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So what does it actually mean to have a “No Diva” policy?

Franchise Speakers provides expert trainers and consultants who deliver customized, franchise-focused content in all critical areas of business development and daily business management for both new and existing franchisees and franchisors.

  • It means working with true professionals who have grown and developed beyond their need to serve their own ego and instead are acutely focused on serving our customers.
  • It means their energy is focused on delivering the very best presentation possible for our clients.
  • It means their singular purpose is to help you inspire, educate and motivate your franchisees.
  • It means they do their homework and carefully customize their presentation to directly connect with your audience.
  • It means they are accommodating, easy and pleasant to work with every step of the way.
  • It means that they show up early, prepared, relaxed and ready to authentically connect with your team.
  • It means that they are proactive and help you be as prepared as possible to help them shine for your team. This includes clear instructions for room set up, AV needs and introduction – in advance.
  • It means they spend more time finding out about you and your organization than they do talking about themselves.
  • It means they do not sell from the platform- ever. If they are effective and clean in their role to serve, additional opportunities will naturally follow.

After all, we’re here to serve you.

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No Divas Policy

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