SPEAK!’s ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’

So many clients and colleagues have asked us about our video camera set-up that we use at trade shows and events, we thought we’d share the components!  

Here’s a short video that outlines our ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’ for you piece-by-piece. 

SPEAK!’s ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’ components:  

  1. kodakzi8Camera – Kodak Zi8 – Some of these can still be found on Amazon and on E-bay. The Zi8 is an older model. The model that Kodak is now making is the Zi10. This one also has the microphone input. Having input for an external mic is the key to the whole endeavor! List price $119.00
  2. Microphone – Originally, I had a very subtle, small lapel mic. Then one evening it struck me that we could make this more fun and far more memorable by making our interviews look and feel like a spoof of a professional broadcast and voila!–the SPEAK! mic was born!
    • handheldmikeHandheld Mic – First I went to Radio Shack and bought the largest and most visible hand-held mic they had.
      Mic: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2123173#stuff-you-want
    • windscreenWindscreen – I also invested in the puffy foam windscreen to make it even larger. The functionality of the windscreen is that it cuts down on breath sounds and wind noise.
    • mic-flagMic Flag – Next, I called my great friend Deric Swanson, videographer extraordinaire, and asked “what’s that thingamagiggy that is on the newscaster’s microphones?” Ahhh, he said, “A Mic Flag!”. Off I went to Google, found a company http://www.custommicflags.com/ and ordered a blank one which I then took to our local FastSigns for application of the SPEAK! logo.
  3. There are several other items that I found useful that we keep in the ‘Studio’ bag including:
    • Camera charger
    • Extra card for lots more storage space
    • 2 lapel mics with splitter for interviewing two people at the same time
    • Fresh batteries for the two lapel mics
    • Collapsible tripod
    • A remote for the camera so that I can be on screen and start and stop the clip without getting up!
There you have it! All of that fits in the little bag you see me carrying around at the shows.

Feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions.

Happy filming and hope to seeing you at a franchise event sometime soon!


P.S. Here’s a couple of examples of how we have used our ‘On-the-Spot Video Studio’. Enjoy!


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