Steve Yastrow: Your External Brand Cannot Be Stronger Than Your Internal Brand

Your External Brand Cannot Be Stronger Than Your Internal Brand.

Makes sense, right?

Steve Yastrow is absolutely passionate about branding within the franchise world! During his keynotes or breakouts, he creates an engaging, highly interactive, empowering experience for franchisees, which both inspires AND provides tactics for real change. His franchise audiences learn how to:

  • Refine and communicate their brand story
  • Create “brand habits” throughout the franchise system
  • Create compelling customer beliefs about their brand
  • Develop more engaged, committed employees—because, of course, the frontline greatly impacts brand impression
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And I LOVE when Steve talks about the irony of the word branding. Unlike cattle “branding”, where you are able to mark your cow with your precise brand, identifying them as yours, in franchise branding, you don’t brand your customer, they brand you! Absolutely.  🙂 

steve-yastrow-headshot-165pxSteve’s fees start at $12,000 and he travels from Chicago. In addition to branding, Steve’s wheelhouse topics are sales, customer relationships and maximizing profits—all of which are highly customized for each franchise system and event objectives. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about how Steve may be the perfect fit for your next event.

Oh and this one stuck with me too…

A brand is like a poem. There are three versions:

  1. The poem you intended to write.
  2. The poem on paper.
  3. The poem the reader perceives.

More soon…


P.S. Another of Steve’s popular keynotes discusses what happens when your customer believes they are in a “WE” relationship with you. What an awesome place to be.


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