Joe Kiedinger

Communication Expert / Inventor / Author

Franchisees are lowering turnover and increasing productivity using dignity-based communication! 

Joe Kiedinger challenges the status quo on how Millennials are viewed and therefore, treated. His no-nonsense approach in communication bridges all generations quickly. In today’s limited-attention environment, Joe shares the single point of interest that bridges all people quickly… dignity! When dignity is at the center, relationships and communication thrive. 

People are not complicated, they’re simple. Joe will share how franchisees who start with dignity know where to place, schedule and lead every employee for optimal productivity the first day they start. Joe has worked with franchisors and franchisees across the country instilling dignity-based communication. Finally, a simpler and more effective way to communicate!

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Speaker Bio

Joe Kiedinger, Author, Inventor, and Owner of Prophit, is a lifelong student of Servant Leadership. Joe’s been studying how great companies communicate since the late 1990’s, diving deep into organizations like Disney, Zappos and Men’s Warehouse (the George Zimmer years). Along the way, Joe identified that each of these companies, and their communication styles, had one thing in common: they were led with a Servant Leadership management style. A style that is similar to great parenting: strict but fair, treat each person as unique, and celebrate small victories, often. Simply put, to lead by dignifying others. Through this journey, one ingredient stood above the rest… dignity. And it’s this message of dignity that inspired him to invent dignify.  

No matter the upbringing or age bracket, Joe believes everyone has an equal and undeniable need to receive credit for who they are and what they do. Joe believes a person’s dignity is the most powerful motivational tool on the planet. When a person’s dignity is revealed, their ability to live and work in a stress-free environment becomes the norm, because they personally believe how they fit into the “big picture,” making them the most passionate and dedicated employee imaginable.  

Destination Dignity gives you the platform to understand the power of dignity, the dignity of others, and a roadmap to create a sustainable dignity-based culture, which all results in improved employee morale and cooperation. Joe’s keynote and workshops promise to engage your audience, debunk the millennial misnomers, and leave your attendees feeling dignified.  

This is Destination Dignity

Key Takeaways 

  • Increase retention and lower turn-over 
  • Understand the power of a dignity-based culture 
  • Improve cooperation and productivity quickly 
  • Build trust and confidence between employees
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  Fee Range: $7,000-$10,000

“He is really good at helping executives understand what's amazing about millennials, and the number one question you ask yourself is how do you motivate millennials? What I experienced in this room is not only does he have a beautiful program to help us do that, and it resonates so well with everyone here.”
Jenn, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer
Global Franchise Group

Program Information

Destination Dignity presents why dignity matters in leadership today and how to live it.

Audience members will be educated and entertained by Joe’s humor and storytelling. It’s through stories, that Joe invites his audience to be introduced to a fresh way of understanding people, and how to effectively gain cooperation and trust through dignity-based communication.

Understand what’s important to Millennials and how they are shifting the leadership landscape. Joe reveals the 56 positive dignity traits that motivate and inspire all people. Understanding their top five changes everything. Now you can place them in the right position immediately and know exactly what they need to feel valued and productive.

Key Takeaways:

1) Understand why dignity matters

2) Understand in simple terms what Millennials care about

3) Three management styles of leadership. What are you?

4) What people really care about

5) Introduction to dignity-based leadership and communication

Workshops can stand alone or accompany a keynote. Where the keynote focuses more on what dignity is and why it’s important, a workshop focuses on how to dignify a person so they feel valued, productive, and primed to make a difference in the big picture. Think of it as putting them in their sweet spot on day one!

Workshops give the audience first-hand use of dignify. Prior to convention, attendees are invited to take Joe’s 10-minute dignity survey. Upon completing their survey their dignity will immediately be revealed to them. When they arrive at the workshop, their Dignity Snapshot (one-sheet) will be provided. They will also receive their Dignity Passport so they can navigate dignity post-convention. 

Your audience will learn that people are really simple, not complicated like everyone seems to think. Attendees will learn how motivations play into placing a person in the right position and how to dignify a person at work.

Key Takeaways:

1) How to increase retention through placement and communication

2) How a person’s motivational language

3) How to dignify a person within 30 seconds

3) Learn how to light a fire within a person (not under them) by supporting their dignity

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  • Boldt Construction
  • Charter Communication
  • Cher-Make
  • Cherney Microbiological Services
  • Dahl Automotive
  • Dough Rollers
  • DPT Laboratories
  • Festival Foods
  • GFG Management
  • Great American Cookies & Pretzel Makers
  • Harley Davidson of LaCrosse
  • Hot Dog on a Stick
  • Kraft
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Milwaukee County
  • Monterey Mushrooms
  • St. Norbert College
  • Time Warner Cable
  • United Way of Green Bay
  • VKC Group
  • We Energies
  • Wipfli