Troy Hazard stands out as one of the few speakers in this world who truly understands franchising. His depth of experience in the category is without question. The real life accounts he has gathered from the many brands for which he has worked, and his life as a franchisee and franchisor, make him an incredible asset in any conference situation. He has worked with our many franchise companies as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and emcee, and on every occasion he has sent our team away with incredible take-home value. On top of Troy’s experiences in business his unique life story is one of which audiences of all walks of life will relate to. From his struggling start to his glorious come back, Troy Hazard has lived the life of a successful serial entrepreneur and business owner. Captivating the audience with the ups and down of his life there was no doubt in my mind that all the attendees was constantly on the EDGE of their seats. We look forward to having him back again for another amazing inspiring and productive event.

–John O’Brien
CEO Poolwerx Corporation

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