Thursday June 16, 2011
2:30 P.M – 3:30 P.M. MDT

with Greg Nathan

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There is an emotional path that every franchisee travels in their relationship with their franchisor – a journey of great expectations, disappointment and renewed hope.

Every franchisor needs to understand this journey. It’s called The Franchise E-Factor and it explains why franchisees get frustrated and how franchisors can avoid the unnecessary and costly disputes.

The Franchise E-Factor model was developed through groundbreaking research by distinguished psychologist, author and franchise relations expert, Greg Nathan.

In this 1 hour webinar with Greg Nathan you will learn:

  • How the Franchise E-Factor was first identified in the kitchens of a franchised bakery chain.
  • The six stages of the Franchise E-Factor and how they influence the behavior and attitudes of franchisees.
  • 10 tips for managing the Franchise E-Factor.
  • The three essential ingredients that keep franchisees in the “Zone of Tolerance” and prevent them from slipping into the “Danger Zone.”

If you are a franchisor, you will find the insights in this webinar priceless.

Greg Nathan

Greg Nathan is the author of four franchise management classics: Profitable Partnerships, The Franchise E-Factor, The Franchisor’s Guide to Improving Field Visits, and How to Make Franchise Advisory Councils Work. Greg’s books are available through SPEAK! Contact Katrina Mitchell at or call at 720-304-3710.

This free webinar is a warm-up to Greg’s upcoming Profitable Partnerships Boot Camps being held in Dallas September 23 & 24 and in Denver October 4 & 5.

Profitable Partnerships Franchise Relations Boot Camp

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