Tim Gabrielson: Lemons to Laughter

Studies show that fewer than 45% of Americans actually enjoy their work. Wow. And while experiencing change (which is fairly constant, right?), it can be challenging to put ‘work’ and ‘enjoy’ in the same sentence.

Well…Tim Gabrielson would say, turn “Lemons to Laughter”!

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Tim’s wildly popular keynote rolls mind-bending magic, hilarious comedy, and a life-changing message into an ‘edge of your seat’ experience! He guides his audience through the paradigm shift necessary to transform and align your franchise team into one that is absolutely engaged and ready to engage others…because it’s contagious!

While being entertained, franchisees will embrace intentional decisions to:

  • Tim GabrielsonChoose to respond versus react.
  • Find the fun in day to day interactions (inspiring their front-line team to do so as well).
  • Create magical moments for their customers.

What better way to inspire a culture of creativity, fun and productivity at all levels of your franchise organization? Your team will walk away invigorated and equipped to infuse the Lemons to Laughter culture into their businesses and their lives.

Tim’s fees start at $6,500 and he travels from Minneapolis, MN. Consider maximizing your investment by using him as your emcee as well—he’s absolutely fantastic in this role.

More soon…


P.S. Tim’s email signature includes the statement, “Happiness is a Choice.” I’m putting a reminder sticky note on my computer right now!

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