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Becoming a Category of One

Don’t strive to be a leader in your category.  Create a different category, and be the only one in it. That simple idea is the driving force behind Joe Calloway’s 20 year success as a performance and engagement consultant to some of the world’s leading brands. As a world-renowned professional speaker and best-selling author, Joe helps franchise brands understand the simple lessons he has learned from companies who have indeed, left the competition behind and created their own Category of One.

Perhaps the most surprising lesson of all is that quite ordinary people who simply do what other people are not willing to do achieve extraordinary success.

Joe Calloway is an internationally known business consultant and best-selling author with a client list that reads like a Who’s Who in business…including companies like Coca Cola, Saks Fifth Avenue, American Express, and many more. Joe is the author of a number of ground-breaking business books including Becoming A Category Of One.  

Clients Include:

  • Pizza Hut
  • Subway
  • Pearle Vision Centers

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Speaker Bio

Improve Performance, Create Success and Grow Business NOW!

Joe Calloway, CSP & CSPAE is a hall of fame speaker, business author and performance consultant who has been helping franchise owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders create and sustain success for over 30 years. His clients range from Saks Fifth Avenue to Pizza Hut and his best-selling book, Becoming a Category of One, is a game-changer for businesses that want to differentiate, win customers and keep them for life.

His new book, Keep It Simple, teaches how to improve performance and get better results through a strategy of simplicity, clarity, and a focus on what matters most.

Although Joe has been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, he doesn’t do traditional “speeches.” Instead, Joe actively engages people in highly interactive keynotes and workshops that challenge assumptions and create new ways of thinking.


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Program Information

Joe’s newest book of the same title, Keep It Simple is an immediately impactful presentation that shows people who to look at their work and their lives with new eyes, simplify, and get clarity on what is most important.

Almost everyone frequently finds themselves thinking “I’m making this way more complicated than it needs to be.” Over-thinking and over-complicating things scatters our efforts, slows us down, and makes for bad decisions.

When you Keep It Simple, you immediately improve your productivity, increase your effectiveness, reduce stress, and create a better life.

You will learn…..  

  • How limiting your choices to only the best ones leads to better decisions.
  • How the most successful people choose to see their work as being simple, while those who struggle see their work as being incredibly complicated.
  • How to focus on what is mission critical and disregard distractions.
  • How “letting go” creates almost unlimited opportunity.
  • How the “Seven Truths” can help you create success in your business and your life.

Keep It Simple gives participants the chance to slow down, take a deep breath, and look at their work and their lives in a way that empowers and energizes them. Learn how to escape the constant tyranny of “too much to do” and realize that we all have ample time to do those things that matter most.

“We’re making it way more complicated than it needs to be.” –  Says pretty much everyone!

Be The Best At What Matters Most is an interactive keynote that gets people thinking about what’s really important, what their priorities should be, and what actually drives results in today’s marketplace. Struggling companies will say “This business is really, really complicated,” while market leaders say “You know, at the end of the day, this is really a pretty simple business.” No, it’s really not rocket science. Success isn’t easy, but it’s not complicated.

When you focus on creating value for customers, it cleans out the noise, brings a team together, and drives positive results.

You will learn and take back…

  • How to get your thinking “clean enough” to make things simple – and then move mountains.
  • How to use strategies that top performers use to keep moving forward and relentlessly improving.
  • How to avoid success-killing complacency and “we’ve got it all figured out.”
  • How to avoid the traps of “wow” distractions and focus on what truly matters most to customers.
  • How to leverage the greatest differentiator of all: action.

Be prepared to participate! Be The Best At What Matters Most gets people involved and actively engaged with ideas that they can put to work immediately to improve performance and drive results. You’ll look at your business with new eyes and see opportunities that you’ve never seen before.

Becoming A Category Of One is based on Joe’s game changing best-seller about what extraordinary companies and top performing individuals do to create, sustain, and grow success. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you think that makes all the difference. Developing and always growing a Category of One mindset an be the most powerful thing you do in your business.

Fortune Magazine’s study of the best companies in the world led them to conclude that “the key to performing like one of the world’s most successful businesses is to do several easily identifiable things.” Becoming A Category of One teaches you what top performers do, that any of us can do, if we simply choose to

Feedback that we get on Becoming A Category Of One is typically “We can do this. There’s not one idea here that we can’t go back and do immediately.“

You will learn this and more…

  • How to separate yourself and your company from your competition in a way that truly sets you apart.
  • How to use the power of clarity to bring focus to the most powerful differentiators.
  • How to utilize “The Three Rules” to win customers and keep them for life.
  • How to be so good at the basics that you become a cutting-edge innovator.
  • How to use intentional leadership to get buy-in from employees and co-workers.
  • How to compete and win in the real world marketplace of today (and tomorrow), and not get stuck in past success.

You won’t be daydreaming your way through this interactive presentation. Ideas will be flying around the room and you’ll be taking part in a dynamic session that engages and motivates people to take action on ideas that can change everything.

Becoming A Category Of One is about going beyond being one of the leaders in your category. It’s about being so good, creating such value for the customer, that you create your own category – and you’re the only one in it.

Magnetic: Turning Your Franchise Into A Customer Magnet is about how to build your business based on a customer-centric strategy. This strategy shows you how to focus on high return activities that generate positive word-of-mouth, the key to attracting new customers. Leverage the power of simplicity, and clarity to get everyone in your organization focused on creating consistently excellent customer experiences that generate customer satisfaction and grow the business.

“What your customers think and say about you is the most powerful force in influencing new customers to do business with you.” – Joe Calloway

We used to want satisfied customers. Then we realized that we needed loyal customers. Today your customers must be advocates for your business. This session gives you simple, powerful, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to make that happen. These are ideas that fire people up and motivate them to go back and take immediate action to improve performance and results with customers.

You will learn and take back…

  • How to get clarity on maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • How to use a fundamental business attraction strategy throughout the entire organization.
  • How to simplify how you think about your business and avoid over-complicating things.
  • How to avoid the trap of distractions and focus on what truly matters most to customers.
  • How to “filter” your choices and activities so that you always achieve maximum positive impact with customers.
  • How to use simple, powerful “tie-breakers” to make all the difference in performance and results. 

Magnetic – The Art Of Attracting Business isn’t a “lecture” with a mind-numbing powerpoint. Magnetic is a dynamic, interactive program – a motivating, thought-provoking exchange of ideas that will give your people a renewed energy and enthusiasm for doing those things that get your customers to help you grow your business.

Do what the best companies in the world – large and small – do to not only create, but sustain and grow success in the marketplace. Be intentional, strategic, and tactically focused on knowing exactly what to do that will make you a magnet for new customers and business growth.

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Sample Client List

  • Pizza Hut
  • Pearle Vision Centers
  • Dairy Queen
  • Smoothie King
  • Playcore
  • Great Clips
  • Subway
  • Money Mailer
  • Mail Boxes Etc.
  • Burger King
  • McDonald’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Dairy Queen & Orange Julius Mall Stores
  • Blimpie’s
  • KFC
  • KFC Canada
  • KFC Caribbean
  • Taco John’s
  • Frosty Acres
  • Food Services Consulting Industry
  • Orange Julius
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Elevation Burger