Ken Weichert (Sgt. Ken®), CSP

Resilience Expert. Entrepreneur. Leadership Coach.

Leadership is simply influencing others. In order to do that, you have to build relationships. Success in leadership is not in how we advance ourselves, but in how we advance others. That is achieved by serving others, and by adding value to their lives.

It is Sgt. Ken’s personal and professional mission to live by the following teaching strategies:

  1. Achievement comes, when we do big things by ourselves.
  2. Success comes, when we empower followers to do big things for themselves.
  3. Significance comes, when we develop leaders to do great things without us.
  4. Legacy comes, when we put leaders in positions to do great things without us.

It is time to build a legacy!

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Speaker Bio

Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®) is an award-winning international speaker, six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, Counterintelligence Agent and decorated combat veteran. Ken is a graduate of the John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker Course and a National Speakers Association CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional).

Ken was awarded his ninth Army Commendation Medal for achieving Distinguished Graduate at the Army Leadership Course for Counterintelligence. Ken has trained over one million Service Members and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight, has written over 100 articles for GX®, Backpacker®, Outside®, Health®, and created the Operation Family Fit video series and fitness kits for the Air National Guard.

Ken is the recipient of the Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year award, the EMPOWER Fitness 2013 Male Presenter of the Year award, the IDEA WORLD 2016 Fitness Instructor of the Year award, the EMPOWER Fitness 2017 Inspiration Award of the Year, has been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox news, and continues to serve as a host for the Fit for Duty show on the Pentagon Channel. Ken was recently awarded his tenth Army Commendation Medal for creating the Warrior Fit Camp program for the Tennessee Army National Guard Suicide Prevention Task Force, helping thousands of Armed Service Members turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities through physical and emotional resiliency coaching and leadership training.

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Program Information

Everyone requires role models and guidance in order to be successful in any field. You may have dismissed the idea of becoming a mentor in the past because you thought that it would not be worth the time and energy you would have put into the relationship. It is time to put that kind of thinking behind you. A mentor affects the personal and professional life of an individual by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge, and expanding opportunities. Use SGT Ken’s Top 10 Mentoring Tips to discover how to provide exceptional learning experiences, insight and perspective, and to build rewarding relationships that will last a lifetime. Learn how to Lead to Succeed!

TRT: 90 minutes

There are two things that can happen to you when faced with an obstacle of any kind: fall apart or bounce back. Resilience, often referred to as emotional fitness or mental toughness, is when you face adversity head-on and grow from your experience. SGT Ken® has over 300 hours providing resilience training to military and non-military audiences. This module will provide you with exceptional resilience training and life coaching strategies to turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities! Find success on the Road to Resilience!

TRT: 90 minutes

Learning to set goals and crafting plans for their accomplishment will have more of a positive impact on your life than anything else you could possible do.  As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”  Many have called goal setting the master skill of success because it is the essential ingredient for successful living.  Without it, you can never come close to living your life to its fullest.  With it, you can learn and master anything else you desire. Mastery comes with deliberate, repetitive practice and a constant desire for never-ending advancement and improvement.  You can function at your best when you are actively pursuing a set of meaningful goals.

This highly interactive workshop identifies the indispensable attributes all exceptional communicators must possess to cultivate a climate of connection, rapport and relationship building. Developed by Army Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer and decorated combat veteran Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®), this presentation features seven superior strategies to speak successfully in every situation. You’ll discover how to abolish anxiety, live to listen, create connection, enhance excitement, trust your timing, overcome objections, restore resilience, and to expand through empowerment.

This highly interactive workshop identifies the essential skills all great presenters must possess in order to impact any audience. Developed by Army Master Fitness, Master Resilience Trainer and decorated combat veteran Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®), this workshop features seven superior strategies to speak successfully in every situation. You’ll discover how to use your voice for maximum effectiveness, how to cultivate a climate of connection, rapport and relationship building. You will also be immersed in several powerful and playful improvisational drills designed to unleash imagination, build self-confidence, and spawn spontaneity in order to create stagecraft success.

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Sample Client List

  • Activate Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada
  • ActivMotion Bar Master Trainer Summit
  • ActiveSG, Singapore
  • AFC Bangkok Fitness Conference
  • Air National Guard
  • American Legion
  • Army
  • Army National Guard
  • BeachBody Master Instructor Summit
  • Canfitpro (Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnepeg, Montreal, Hamilton, Etobicoke, Vancouver, Brantford)
  • DCAC
  • Eco Lifestyle Fitness
  • Empower Fitness Conferences
  • Get Fit Tour – Lebanon; (Jeddah, Riyadh) Saudi Arabia; Guadalajara, Mexico; Yukon; Dubai; (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi) India
  • Good Life 500 (Toronto, Canada)
  • IDEA (PTI East, PTI West and World)
  • Island Fitness (British Columbia)
  • Lebert Fitness Summit
  • Marion Military Institute
  • Marine Corps
  • Mayo Clinic
  • National Guard Equal Opportunity and Diversity Conference
  • Navy
  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • SCW Fitness Conferences (multiple cities)
  • SGT Ken Asia Tour (Taipei, Taiwan; Hong Kong; (Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenyang, Shenzen) China; Thailand, Bangkok; Singapore, Manila, Philippines)
  • Savvier Fitness
  • Singapore Ministry of Defense
  • Technical Sergeants Inspiration Motivation and Empowerment Conference (T.I.M.E.)
  • TSAC NSCA Conference
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars