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For over a decade, The Corps Group members have been guiding franchise organizations, top global companies, Fortune 500 executives, and leaders to Drive Strategy, Improve Execution, and Develop High Performing Teams. The Corps Group is an elite company of the world’s finest military officers, fighter pilots, combat-proven military leaders, and corporate executives.  As former TOP GUN graduates, instructor pilots, and military professionals, our team’s extensive training and leadership experience distinguish us from other consultants, coaches, and speakers.  And they truly understand the franchise model.  In fact, members of their team have owned and currently operate a franchise. 


In our motivational keynotes, The Corps Group will inspire your franchisees and equip them with cutting edge, time-tested principles, tools and techniques turning them into battle ready High Performing Team members.


We use a process that provides start to finish strategic planning and execution to be used at every level of the Franchise. Our Corps Performance Model provides a straight forward interactive, constant improvement methodology. 

Clients Include:

  • Microsoft
  • Home Depot
  • Pizza Hut

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Speaker Bio

Hacksaw: A United States Air Force F-15, F-16 & A-10 fighter pilot, instructor and weapons training officer. Scott “Hacksaw” Hall has more than 20 years of leadership training and team development experience. He has helped corporations around the world build winning corporate strategies for today’s global business leaders. He has been a successful business owner and entrepreneur for over a decade.

Cruiser: A United States Marine Corps AV-8B II carrier based fighter pilot, instructor and weapons training officer. He has more than 25 years of leadership development, execution improvement and strategic alignment experience. As a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of the Corps Group, Kyle “Cruiser” Howlin builds high performing teams by delivering transforming messages – equipping corporate audiences with the strategies, insights and tools necessary to reach peak performance and succeed professionally.

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Travels From: GA, PA, CA

  Fee Range: $18,000 - $24,000

“Outstanding! We engaged The Corps Group to further improve the leadership capabilities of our directors and regional managers. A full day program had my team constantly engaged and learning proven practices that could be immediately applied to their areas of responsibility. This experience gave my leaders the tools to further improve execution, drive results within their facilities, and flawlessly support our rapid growth within Arizona. Hatch & his team took the time to understand our franchise model, and the demands put upon our leaders. We will continue to engage The Corps Group, because they directly support our goal of being the best within the Planet Fitness system. They provide the competitive advantage for our group, and deliver us a disproportionate rate of return for tapping into their expertise!”
Kevin J. Kelly (USN / USAF RET), Partner
Partner – Arizona & WA Planet Fitness

Program Information

In this motivational keynote, we will introduce the Corps Execution Model, a comprehensive, straightforward process that drives sustainable business success. In just 60-75 minutes, our customized, inspirational, high-energy, multi-media Keynote will drive focus and alignment to ultimately improve your team’s execution!

We work in a world that is changing at lightning fast speeds. How will your organization be successful in these challenging times? Transforming your team into a High Performing one is critical in order to survive and thrive in these turbulent times. In just 60-75 minutes our customized, high energy, high impact, multi-media, inspirational keynote will Drive Focus, help Align your Team and Improve Execution! Our motivational speakers, fighter pilots, will give your team the tools necessary to achieve long-term business excellence!

So we have a very disciplined approach to Strategy, we use a process that provides start to finish strategic planning and execution to be used at every level of the organization. Because everything we do as Fighter pilots is about Execution, we have the Corps Execution Model that provides a straightforward iterative, constant improvement methodology.

A High Performing Team EX engagement includes a high energy, multi-media, interactive Keynote, and an experiential Team Building experience to equip your team members with the tools necessary to drive High Performance! Your energized team members will be able to employ and utilize best practices for instant impact and a measurable ROI when returning to the workplace the next day.

In this powerful Team Building experience, your team will plan a military style rescue mission. The group is broken up into teams of 11-15 and they will have 75 minutes to come up with a completed plan. While they are planning ‘real time’, they will be interrupted by changing weather, an incoming cruise ‘missile, lose assets, and talk on hand held radios to get updates from ‘Command Center’. Your team members will learn through hands on experience, how to acquire the tools necessary to drive High Performance! Your team will then participate in a debrief of the exercise it completed. This is a very engaging and empowering tool that gives everyone at the table a voice while Reducing Your Time to Insight, Every Time.

Demonstrate teamwork, leadership, trust, communication, and listening skills, delegation, visioning and the situational factors affecting leadership. The instructors of the program are all real U.S. military Fighter Pilots who know what it’s like to execute complex strategies in high-risk, high-stress environments. Your team will learn the secrets of effects-based strategy and the Corps Execution Model- a proven, performance improvement model.

We customize the program for your teams and provide a comprehensive and competitive interaction for them. Highlighting the need for a “Culture of Learning,” this is a very dynamic, fulfilling, challenging and downright fun section in the engagement. LEAD EX provides a distinctive challenge that requires a blend of mental and physical skills to create a winning solution. With a limited set of directives, your team will have to connect different shaped boards into the correct formation. To succeed, they will need to make numerous connections and adjustments throughout the challenge. Clear communication, well-defined roles and responsibilities, organization, effective planning, and teamwork are factors needed to complete this problem. A group may discover a solution; but in order to repeat the solution in a “world class” time, the group must act as a High Performing Team. Especially effective for companies utilizing LEAN, LEAN SIX SIGMA or just SIX SIGMA.

Your team will be introduced to our straightforward, comprehensive, scalable strategic planning process. You can apply this process to your entire organization, an individual business unit or an account team. The process starts with the development of a clear, compelling, Future Picture defined by several key descriptors. You will then analyze your “internal system” and the “external system” in which you operate, to determine what centers of gravity you will apply your resources against. Next, you will develop Parallel Operations to achieve that compelling Future Picture.

Organizations today need leaders, not just managers, and the demand for leadership greatly exceeds the supply. Companies can either “procure” leaders from outside, or create leaders from within. In this workshop, we lay the foundation for a deliberate, disciplined and sustainable Leadership Development process. We will help your leadership candidates understand what will make them successful in positions of authority. We emphasize trust, establishing group expectations, setting the example, prioritizing, and strategic alignment.

In our Tactical Planning Workshop, we will guide your team through our straight forward methodology focused on achieving your business objectives. With a clear understanding of “what it’s supposed to look like when the smoke clears”, we conduct a thorough mission analysis, considering ROE (Rules of engagement), all Threats and Resources, and any previous Lessons Learned, before determining specific courses of action and contingency plans.

If you want to identify execution shortfalls sooner, new opportunities faster and adapt successfully to changing market conditions, then Debriefing is a process you must learn and use. Learn how Fighter Pilots execute missions successfully in constantly changing and challenging environments. By systematically reviewing and learning from the past we can make assessments based on reality instead of perceptions. The Corps Group Debriefing Workshop is not a lecture, but a customized event with hands-on training. We will help you improve your individual team performance, and teach you how to drive a Culture of Learning and void Task Overload.

The concept of Red Teaming is an integral part of military planning. The Corps Group’s Red Team Workshop provides instruction in, and the conduct of, Red Teaming. The intent of the Red Team is to provide feedback to planners in order to incrementally improve a plan being reviewed. Not only will potential flaws be identified, but the dialogue involved will benefit both planners and reviewers with the sharing of best practices and diverse perspectives. Our straightforward process will improve any business plan and increase your team’s probability of success.

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Sample Client List

  • Cisco 
  • ClearEdge Power
  • Comcast
  • European Wax Center
  • H&R Block
  • Home Depot
  • Melting Pot
  • Microsoft 
  • Pizza Hut
  • Red Robin
  • Sprint