Would Your Customers Recommend You? by Shep Hyken

Today’s post features an article from another magnetic franchise speaker on the SPEAK! roster.  Let me introduce you to Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.  He’s a customer service speaker and expert and in today’s post, he’s sharing his expertise in the field of…you guessed it!…customer satisfaction and referrals.  We hope this article will inspire you to really dig in and identify what it is going to take to get your existing customers to refer you.  I know it inspired us!

Would Your Customers Recommend You?

One of the best sales techniques is to ask for referrals from your happy customers.  As much as I want my sales people asking for referrals, I would much rather have my happy clients refer business to me without having to ask.

Wouldn’t you just love for that

phone to ring with a constant stream of new business that comes as a result of your happy customers or clients voluntarily spreading the word about you?  Of course you would!

Recently, I worked with one of my clients at a sales rally that celebrated their success and also emphasized their newest theme, which is based on Fredrick Reichheld’s book, The Ultimate Question.  In my preparation, I read this book for a second time, and it was time well spent. (If you haven’t done so, get the book and read it – today!)

The ultimate question is exactly that…the one single question that will tell you if you are doing a great job by your customers or clients.  You can ask all types of questions, but at the end of the day, this is the only one that matters.  It is simply that on a scale of one to ten (ten being best), how likely are your customers to recommend you to their friends and colleagues?

A nine or ten puts you in the zone for creating advocates…the people who will refer you without asking.  This is a survey question that happens after you’ve done your business with the customer.  While I always like good feedback from customers, what strategies might we implement to help get that nine or ten?

At any time during your interactions with the customer ask yourself two questions:

    1. Is what I’m doing right now going to make that customer come back to me the next time they need what it is that I sell?  You may remember from my past writings that I believe loyalty is less about a lifetime and more about the next time.  This is the question you ask yourself over and over.
    2. Is what I’m doing, or about to do, going to make the customer feel good enough to recommend me to a friend or colleague?  While this is a good follow-up to the above question, it can also stand on its own.  If what you are doing is good enough for one of their friends, it is surely good enough for them to come back.

So, it isn’t just about loyalty.  We have added another layer.  Loyalty plus advocacy is a winning combination!

As an amazing franchise speaker and customer service expert, Shep Hyken walks his talk.  In fact, his title, “Chief Amazement Officer”, says it all. His proactive care of our clients, from
pre-event homework and preparation to post-event follow-up always exceeds expectations.  Shep’s style is energetic and entertaining, and he delivers his memorable and valuable messages skillfully etertwined with just the right mix of humor and magic.

Let us know if you might be interested in bringing Shep’s magical (pun intended) message to your franchisees – you won’t be disappointed!

More soon!


PS: Here is what a couple of Shep’s clients had to say:

“You not only packed the hall, but also delivered a valuable message to the restaurateurs. The combination of a powerful theme of customer service delivered with the entertainment value of magic equals a very successful seminar.”
– Texas Restaurant Association

“I would like to personally thank you for your enthusiasm and genuine interest in Applebee’s International … it was very entertaining, and yet you still sent a message to our participants.”
– Applebee’s International


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