The Small Business Antivirus by Troy Hazard

First, as you read this, we hope that you, your loved ones and your teams are well and safe. We are buoyed to hear from so many of you who are finding focus in the chaos and blazing trails through uncertainty.

We received a ‘gold nugget’ this morning from a long-time speaker partner and friend, Troy Hazard. It comes in the form of a video with an easily usable tip sheet entitled, The Small Business Antivirus. The video is 3-minutes and we think the organized, concise thoughts are likely worth your time. It stopped us in our tracks this morning and we wanted to pass it along. Perhaps you’ll want to do the same.

(And here is the tip sheet, lining out what Troy discusses step by step: The Small Business Antivirus.)

Our hope is that this is useful.

Let us know if there is anything you need, whether big or small. We are grateful to be part of this strong and resilient franchise community and are standing by to help.

Sending you healing where needed, clarity, patience and love.

The SPEAK! Team

P.S. We are creating a Here to Help! resource page on our SPEAK! website. Our hope is to connect both franchisors and their home office staff AND franchisees and their front-line teams with relevant experts offering immediately actionable tools and strategies to help franchise businesses navigate what’s happening in our world today.

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