Unbeatable Insights: Industry Experts Share Valuable Knowledge at IFA23

IFA 2023 Montage

Wow! Another GREAT IFA Convention!

SOOO AMAZING to reconnect with our Franchise Friends in person. There was an abundance of priceless takeaways from every session.  

A huge THANK YOU to our amazing speaker partners Greg Nathan, Ford Saeks, Scott Greenberg, John Francis, and Evan Hackel. Once again, each brought incredible insights and experience to this year’s event. As always, they were amazing!

Interested in more info on any of these amazing franchise keynote speakers? 

Details on their keynote programs and tactical trainings can be found here: 

We’d love to jump in and help you with any franchise speaker needs. Here’s how to reach us: 720-304-3710 or Katrina@FranchiseSpeakers.com  or Aletha@FranchiseSpeakers.com

At Franchise Speakers, we know the Franchise World – It’s All We Do!

Excited to Connect!

P.S. Need help with amazing franchise-savvy speakers? Interested in building a culture of healthy franchise relationships with the help of FRI? Can we help you support your franchisees with a Wealthy Franchisee Mindset?

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