Don’t Delete That Nasty Comment! You Just Might Learn Something

Gina Schreck is a technology and social media FANatic! As the president of SynapseConnecting, she and her teams help Franchise Organizations set up and manage their social engagement platforms. Gina Schreck will be sharing social strategies and practical take aways at the IFX Strategic Franchise Conference December 9, 10, & 11, 2010 in San Diego. For more information and a detailed agenda check out or call 720-304-3710.

by Gina Schreck, CSP
SPEAK! Franchise Speaker

Franchise Organizations and Social Media

Transparency in business has been more than a trend in 2010. It has been a movement and a management practice that will continue throughout 2011 and hopefully, beyond. Franchisors are blogging and interacting with franchisees and customers. Franchisees are engaged with customers on blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter, and customers are talking to each other about the products or services the company provides everywhere they can. Good and bad, the discussions are happening, either on the company’s turf or elsewhere.

Gina Schreck - SPEAK Franchise Speaker

Gina Schreck

Consumers have always had something to say, but now they have many places in which they can not only say it, but engage hundreds of others in a conversation about it as well. This scares most franchisors to death. To be honest, I believe it is what has held many back from joining the social revolution. After all, it’s no small task to create smart and engaging content for a single organization, let alone a franchise with multiple locations, and then to manage the many conversations that will hopefully spin from it.

When you create a space that allows your community to come in, learn, share, and engage with you, you will get praises and, yes, you will get some feedback that is not so easy to take, but before you just hit delete or tighten the settings so your community fans cannot post or comment, think about what you might be missing if you do.

Here are 5 things you can gain from negative posts or feedback:

  1. Feedback on performance from your franchise organization without having to pay a survey company. You get to hear it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

  2. The ability to dig deeper and get to the root of a problem by taking a complaint off-line and having a longer conversation with the unhappy camper. They just might end up singing your praises if you handle it right.

  3. Public awareness of your responsiveness and customer care. Why not allow others to see how you respond to negative comments in a positive way. Every company will have customer challenges, but how they are handled will separate the good from the great!

  4. BIG ideas for new processes, service offerings, and even products. Who better to give you these ideas than the very people who will pay for them? The more we involve our communities in the design of our offerings the more successful they usually are.

  5. LOYAL FANS! People love to feel as if they were listened to and that their input was valued.

    Social sharing sites allow the franchise organization to provide a space for fans to talk, share and be heard!

Gina Schreck, CSP, is a sought after Franchise Speaker who will make you look like a ROCK STAR as she helps your franchisees not only understand Social Media and today’s technology, but actually feel empowered to apply it immediately to improve their businesses. Find her on Twitter @GinaSchreck or contact her via email:

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