Tips on Becoming a Master Story Teller From Lou Heckler

Late last week, I had the pleasure of previewing Speaker Hall of Fame Speaker, Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE.  Lou was presenting to a group of professional speakers on the art of engaging an audience and after making us laugh, making us think and then moving us to tears, he brought us all to our feet!  I so thoroughly enjoyed Lou’s authentic style, his sense of humor and his very ‘real’ and genuine way of connecting with us that I thought it worth blogging about.

Check out this very fun segment and you’ll see what I mean…

Teaching What You Already Know

Here are a few of the highlights from Lou’s session that I thought may be useful to anyone charged with engaging an audience:

  • Treat your presentation like it is a dialogue, not just one person talking at the room, but consciously communicate directly with everyone in that room.
  • Find relevant stories about a similar situation or experience “when the chips were down and the stakes were high”.  People remember stories.
  • Make it multi-sensory.  Get your audience asking themselves, “What happens next!?”
  • Create unforgettable concepts – that means they are memorable and repeatable.
  • Is the concept big enough–meaning a fairly universal principle?  And is it at the same time, small enough, meaning that it is something that you can easily paint a sensory picture with?
  • “Make the Movie Go!” – meaning help the audience really get in the picture. Give them the sense of being there.

At SPEAK!, we receive many calls each month from well-spoken, smart, and passionate

franchise executives who would like to do more speaking.  In fact, I have referred many of you directly to Lou to explore professional speech coaching with him.  Lou’s reputation precedes him— many of the top speakers in the marketplace today either have worked with Lou or continue to work with Lou on an ongoing basis as their coach.

As a speech coach, Lou is noted for endowing the people he teaches with: confidence, recognition of effective performance structure, and enhanced skill in storytelling.  His coaching clients include both professional speakers and executives and as many of you have heard me say before, the speakers we book consistently are the are the ones who are constantly learning and growing.

Lou’s franchise clients include: Great Clips for Hair, Century 21, Hampton Inns, Interstate Hotels, Waffle House Restaurants, Carpet One and others.

And as a testimony of Lou’s appeal, he is now the closing essayist every Friday night on the national PBS television show, “Nightly Business Report,” airing at 6:30 PM EDT.  You can access his essays and blogs at:

I’d love to personally connect you with Lou if you have any interest in speech coaching.  And of course, if you are looking for a fun, dynamic and relevant business speaker to really inspire your franchisees, Lou is a fantastic choice.

Just let us know how we can help.

More soon!


PS : Hear what one of Lou’s clients had to say about his speaking:

“As conference planning chairperson, engaging Lou to do a keynote presentation and session at our annual conference was the best move I could have made! He was an absolute delight to work with, and our conference attendees had nothing but superlatives to say. Dynamic, Engaging,

Motivational, Inspiring, Captivating, Awesome, Wonderful, Phenomenal, Re-energizing and Relevant, are just a few of the adjectives expressed by our attendees to describe his presentation. His ability to weave story telling and humor into his message is truly amazing and refreshing.”

Susan Kerns
2011 Conference Planning Chairperson for the
Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals


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