Association of Ice Cream Vendors
  • International Panel Physicians Association
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Office Dynamics
  • Quality Service Contractors Association
  • TAB (The Alternative Board)
  • UPS
  • Verisign
  • Vistage