Waldo Waldman – Creating a Wingman Culture: Trust & Collaboration

Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman simply put, captivates an audience. His high energy message includes incredible personal stories and high-impact videos, and then connects them masterfully with the culture of courage, commitment, trust and collaboration that franchise systems thrive within. Wingmen are created and inspired throughout the room.

Both RELY ON and BE a Wingman. (Which is more challenging for you?)

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When dealing with our franchise business on a day to day basis, Waldo’s right of course, there’s a lot we don’t see. And others see what we cannot see. That’s where the military “Check 6” philosophy saves lives—or in this case, brands, businesses, futures and dreams. Creating an environment of teamwork, trust and mutual support (while having the courage to be approachable and listen) the Wingman culture lives, thrives and breaks performance barriers.

waldowaldmanheadshot_299x320pxJump or Abort is another of Waldo’s core messages.

When facing any challenge, you have two choices, either…

Push It Up to full power and take action or Pull It Back.

Waldo says, “The key to success is resisting the temptation to ease up when you know you should be pushing up!” I like that.  🙂 

If you want a high energy keynote that leaves your franchisees with a “One team. One mission.” perspective, Waldo is your Wingman—and I’d love to talk more about the possibilities.

His fees start at $18,000 and he travels from Atlanta.


More soon…


P.S. I love this part of Waldo’s message, “Find the unsung heroes – the folks behind the scenes, appreciate them, let them know you have their backs, connect from the heart, they’ll go to full power for you.”


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