The Earthquake, Your Journey From Setback to Breakthrough

The Earthquake, Your Journey From Setback to Breakthrough with Vince Poscente

December 10th, 2020 at 12pm MST 

Vince Poscente is ready to share the secrets behind his practical takeaways and instant motivation to get your franchise system back on track! Vince has spent his time sharing his message around the world for audiences wanting a high-energy, humorous, and inspiring message to break free from the limitations of chaos and ‘stuckness.’ Your journey from setbacks to breakthroughs is predicated on how well you follow the following Solution Loop Sequence:

  1. Remove the roadblock that stands in the way of your conscious intention and subconscious agenda.
  2. Learn the interplay between curiosity and creativity to innovate your way to your next breakthrough.
  3. Find out what actions are necessary to get traction out of the state of “stuckness.”

This methodology is taken from Vince’s latest book, The Ant, Elephant, and Earthquake – From Setback to Breakthrough, is designed to help franchisors and franchisees find a way to  dedicated to course correction and renewed momentum.

Date:  Thursday 12/10/20

Time:  12:00 MT

Topic: The Earthquake, Your Journey From Setback to Breakthrough

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