Wait, is it 2019 already? SPEAK!’s Franchise Convention Planning Checklist & Timeline

This week, Debbie and I spent a wonderful chunk of time reconnecting with franchisor clients to begin conversations about their next event. And BAM….2019 is here already! For some, 2018 conventions are in the rear-view mirror and being evaluated, as the focus has shifted (for the talented and organized event planning team) to 2019 events.

It reminded me once again, that event planning is really a 365-day project. Whether you have an event on the horizon, one later in 2018, or have begun planning for a 2019 event, we thought SPEAK!’s Franchise Convention Planning Checklist & Timeline may be of use. It’s been compiled from various experienced sources within the meeting planning industry and input from some of the very best franchise event teams.

Perhaps it’ll confirm where you are in the process, perhaps it will prod your next steps OR perhaps you’d like to add something to the list!  😊

Happy planning. And of course, let us know when you’re ready to talk speakers (ideally about one year out…after your previous event evaluation has yielded useful feedback for an even better next event!).

More soon,


P.S. This is the question we like to ask our franchise clients when working on speaker ideas for their event: What would you like your franchisees to THINK, FEEL, SAY and DO after this session? It’s amazingly helpful in finding a speaker fit which knocks it out of the park!

Franchise Convention Planning Checklist & Timeline

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