Topic: Productivity & Time Management

SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best

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Presenter: Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

In this keynote, emerging leaders, high potentials, and new leaders will learn how to achieve peak performance in the workplace. In this competitive economy, just being able to do your job is no longer enough. Competence is expected; you’ve got to be SuperCompetent to get an edge. SuperCompetent will give you proven methods to reach your maximum potential and achieve breakthrough results. You’ll get to your productive best by mastering six keys to peak performance.

What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do

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Presenter: Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day

Everyone is so overwhelmed with demands today, it’s not uncommon for professionals to work 60 hours a week anymore. You’ll learn how to scale back—reduce, reduce, reduce is Laura’s mantra. Laura shows how you to separate the productive wheat from the nonproductive chaff, hone in on high-value tasks, protect the time to do them, and focus on their execution. You’ll find dozens of ways to shrink your to-do list, calendar commitments, distractions, interruptions, information overload, inefficiencies, and energy expenditures. You’ll see how you can be more efficient, organized, and focused, so you can achieve maximum results in minimum time, get out of the office earlier, and get home to the people you love.

Kids These Days

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Presenter: David Lewis, CFE

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What fun! We explore the modern day multi-generational workforce. A fun and lively presentation using the latest research into cross-generational communication and motivation. We examine each generation, their quirks and their natural talents. We learn why different generations communicate on different ‘wavelengths’ and, most importantly, how to bridge the generational divide and successfully recruit, manage and motivate a multi-generational workforce.

If you want to improve communication with employees and customers, reduce turnover and enhance productivity then this is the presentation for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand why “kids these days” seem to have no sense of work ethic (and how to fix it!).
  • How to recruit the next generation of leaders to your organization while maintaining culture.
  • Gain the ability to adapt your communication style along generational lines.

DEEP DIVE into working in a MOBILE WORLD

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Presenter: Gina Schreck, CSP

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Today’s leaders and employees are on the go. Work is no longer done sitting behind a desk 8 hours a day. Our new mobile world brings new challenges to working effectively. Come and discover valuable technology tools to allow you to stay productive wherever you are. This session will be interactive and you will help us identify the top challenges for working in mobile environments and then we will present solutions, ideas, and best practices.

In This Session You Will Learn:

  • What is the best MOBILE hardware: Top tablets, smart phones, and productivity gadgets
  • Which accessories bring serious solutions
  • The top apps for staying productive at home, at work, and on the road
  • Managing your social media and online reputation
  • Efficient and time-saving app solutions for maximizing productivity when managing and operating a business

Magnetic – Turning Your Franchise Into A Customer Magnet

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Presenter: Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE

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Magnetic: Turning Your Franchise Into A Customer Magnet is about how to build your business based on a customer-centric strategy. This strategy shows you how to focus on high return activities that generate positive word-of-mouth, the key to attracting new customers. Leverage the power of simplicity, and clarity to get everyone in your organization focused on creating consistently excellent customer experiences that generate customer satisfaction and grow the business.

“What your customers think and say about you is the most powerful force in influencing new customers to do business with you.” – Joe Calloway

We used to want satisfied customers. Then we realized that we needed loyal customers. Today your customers must be advocates for your business. This session gives you simple, powerful, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to make that happen. These are ideas that fire people up and motivate them to go back and take immediate action to improve performance and results with customers.

You will learn and take back…

  • How to get clarity on maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • How to use a fundamental business attraction strategy throughout the entire organization.
  • How to simplify how you think about your business and avoid over-complicating things.
  • How to avoid the trap of distractions and focus on what truly matters most to customers.
  • How to “filter” your choices and activities so that you always achieve maximum positive impact with customers.
  • How to use simple, powerful “tie-breakers” to make all the difference in performance and results. 

Magnetic – The Art Of Attracting Business isn’t a “lecture” with a mind-numbing powerpoint. Magnetic is a dynamic, interactive program – a motivating, thought-provoking exchange of ideas that will give your people a renewed energy and enthusiasm for doing those things that get your customers to help you grow your business.

Do what the best companies in the world – large and small – do to not only create, but sustain and grow success in the marketplace. Be intentional, strategic, and tactically focused on knowing exactly what to do that will make you a magnet for new customers and business growth.

Becoming A Category Of One – How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity And Defy Comparison

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Presenter: Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE

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Becoming A Category Of One is based on Joe’s game changing best-seller about what extraordinary companies and top performing individuals do to create, sustain, and grow success. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you think that makes all the difference. Developing and always growing a Category of One mindset an be the most powerful thing you do in your business.

Fortune Magazine’s study of the best companies in the world led them to conclude that “the key to performing like one of the world’s most successful businesses is to do several easily identifiable things.” Becoming A Category of One teaches you what top performers do, that any of us can do, if we simply choose to

Feedback that we get on Becoming A Category Of One is typically “We can do this. There’s not one idea here that we can’t go back and do immediately.“

You will learn this and more…

  • How to separate yourself and your company from your competition in a way that truly sets you apart.
  • How to use the power of clarity to bring focus to the most powerful differentiators.
  • How to utilize “The Three Rules” to win customers and keep them for life.
  • How to be so good at the basics that you become a cutting-edge innovator.
  • How to use intentional leadership to get buy-in from employees and co-workers.
  • How to compete and win in the real world marketplace of today (and tomorrow), and not get stuck in past success.

You won’t be daydreaming your way through this interactive presentation. Ideas will be flying around the room and you’ll be taking part in a dynamic session that engages and motivates people to take action on ideas that can change everything.

Becoming A Category Of One is about going beyond being one of the leaders in your category. It’s about being so good, creating such value for the customer, that you create your own category – and you’re the only one in it.

The Go-Giver Way: Influence, Success & Profit

Headshot of Bob Burg
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Presenter: Bob Burg

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How a subtle shift in focus helps your franchisees to provide exceptional value, expand their influence and dramatically increase their income.

Based on Bob’s international bestseller, The Go-Giver, this inspiring and principle-based program teaches the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and how they can be utilized to dramatically increase effectiveness both personally and professionally.

Life Balance: Redefining Humanly Possible

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Presenter: Andy Core, M.S.

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Today’s working culture can have you constantly running 90mph, hair on fire. Tomorrow will get faster. But there is good news. You yearn for more balance in your life, which is the solution to your “More.Faster.Better” dilemma. In Andy’s program, you will learn how to improve your work-life balance, productivity, health and your ability to stay motivated.

Sales Energy: Having “The Juice” to Get & Keep More Clients

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Presenter: Andy Core, M.S.

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Sales Professionals will create a maximal, sustainable and motivated performance by using proven ideas to improve their daily system. Bottom line, this program creates more capable Sales Professionals who generate more revenue for themselves and for your company.

The benefits of this program – your franchisees will learn: 

  • How to outpace their competitors by maximizing their energy level, attitude and ability to be “on their game” daily – including skills proven by NASA that improve productivity by 47% from 3-5PM.
  • How to be in the mental and physical state that rapidly builds trust with prospects and referral Sources.
  • The Science of Peaking and how Opportunity + Energy Trumps Time Management seven days a week.
  • What a top Sales Professional’s best day looks like and a step-by-step blueprint to plan to adapt that day to their life.
  • Why they don’t do what they know they should to grow their business… and how to get on with it.
  • How to get off the “I wish I could spend more time with my family” treadmill and make personal regeneration a competitive advantage.
  • How to maximize deep sleep so that you can still be “on your game” with limited sleep time.

Your Sales Professionals will be able to:

  • Convert more contacts into appointments due to increased energy, motivation and focus.
  • Convert more appointments into clients by bringing the best version of themselves to more of those opportunities.
  • Enhance customer service because they really can “do more with less.”
  • Capitalize on more opportunities by reducing the need to miss work.

After this program your sales professionals will know how to achieve greater professional success, personal significance and do so without burning themselves out in the process.

Stress Right: How to better dodge, withstand and use stress to your advantage

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Presenter: Andy Core, M.S.

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Stress is a healthy living silent killer. Some facts:

  • Can cost an organization $7500 per worker, per year (if they make at least $25/hr)
  • Likely behind 9 out of 10 visits to primary care physicians
  • #1 cause of lower back pain
  • Acts as a reinforcement for the top 7 killers of both men and women
  • Makes life way harder than it should be

My job is to share what is really behind many of the problems facing your you and organization. Can you beat stress? You bet. Learning to Stress Right will enable you to:

  • Take four “must do” steps that turn stress into positive energy
  • Maximize your adrenaline, but manage it so you do not “hit the wall”
  • Significantly reduce the hormone that makes you want to strangle people
  • Plug in a pre-sleep ritual that makes you sleep like a log
  • Beat stress eating and other negative thought related patterns
  • Keep family and friends happy when you are busy
  • Learn new patterns to make healthy choices automatic

Doing the Right Things Right

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Presenter: Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

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How the Effective Leader Spends Time

Leaders are so overwhelmed trying to balance the day-to-day operational responsibilities of their jobs, as well as find time to work with their teams and think about strategic initiatives, they struggle with time management and life balance. This keynote, based on Laura’s book of the same title, identifies twelve practices that will enable leaders to be effective and efficient, grouped into three areas where leaders spend their time, called 3T Leadership: Strategic Thinking (Business), Teamwork (Employees), and Tactics (Self). For each practice, Stack offers advice from her 25 years in the trenches, working with thousands of leaders globally. You’ll receive scores of new ideas on how you, your team, and your organization can boost productivity.

The Seven Habits of Highly Profitable Salespeople

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Presenter: Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

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What separates an average salesperson from a high-performing salesperson? They spend more time on activities that produce sales and less time on those that don’t. Simple concept? Yes, but difficult to implement in reality, because most traditional sales training doesn’t focus on productivity, and “old school” time management techniques have little application for the salesperson. In this session, you’ll learn “real world” methods to manage your schedule, tasks, devices, follow-ups, and email.

Attack of the Productivity Suckers

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Presenter: Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

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The Four Things That Suck the Productivity Out of You …and How to Fight Back!

You work hard. You know how to make lists and check things off. You really want to be productive. But everyone and everything else keeps ruining your plans! So many things keep us from doing what we know we should be doing. In this funny, high-energy program, Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®, reviews the four main things that suck the productivity right out of you! You’ll discover your biggest productivity sucker and take away some practical tools to defend yourself.

Alice Heiman’s Sales Success System

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Presenter: Alice Heiman

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BREAKOUT Sessions or Combine for Full and Half Day Training

Module 1: Sales Strategy to Win it!

Plan to win by building a strong strategy.

  • Building a strategy that defines what you are selling
  • Determining who you are selling to
  • Creating a actionable plan for acquiring customers

Module 2: The Formula! How to Exceed Your Goals

Outline the right formula to attain and exceed your goals. Start each day with a road map for success by breaking your goals in to easy steps.

  • Looking at what motivates you
  • The art of achieving more with focus
  • How to use a goal attainment process to insure success

Module 3: More Time Please! Time Management Practices for Sales

Learn the tools and practices that will utilize your time more efficiently. Manage your time effectively by:

  • Determining what to delegate, eliminate, and automate
  • Learning to prioritize and plan based on your unique strategy
  • Effectively maximizing your time for sales by utilizing your calendar in a way you never have before

Module 4: Building a Winning Sales Funnel

Don’t let important deals slip through the cracks. Keep track of leads, qualified prospects, and what’s about to close. Learn to maintain winning sales funnel by:

  • Determine your sales process
  • Clearly define your sales opportunities to shorten your sales cycle
  • Develop actions that move sales opportunities through the funnel

Module 5: Build a Lead Generation Machine

Build a lead generating machine that will run efficiently! Learn the best way to generate leads for your company.

  • Learn the art of prospecting and finding your ideal customer
  • Start using only the most successful lead generation methods
  • Build on your success through referrals

Module 6: Connecting Your Way to New Business

Unlock the most valuable asset you have as a business person today, your NETWORK. Learn how to build and nurture your network so that it is leverageable by:

  • Redefining what networking is. Hint: It’s not SELLING!
  • Developing an effective networking strategy
  • Learning how to build and maintain relationships that lead to sales


Keep It Simple: Unclutter Your Mind To Uncomplicate Your Life

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Presenter: Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE

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Joe’s newest book of the same title, Keep It Simple is an immediately impactful presentation that shows people who to look at their work and their lives with new eyes, simplify, and get clarity on what is most important.

Almost everyone frequently finds themselves thinking “I’m making this way more complicated than it needs to be.” Over-thinking and over-complicating things scatters our efforts, slows us down, and makes for bad decisions.

When you Keep It Simple, you immediately improve your productivity, increase your effectiveness, reduce stress, and create a better life.

You will learn…..  

  • How limiting your choices to only the best ones leads to better decisions.
  • How the most successful people choose to see their work as being simple, while those who struggle see their work as being incredibly complicated.
  • How to focus on what is mission critical and disregard distractions.
  • How “letting go” creates almost unlimited opportunity.
  • How the “Seven Truths” can help you create success in your business and your life.

Keep It Simple gives participants the chance to slow down, take a deep breath, and look at their work and their lives in a way that empowers and energizes them. Learn how to escape the constant tyranny of “too much to do” and realize that we all have ample time to do those things that matter most.

The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation in a Fast-paced World

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Presenter: Cheryl Cran

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The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation in a Fast-paced World

Everyone in the workplace is working in times of intense technological innovation and dealing with ongoing rapid change and disruptions.

The key is how to inspire and engage everyone to be ‘leaders of change’ and to dynamically increase innovation, collaboration and success for everyone in the company and for the business overall.

This keynote focuses on how each individual can harness their own inner abilities to lead change and personal leadership in a positive and proactive way.

This keynote is based on Cheryl’s new book “The Art of Change Leadership” (Wiley 2015)

Attendees will leave this session with: 

  • Further insight into how is fast change is impacting the speed of work and how we as leaders need to build adaptability to the new reality
  • A shifted perspective on how we as individuals can harness positive stress and leverage time in an increasingly fast-paced work environment
  • A clear understanding of how each generation views change, deals with change and strategies to improve change responses and actions
  • The change cycle and how to use this model to lead change for self and for others
  • Insight into their own personal change behaviors and tools to leverage their individual ability to adapt more quickly to ongoing change with a positive approach
  • Tools to lead change with multiple perspectives including emotional intelligence, generation intelligence and energetic intelligence
  • A change leadership ‘next map’ that will outline your next steps to creating the future that you want to create


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Presenter: Vince Poscente

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Let’s face it, it’s all about conversions. Being a business person in today’s MORE-FASTER-NOW world involves optimum ways to communicate. Leaders who have both impact and influence get more done, in less time, while having more fun. New York Times bestselling author, Olympian and Speaker Hall of Fame inductee Vince Poscente, will discuss the three critical areas essential for any person wanting to convert his/her time into immediate results. 

The 3 Power Conversions involve:  

  1. A Unique Value Proposition which makes your company’s phone ring. A strong UVP will convert prospects from only noticing you to chasing you down.
  2. The Anatomy of Powerful Communication. There is a science and finesse to communicating an unforgettable messaging. Convert any form of communication into real time buy-in.
  3. 70 Second Videos for instant impact and lasting influence. Improve your conversions by 800% with Vince’s specific approach to video communication.

Vince Poscente draws from his experience as a speed skier in the 1992 Olympics, 20 years of consulting with Fortune 500 companies plus his signature wit and wisdom. He is the founder of The Goal Acceleration Institute and helps entrepreneurs around the world. His expertise in reaching BIG GOALS in less time will have your taking notes you can apply immediately to your business 

Leadership: It Starts With Me! Harness the Power Of Personal Leadership

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Presenter: Michelle Ray, CSP

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We’ve often heard the adage “everyone can be a leader”, but what does this mean?  More importantly, how is this relevant to your business and your people? The most practical answer is to think of leadership in terms of character, not position or title. A leader is someone at any level who has grasped the ability to take charge of their thoughts, and consequently their actions, in any situation. 

We are often tested to be the best version of ourselves, regardless of our job function. Our attitudes directly impact the workplace atmosphere and the quality of our business relationships. When we take the initiative and lead ourselves with greater confidence, we are better equipped to strengthen relationships with managers, co-workers and  customers. 

Delivering her message with insight, wit and humor, Michelle’s energizing, informative and popular keynote presentation will remind audiences of the power of personal  leadership. They will learn accountability strategies they can use long after the event ends to take the lead, embrace challenges and create their own realities. 

Expected takeaways for attendees:

  • Build a leadership blueprint to use in business and in life
  • Realize the incredible leverage of modeling a “do what it takes” attitude
  • Decrease stress and negativity for greater productivity and positive results
  • Realign your core personal values to those of your workplace
  • Re-energize attitudes toward your peers and management
  • Tap into your innovative potential to bring out the best in yourself 

Stress Less, Connect More

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Presenter: Colette Carlson

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The truth is whether you are in leadership, sales, or the front line you are expected to produce more in less time with fewer resources, while staying positive and engaged with colleagues, customers, and clients. The reality is we are stressed out, tightly wound, and exhausted trying to meet and exceed expectations. We have the best intentions that seem to go out the window before lunch as we are constantly changing schedules, demands and priorities. Enough already! Create the focus, energy, and mindset necessary to make healthy choices and stay connected to those who count. It’s no longer about time management, it’s about YOU management. Get ready to laugh-out-loud and walk away ready to make positive, long-lasting change the next day.  

 Learn how to: 

  • Differentiate between Time Management and YOU Management 
  • Know when to let go or take control 
  • Eliminate unrealistic expectations and energy zappers 
  • Beat the stress and temptation of everyday life in healthy ways 
  • Build a positive mindset to increase mental toughness

Managing by the Numbers

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Presenter: Stuart Donaldson

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Not a numbers person? No problem. Discover the power, joy and simplicity of using customer and financial information to improve your decision-making.  

This module introduces key learnings including an introduction to interpreting business ratios, measuring productivity, profit, cash and financial strength.  

Participants practice using financial statements to assess the business performance and establish plans to drive value and growth. Financial statements tell the story of your business and participants will leave with the tools and confidence to apply their knowledge to their business. 

What’s on Your Dashboard?

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Presenter: Stuart Donaldson

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Measurement is at the heart of performance improvement.  

Discover how to select the metrics that matter; that enable you to objectively communicate expectations and manage business activities to achieve more.  

Make continuous improvement part of your DNA, assess your business priorities, measure those things that drive success and implement plans to improve results.  

Apply this knowledge to create your own dashboard and have a daily, weekly, monthly and annual snapshot of how you are tracking to your goals and objectives.

Motivation Secrets of a Four-Time Olympian

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Presenter: Ruben Gonzalez

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Ruben has an incredible story. He was always the last kid picked to play sports in PE. When he was 21 years old he decided he wanted to compete in the next Winter Olympics. He lived in Houston at the time. Didn’t even know what snow looked like. He went to Lake Placid, took up the sport of luge and four years and a few broken bones later he was competing in the Calgary Olympics. He went on to become the first person to ever compete in four Winter Olympics each in a different decade. 

As he jokingly says, “It doesn’t mean he’s good, it just means he’s old!” He competed in the Vancouver at the age of 47. Everybody thought he was a coach! But seriously, his story takes people’s excuses away because he’s an ordinary guy who did some extraordinary things. 

Your people will learn: 

  • How to become a high performer. 
  • How to tap into their greatest source of personal power. 
  • How to create a vision that will dictate their efforts and results. 
  • How to become more productive by focusing on solutions and speed. 
  • How taking responsibility for their results helps them win more. 
  • How to simplify their lives by focusing on what’s important now. 
  • How to commit to their goals. 
  • How to achieve long-term success and balance. 
  • How to turn success into significance. 

Note: Ruben will tailor his presentation based on your needs, your goals, and the theme of your event. The following titles and topics can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience. 

Ruben has many hours of material made up of personal Olympic stories and stories of his adventures around the world (climbing mountains, running with the bulls in Pamplona, etc.).  

These stories powerfully illustrate the topics of teamwork, leadership, sales, overcoming challenges, embracing change, customer service, positive attitude and how to achieve more. 

Ruben will always make sure to include stories in his presentation that fit your objectives.

Take the Stairs

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Presenter: Rory Vaden

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Procrastination is the most expensive invisible cost in business today. Every day millions of people cost their employers and themselves billions of dollars in wasted time, distraction, and lost productivity. In this hard-hitting and hilarious signature keynote speech, Rory will inspire you and your team to increase your self-discipline, overcome procrastination and take action on all of the things that really matter. Based on Rory’s New York Times bestselling book, you will learn why self-discipline is not as hard as we all think, once we know how to think about it the right way.

After hearing Rory’s hilarious and compelling speech, your audience will:

  • Disregard their fear and take immediate action.
  • Develop an awareness of their creative avoidance.
  • Stop making excuses and stop procrastinating.
  • Engage in happier, healthier, more productive lifestyles.
  • Quit looking for shortcuts and get back to work.
  • Adopt an overall results-oriented attitude of discipline.
  • Be more disciplined and Take the Stairs more often in the mall, the airport, and in life situations.
  • NOTE: A modified version of this signature presentation is available as “Leaders Take the Stairs” (which is about how to get other people to do the things they don’t want to do) and also “Take the Stairs to Great Customer Service” (which is about the work it takes to create an extraordinary customer experience).

How to Multiply Time

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Presenter: Rory Vaden

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What if you could literally make more time? It is actually possible once you understand the significance calculation and the new paradigm of ultra performers. Based on Rory Vaden’s Ted talk with over 1 million views, he will show you exactly how the leading minds in the world have figured out ways to create more time meanwhile everyone else is living in a constant state of urgency, busyness, and stress. If time is something you or your team need more, you desperately need to hear this message!

  • This program will challenge everything you know to be true about “time-management” as you will learn:
  • There is no such thing as “time-management” there is only “self-management.”
  • Why productivity in the next generation is much more about emotion than logic
  • How to move beyond urgency and importance to significance
  • Why “priorities” are a limiting paradigm relating to your time
  • If you are a “Gunslinger” or a “Worry Wart” and why rich people never pay their taxes early
  • When is the right time for patience and when is the right time for action
  • 5 permissions to go from being a “Firefighter” to a “Seed-Planter”
  • How to finally be stress-free from the never ending pile of work

Relationship Economics

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Presenter: David Nour

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Relationship Economics®: The Art & Science of Relationships

Your personal and professional success depends on the diversity and quality of your relationships with others. Yet most of us don’t invest enough time, energy, and resources building and nurturing key relationships critical to our success. That’s where Relationship Economics comes into play. Relationship Economics isn’t about networking. It’s about learning how to invest in people for an extraordinary return. It’s about exchanging Relationship Currency, accumulating Reputation Capital and building your Professional Net Worth. To do this effectively, you need to adopt proven practices that most people ignore or only use sporadically. David Nour, author of the best-selling book Relationship Economics, will share insights from his two decades of research in how to build, nurture, and leverage your strategic relationships. His framework provides a focused road map for individuals and organizations to:

  • Develop new skill sets in building productive and value-based relationships towards the achievement of quantifiable goals
  • Leverage personal relationships to convert ideas into results
  • Build a disciplined follow up plan to nurture and grow impactful business relationships

From David’s session, the audience will learn:

  • How well are you building and nurturing your perishable relationships?
  • Is your portfolio of relationships equally balanced between its quantity, quality, and diversity?
  • Do you effectively leverage Relationship Currency to create long-term and preferential access and opportunity?
  • Are you producing a Return on Your Relationship Investments?
  • What’s the cost of NOT building a viable network with return access?

Superpower Success! How to Think, Act and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results!

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Presenter: Ford Saeks, CSP

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(Focus: Leadership, Accountability, 5-Star Customer Experiences, Business Growth, Success)

It’s no secret that everyone is tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Ford understands that owning and operating a franchise can be challenging, especially when faced with increased competition, changing buying behaviors, and business growth challenges. This presentation delivers clear action-steps in alignment with your outcomes and objectives all tied to your brand, plans, existing learning systems, and franchisee tools to improve leadership, excel with a multi-generational workforce and locally impacted customer base. Taking advantage of the seven steps to superpower franchisee success and you’ll have straightforward action steps to grow faster, lead better, produce amazing customer experiences, and enjoy the process.

Rick Lewis’ Speaking Topics

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Presenter: Rick Lewis

For any given organization or event Rick can target his keynote to focus on one, several, or all of the organizational benefits named below. Each organizational virtue results from the rule breaking model which Rick details in his book, 7 Rules You Were Born to Break.

When being authentic is supported in any organizational setting over the need to fit in, communication channels open while misunderstandings and conflict decrease.

When an organization’s members are supported and encouraged to take chances and engage reasonable risks rather than focusing on avoiding mistakes, innovation can occur.

When individuals are willing to ask for help, overcoming the rule of independence, then teamwork becomes a possibility within a group.

When the determination to achieve and reach goals is stronger than the need to remain comfortable, productivity results.

Workers who accept their significance within an organization bring accountability to their group and transcend the 5th rule, pretending we don’t matter.

When building relationships is valued over the desire to force compliance from others and to stay in control, exceptional leadership emerges.

When leaders are willing to risk their approval rating instead of being run by the need to be popular, the integrity of the organization’s vision can be preserved and realized.