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Terry Hawkins is the most recent addition to the SPEAK! roster and WOW! are we ever excited to work with her!  Terry has worked with hundreds of franchise businesses around the globe, assisting them in achieving outstanding results in sales, management, leadership and productivity break-throughs. As an award winning speaker and educator for 30 years, and successful businesswoman for 23 years, Terry has become renowned for spear heading change and accountability for franchisees and their teams.  Check out Terry’s informative article on the importance of trust in any relationship.  

Skyrocket Your Sales (Part


The key to success in sales – TRUST!

By Terry Hawkins 

We’ve all heard that the foundation for successful sales transactions is trust. If your prospective customer does not trust you, it will be very difficult to make the sale. Building what I refer to as the ‘Circle of Trust’ is an essential part of client engagement for any successful and profitable sales professional. The negative perceptions often associated with scamming or pushy salesperson stereotypes only exacerbate the process of building trust with certain customers. It’s a hurdle that must be overcome if the relationship is to have mutual value. 

Sales professionals have a perception of themselves, and clients have their own perception of the buying process. Thus by employing several critical techniques to build the ‘Circle of Trust,’ you enable a customer to become more comfortable and trusting in the relationship.  It facilitates the introduction of your product and the buying decision. 

When sales people rush to sell – trying to get there too quickly – it has the potential to undermine the trust building process. Establishing a trusting relationship is the first and most vital step required to make the connection with the prospect and effectively engage them to be open to you.  Whether you call them customers, clients, or buyers, you must understand and acknowledge that they are all individuals who bring their own biases, opinions, attitudes, and knowledge and (mis) perceptions to this exchange. 

Understanding and accepting that not everyone will buy what you are selling is also important. The non-buyers add to every sales professional’s experiential training. Think of it more as an opportunity to practice your individually perfected approach, rather than a failure. 

In closing, it may be beneficial to do an audit on where you and your team sit on the scale of trust building. What length of time do you give to developing Trust Building Techniques in training? Where would a more trusting relationship with your customers benefit you and the bottom line?  The more time you take at the beginning of a sale, the longer the relationship you will have with the customer.  Happy Selling! 

Terry Hawkins, CSP
CEO, People in Progress 

Terry’s fantastic to work with and she pours seemingly unending reservoirs of energy and fun into everything she does.  All that energy coupled with her extensive background in helping franchisees and small business owners succeed is a recipe for an extraordinary event.  As Terry says, 

“Why WAIT to be GREAT? It’s either NOW or TOO LATE!” 

 Let us know if you’d like to chat about the value that Terry can bring to your next conference. 

More soon! 


PS.  Here’s a testimonial on Terry that may be of interest… 

“Terry Hawkins gets it.  Many speakers are very entertaining but many do not allow for learning and ‘take home’ outcomes … Terry does.  Terry, through her work with franchisors and the development of their teams, understands the important relationship link between franchisors and their franchisees. Indeed, she is able to provide franchise staff with strong corporate messages, which comes from a thorough understanding of the franchise business model. She is always on message whilst providing vital learning outcomes to delegates.  I have had the pleasure of appointing Terry many times to the keynote speakers’ panel at the annual Australian Franchise Convention. Terry is able to bring substantial depth to her presentations and resourceful learning outcomes for delegates. She walks the talk and her sessions are sensational.” 

Richard Evans, Senior Partner 
CONROY LLEWELLYN & EVANS, Former Executive Director of the Franchise Council of Australia


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