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There are multiple ways to create the culture and mindset of The Wealthy Franchisee™ (TWF) throughout your system.  We recommend scheduling a brainstorming call with our team to determine which approach will best serve your franchisees at your current stage of growth.

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Here are some initial options with ballpark pricing to help get the ideas percolating. Keep in mind that every package is customized based on your specific needs and timing.  We’re here to dive deep and partner with you in a meaningful and transformative way.


The Wealthy Franchisee: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar

    • Single, soft cover copies via Amazon
    • Bulk Purchase Discounts:
Cover Price % Discount Cost Per Copy
26 – 49 5% $20.85
50 – 74 10% $19.75
75 – 100 15% $18.65
100 + 20% $17.55

Plus cost of UPS Ground Shipping from Los Angeles, CA.
Orders need to be placed no later than 2 weeks prior to event date if using as a conference gift.
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“I just finished reading ‘The Wealthy Franchisee’ and it’s no stretch to say that no book has ever felt more relatable! Providing me with the motivation to objectively look at my performance to-date, alongside assurances that the stresses experienced so far are in no way uncommon, I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.”

– Craig Cawkwell, Franchisee


The Wealthy Franchisee Business Breakthrough Program: Helping Franchisees Get Unstuck and Make Their Franchise Work for Them!


A 14-Week Action Plan for Franchisees to…

    • Boost their franchise’s sales
    • Inspire their teams
    • Take their business and lifestyle to the next level!

Course Overview:

The 14-week Wealthy Franchisee Business Breakthrough Program is a proven business-growth blueprint, system, and coaching support designed to give franchisees the knowledge and inspiration they need to get unstuck, grow their franchise business, and improve their quality of life.

Module 1:  Preparing Yourself to Become a Wealthy Franchisee
Module 2:  Cutting Loose the Most Common Franchisee Sandbags
Module 3:  Building A Team of Employee Superstars
Module 4:  Employee Coaching:  Developing your Employees into High Performing, Independent Leaders
Module 5:  Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
Module 6:  Maximizing the Value of your Royalty: Getting The Most From Your Franchisor
Module 7:  Bigger Picture, Bigger Payoff: Thinking Big Beyond Your Business

Bonus Content & Resources:

  • Understanding the Two Forms of Motivation
  • The Employee Motivation Reflection Tool
  • 3-Step Digital Reputation Action Plan
  • Turning Angry Customers into Customers for Life
  • Access to TWF Members-Only Online Community
  • 6x Monthly Live Group Business Breakthrough Sessions with Scott Greenberg

“Wealthy franchisees excel at the HUMAN factors of business – the way they THINK, LEAD, and SERVE. Infusing these elements into solid operations is quickest path towards franchise success.” – Scott Greenberg



This In-House certification allows the franchisor to choose a high performing franchisee within their brand who can support fellow franchisees as they move through the course and hold them accountable. These ‘TWF Certified Mentors’ should be high-level franchisees who went through the course and are excited to mentor fellow franchisees during the program. Certification includes:

  • A short online course instructing each TWF Mentor on how to best support their fellow franchisees through each module.
  • A private session with Scott Greenberg to discuss their role and answer questions.
  • Access to a monthly TWF Mentor Mastermind Zoom meeting to discuss best practices with TWF Mentors from other brands.
  • Access to a private TWF Mentor Facebook group.



THE WEALTHY FRANCHISEE: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar 

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Business Growth, Mindset, Motivation, Peak Performance

Get ready to achieve breakthrough performance and growth! In Scott’s signature and most-requested keynote, he will share with you how to transform your business from average to extraordinary. Scott helps franchisees think, lead, and serve at a higher level. With over 10 years as an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee and coach for countless brands, he will show you how top franchisees achieve consistent, profitable results.

Get out of your head and get into your business so you can:

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and streamline operations.
  • Build MORE WEALTH from the operation you already have.
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion.
  • Inspire employees and delight customers.

Reduce stress, maintain a healthier lifestyle, and have more fun running your business.


BLOW THEIR MINDS, GROW YOUR BUSINESS: Creating Experiences Customers Remember, Talk About, & Want to Repeat

FOCUS: Customer Service, Customer Loyalty

Do you want more transactions and bigger tickets? Do you want to outperform your competition without having to out-advertise them? Are you ready to turn your customers into raving fans? When you focus less on what customers spend and more on how customers feel, every transaction will become a marketing opportunity; make them feel great and they’ll do your marketing for you. If you are ready to learn how top businesses stay in the winner’s circle, this presentation is for you. Scott Greenberg will give you powerful tools to create a service culture that grows loyalty and word-of-mouth and translates success into bigger ticket sales. He’ll show you how to replace robotic customer service practices with meaningful experiences that ensure customers remember you, talk about you, and cannot wait to come back.


30-SECOND LEADERSHIP™: The Simple Coaching Method for Making Employees Great 

FOCUS: Team Building, Leadership, Coaching, Management, Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement  

Do you ever struggle with underperforming team members? Do your attempts to motivate them fail to get results? Would you like to spend less time “dealing with employees” and more time growing your business?

Discover 30-Second Leadership™, a field-tested management tool that has leaders raving! Rooted in real-world experience, this simple, hard skills coaching system will show you how to quickly diagnose an employee’s needs for a given situation and prescribe the best corresponding coaching method to boost their performance and make them great. Regardless of your title or responsibility, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership™ will make your life a whole lot easier and their work a whole lot better.

Online:            $10,000
Onstage:         $15,000
Travel Fee:      $1,500 + Hotel for up to two nights & ground in host city


In addition to his keynotes and breakout sessions, Scott can take your franchisees on an extended, deeper dive into all the ways wealthy franchisees grow their businesses. Scott will speak with you to assess your needs and customize and half-day, full-day or longer program to elevate your franchisees’ performance. All of Scott’s workshops are interactive and action oriented. He’ll help your franchisees reflect on their own performance and facilitate conversations so they can share ideas and make plans for improvement. 

Topics include:

  • Wealthy Franchisee Mindset
  • Overcoming Common Franchisee “Mind-traps”
  • Continuous Improvement & Embracing Change
  • Building, Managing, & Motivating High-Performance Teams
  • Customer Experience
  • Franchisee-Franchisor Relations


$18,500 ½ Day
$20,000 Full Day
Travel Fee: $1,500 + Hotel for up to two nights & ground in host city


As part of your franchise conference, Scott can also moderate panels, facilitate interactive roundtable discussions, or conduct on-stage interviews and fireside chats with top performing franchisees or the leadership team to promote even more learning and engagement.


Live:      $2,500 providing Scott is already on site for a live Keynote
Virtual: $1,500 providing Scott is already part delivering a virtual keynote or workshop


Want to enable your field support to better coach franchisees? Your consultants know your operation. With a better handle on the human elements of the franchisee experience, they’ll be able to support and coach your franchise owners at a much deeper level. Through Scott’s training, your field support will:  

  • Better understand the mental/emotional issues that impact franchisee performance.
  • Help franchisees overcome their self-imposed mental obstacles.
  • Use “30-Second Leadership” to diagnose what franchisees need for a given operational task and prescribe the best coaching method to help them.
  • Acquire powerful conversation tools that facilitate franchisee learning and breakthroughs.
  • Build more trust with franchisees.

 “Scott’s message to our franchise field leadership teams was exactly what we wanted. His customized program for our group reinforced the company’s overall goal to become better strategic partners to our franchisees. He researched our culture in advance as well as interviewed key associates to gather his own perspective on where we are and where we want to be…and he delivered! Scott is very personable and related to everyone in the room. Attendees had great feedback.”
— Jodi Dague, Director, Communication, GNC

Wrapping Up & Next Steps…

Each TWF Partner Package is crafted with your specific objectives and investment level in mind.

With so many great ways to infuse your system’s culture with The Wealthy Franchisee (TWF) winning mindset, the next step is to connect and brainstorm what would best serve you and your franchisees today. Here is our link to make scheduling easy:

Look forward to hearing from you!

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