Terry Hawkins, CSP

Expert on Sales Growth, Customer Connections, and Purposeful Leadership

Terry Hawkins has worked with hundreds of franchise businesses around the globe, assisting them in achieving outstanding results; in sales, management, leadership and productivity break throughs. As an award winning speaker and educator for 30 years, and successful businesswoman for 23 years, Terry has become renowned for spear heading change and accountability for franchisees and their teams. Using her spontaneous humor and wit, and her ability to simplify the complicated, she connects with all levels, providing strategies that Get Results Fast. Her impact made her the most booked female speaker in Australia, and now she resides in the USA! 

The author and co-author of numerous books, including the award winning, Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE! Terry has become renowned for her powerful influence on people, profits and performance. If you are tired of the lightweight, hyped up “motivational” sessions that just build people up and leave them with nowhere to go, and are looking for some serious learning laced with side-splitting laughter, then look no further than Terry Hawkins.

Clients include:

  • ReMAX
  • Choice Hotel Group
  • Subway

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Speaker Bio

Having spent almost a decade as a Senior Manager for National Specialty Chains, and disillusioned with the results being achieved at the coalface, Terry Hawkins made the brave decision at 27 to start her training organization, People In Progress Global and has since pioneered the way franchises and businesses create results through their people. Her innovative and dynamic delivery style commands respect, as does her vast knowledge of the human element in the business dynamic. Whether it’s the front line staff, the franchisee or the executive team, Terry has an uncanny ability to cut to the core and get high impact results with humor, sensitivity and endless energy.

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  Fee Range: $15,000 - $20,000

“I’d like to start off by thanking Terry for a wonderful presentation. It was truly inspirational. All the attendees loved it and got a lot out of it. Both Rob and I were congratulated for bringing such a rousing speaker to the conference. And our director Graham & his wife Sue were also very impressed. People were calling each other Pitmen & Stickmen for the rest of the conference!”
Valerie Grapsas, Franchise Services Coordinator
ABS Auto Brakes Service

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A fish rots from the head down! Chinese Proverb 

Running a franchise and leading people effectively don’t always run parallel. Terry has worked with hundreds and hundreds of franchise leaders and their teams, so she understands the challenges faced everyday and how fragile the employee/employer relationship can be. In this dynamic and interactive session, Terry demystifies leadership whilst explaining the 8 core essentials for successfully guiding people to their potential. 

Filled with practical advice and direction, Terry enthusiastically unravels the secrets to leadership with her trademark humor and magical simplicity. This dynamic session provides the support and leadership strategy that so many franchisees seek.

Why WAIT to be GREAT at SALES!

Eliminate, Renovate and Elevate to a revolutionary sales level. 

Franchising is about productivity, performance and sales, on both sides of the fence, and our results say more about what we know and do than our capabilities. As the CEO of People In Progress Global, Terry Hawkins has been educating franchisees and businesses for over 23 years in the science and art of sales. She has a solid history of getting results, and through insightful and strategic sales methods she is driven to show franchisees how to create the most outstanding customer experiences possible. 

Terry is not a philosophical presenter – she is a savvy business educator, and in this powerful productivity enhancer, Terry will show franchisees how to eliminate waste, renovate their sales performance and elevate it to levels they didn’t even think possible!

Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE!

How to break through that glass ceiling of performance, when motivation, desire and passion are just not enough! 

Why is it that some franchisees can out perform everyone, while others struggle to make even last years results?  By breaking through the limiting business and personal barriers of the franchisee, Terry has been able to show how to achieve impressive increases of a minimum 30% in sales.  By using her unique and proven 4-step process for changing patterns and past behaviours, Terry is able to give the franchisee a tool kit to refer to for years to come. It’s hard to describe the impact this session will have – it changes the way people think, feel and do – forever!


At the core of a powerful franchise, is a team that communicates masterfully! 

So often we can blame the economy, our staff or even the products we sell, for the lack of results we are achieving. Rarely do we make the connection between our ability to communicate and our ability to produce. In this highly interactive session Terry Hawkins will inspire franchisees to achieve greater communication and understanding with their franchisor, peers and team by explaining the unconscious blocks that hinder our success. From recruiting & induction, to training & coaching, performance issues, customer interaction, management directives; the success of each of these areas has conscious communication at its core.   

In her usual, dynamic and highly entertaining style, Terry provides various experiential exercises (that not only give the audience a great time) but also demonstrate how to produce exceptional results through powerful communication connectors. This insightful and participative presentation will give you the solutions to creating a collaborative and connected team.


Get a Service Makeover with the expert – Terry Hawkins is a pioneer in creating service systems and processes that give your franchisees the edge. She sets the benchmark for success. 

The end domino in any franchise is the customer – what we do prior to, during and after that interaction will determine our success – or not!  Most franchisees would believe that they give customer satisfaction – yet 67% of their customers don’t come back simply because they are satisfied. When franchisees understand the buying influences and what lies at the heart of the service industry, they will see their results soar. Terry Hawkins does not just deliver words – her methods are proven and she has the results after supporting hundreds and hundreds of franchisees in breaking through what stands between them and a thriving service business. 

In this action packed, fun filled session, Terry Hawkins will share her powerful insights into the service industry demonstrating the blocks that prevent franchisees from creating the results they want from their business. She will challenge their existing thinking and have them look at their business, and life, in a different way.  This is a “how to” session that gives actual ‘To Do’ lists and ideas to show franchisees how they can put “more bang in their buck” to improve the bottom line.


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Sample Client List

  • RE/MAX Real Estate
  • Century 21 Real Estate
  • Choice Hotel Group
  • Best Western Hotels
  • Snap On Tools
  • Subway
  • KFC
  • Wet Seal Waterproofing
  • Travelscene/American Express
  • Caltex Gas Stations
  • BP Convenience Stores