Terry Hawkins – Why Wait to Be GREAT!

Terry Hawkins has worked with hundreds of franchise businesses around the globe, assisting them in achieving outstanding results; in sales, management, leadership and productivity breakthroughs. As an award-winning speaker and educator for 30 years, and successful businesswoman for 23 years, Terry has become renowned for spearheading change and accountability for franchisees and their teams. Using her spontaneous humor and wit, and her ability to simplify the complicated, she connects with all levels, providing strategies that get results fast. Her impact made her the most booked female speaker in Australia, and now she resides in the U.S.

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WHY WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE!

In her most in-demand keynote, Terry helps franchisees break through that glass ceiling of performance, when motivation, desire, and passion are just not enough!

Terry Hawkins, CSPTerry dives into why some franchisees can outperform everyone else in the system while others struggle to meet even last year’s goals. By breaking through the limiting business and personal barriers of the franchisee, Terry has been able to show how to achieve impressive increases of a minimum 30% in sales. By using her unique and proven 4-step process for changing patterns and past behaviors, Terry is able to give the franchisee a tool-kit to refer to for years to come. It’s hard to describe the impact this session will have – it changes the way people think, feel and do – forever!

We’d be happy to schedule a call for you to meet Terry and find out more about how she might support your franchisees. Just let us know!

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