Achieve the Revenue Levels You Seek by Disrupting the Sales Model!

By living on the edge of technology innovation and its impacts on both franchisors and society in general, Founder of Future Point of View and Inventor of Humology, Scott Klososky is able to help us understand how business success and innovation are two sides of the same coin.


Scott knows that it is critical for franchise leaders to gain clarity on factors impacting their organizations – the level to which you reset your organizational strategy is a choice and 2020 has been  a catalyst to make more radical changes if you choose. As digital tools and processes become increasingly critical for your whole organization, so does the need for a well thought out strategy. A top-notch strategy roadmap helps organizations avoid wasted resources and maximize team member output.

In his most recent keynote session, Disrupting the Sales Model and Integrating Digital Tools to Achieve the Revenue Levels You Seek,  Scott will elevate your franchise system through evolution. Franchisees and franchisors will leave with:

  • A Digital Strategy Roadmap Design
  • Event Preparedness Growth
  • An Ability to Use Citizen Data Science as a Bridge Between Your Customers and Your Business
  • An Understanding of How the Changing Dynamics Will Impact Various Industries

Love Scott as much as we do? Let’s talk about booking him for your next event (virtual OR live!)

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