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John Foley

Keynote Speaker to over 1500 Organizations Worldwide, Blue Angel Lead Solo Pilot, Stanford Fellow, Bestselling Author and ‘Gratitude Guru’

John Foley will have an incredible impact on the overall franchise, but more importantly how the leaders & employees feel about their franchises.

The secret to hiring the right speaker for your event is to ensure that they match your audience’s general demographic. Remember, an edgy hip and confident entrepreneur may not necessarily appeal to a group of conservative upper management types, and vice versa.

John’s background & experience of being a solo pilot for The Blue Angels carries over into any franchise open and taking action to becoming elite! Choosing the right guest speaker can spark inspiration and stimulate incredible positives for those attending easily elevating your next business event from the merely satisfactory, to the huge success for which you had planned.

WHY John Foley is of value:
The investment a Franchisor makes in a speaker is disproportionate to the investment in their meeting/event,” while a keynote might eat up, say, $20,000 of a $1-million meeting budget, “John Foley will have an incredible impact on the overall meeting/event, the feeling of the meeting/event, the direction of the meeting/event, and how [franchisors] feel about their franchise.”

John’s ability to deliver keynote experiences that inspire and challenge the status quo to improve performance and build trust that creates elite teams.

John Foley’s Speaker Demo

Travels From:

Sun Valley, Idaho

Fee Range:

$35,000 Keynote

Virtual – $17,500

Favorite Food:

Green Smoothie

John Foley's Bio

What if the legendary Blue Angels Culture of Excellence could be replicated and scaled?

Since 2015, John Foley has been recognized as one of the top 10 most in demand speakers. John has spoken to some of the highest performing organizations in the world such as, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Goodyear, Chevron, Lowe’s, Marriott, Hilton, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA, Penske Racing, Sprint, Motorola, Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual, AMC Theatre, Norton Lifelock, Capital Group, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GE, American Hospital Association, Mayo, Merck, Palo Alto Networks, Sunovion, Gillette, McDonalds, Stanford Business School, Global Sports Summit, and numerous CEO Summits to name a few.

He is the former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, Bestselling Author of Fearless Success, an expert in the How of High Performance teams and ‘The Guru of Gratitude.’ As a Blue Angel, John consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour in formations as close as 18 inches apart. To survive in those circumstances he relied on a culture of high trust, leadership and teamwork. John employs the intense realities of his aviation career as a metaphor to inspire – breath life into – teams to reach for their highest potential and sustain excellence under dynamic change. John’s presentations are highlighted by:

  • An energizing delivery that inspires High Performance with a grateful mindset.
  • Awe inspiring storytelling and electrifying video of the legendary Blue Angels in action.
  • A contagious attitude of gratitude that he calls Glad To Be Here®.
  • A unique approach that equips others to take the same journey toward excellence, teamwork and transformation.

In 2011 John founded the Glad To Be Here Foundation. John donates 10% of his speaking fees to charities through the foundation. The program has donated over $2 million to 380+ charities and impacted thousands of lives globally including sponsoring 47 children in 47 countries. It’s part of his mission to connect a shared ‘purpose larger than self’ with every organization.

John Foley Pic

Partial Client List:

  • Bank of America
  • BELFOR Franchise Group
  • Cardinal Health
  • ChemDry
  • Cisco
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Delta
  • Famous Dave’s
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard
  • Google
  • Hershey
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Intel
  • KFC
  • Land’s End
  • Lowe’s
  • Mayo Clinic
  • McDonald’s
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Microsoft
  • NFL
  • Philips
  • Pizza Ranch
  • Sprint
  • Taco John’s
  • Ventura Foods
  • Walls Fargo
  • Windstream
  • John’s expertise on Teamwork and Accountability to reinforce with franchisees. Bonus, John and his Team are awesome to work with!

    Breann Loffing HOODZ, VP of Franchise Operations
  • We liked his infectious energy and enthusiasm, and his key messages about leadership and teamwork John is a good fit due to Blue Angels details matter. Execution skills, developing good to better leaders, Trust, Teamwork, and Inspiration.

    Bill Zinke HRI/BELFOR, Sr. VP of Marketing
  • COO Scott Redler and Purchasing Director Jon Simon were attendees in the audience Mr. Foley addressed in 2012 at a conference with our distributor, DMA. John’s motivating message on high performance was so aligned with our company igniting internal growth over the coming years.

    Sarah Selmon Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, Communication Director
  • John’s ability to weave in Team Building, Motivation, and educating our Franchise Owners, Multi Operators, and General Managers on communication & trust were hands down were vital in order to move forward period!

    Jeff Abramson Famous Dave's, VP, Procurement, Design Construction & Culinary
  • John was such an organic fit with not only our company, but goals of the company. John created a Culture of Excellence than no other speaker has been able to do. John was an Legendary experience! John’s Blue Angel experience and speaking points were in total alignment of what we needed and wanted!

    Adrie Groenweg Pizza Ranch, President & CEO
  • John’s past Blue Angel Experience was one that hit us in the heart and head! John brought huge value to our event that will never be forgotten. John’s inspiration, motivation, education, and a way to challenge Taco John’s was such an emotional ride of true value!

    Representative from Taco John's Corp Office
  • "What a transformative experience — your infectious energy had the entire conference buzzing for days to come! It was an 11 out of 10!"

    Marc Heyneker, CEO Revinate, Inc.
  • "Best Keynote on the Planet."

    Patrick Cowden, Founder The Beyond Company

John Foley's Keynotes

High Performance and Culture of Excellence

High Performance is a mindset, a process, and a commitment to a culture of excellence that accelerates everyday performance and achievement.

John Foley is a High-Performance Keynote speaker who has developed a framework that is foundational to high performing teams. High Performance is a journey toward excellence and elevated execution that has the power to carry individuals and teams beyond their expectations.

Elevated choices create elevated results. Making better choices isn’t about knowing the future, it’s about setting yourself up for success, every single day.  Learning from the past is the key to plotting the future. There’s no better way to examine the past than through a debrief.

Research has shown the effects of a positive mindset. When our mind is grateful, it changes the way we see the world. It re-centers our priorities, it activates emotions that lead to happiness and it leaves us in a more open state, willing to embrace otherwise unforeseen opportunities. With a grateful mindset, we can see our options and their outcomes more clearly.

Innovation and Performance in Transformation

Every organization is faced with some form of transformation based on a changing and dynamic business environment. A global economy, changing consumer behaviors and the digitization of every industry has created tremendous pressure for companies. Today’s leading companies adapt and create competitive advantage in the process.

Organizations that lead through change succeed. The two key elements to success are a reiterative process and a shift in culture. The Diamond Performance Framework was built specifically to drive performance and create the mindset and commitment to a culture of excellence.

Elevated Beliefs and Raising Performance Expectations

A simple self-reflection on limiting and liberating beliefs can create new alignment and precision in individuals and teams.

Perception is reality. What leaders, teams, and individuals believe drives behavior and a level of performance that mirrors those beliefs. This is true for both the high end performers and the lower end performers. So what is the difference? What separates the best from the rest and what separates the best from the best?

Performance is directly linked to short term beliefs and long term mindset. A leader’s mindset and emotional intelligence is a proven critical element of high performing teams. When you evaluate performance in any industry, leadership often is the differentiator above skill and experience.


Blue Angel precision is built on a solid foundation of teamwork around a common objective or CenterPoint. Unified alignment collapses barriers and creates a powerful culture of action.

John Foley is a teamwork keynote speaker and former Blue Angels Solo Pilot that challenges today’s leaders to inspire collaboration and elevate trust among teams.

Teamwork is the collective potential of individuals harnessed to create an exponential outcome of a unit.  Effective teamwork requires many variables including trust, communication, a belief in purpose greater than self, and a common goal.

A CenterPoint is a single reference point or a shared goal that holds the collective focus of a team. The concept of CenterPoint can be used to create unified, powerful action in any organization. A well and clearly communicated CenterPoint helps individuals maintain vision of goals and objectives. For teams, an effective CenterPoint keeps actions focused on priorities, while inspiring collaboration, which leads to faster outcomes, innovation and elevated trust.

Identifying and aligning your teams on a CenterPoint keeps action directed toward desired outcomes while still allowing teams to be adaptable.


Picture this: two jets, on a collision course, 1000 mph rate of closure, and the goal is to miss the other jet by a wingspan. An extreme trust makes this maneuver possible, and when that relationship and process is transposed onto the world of business, the results are incredible.

How would your teams perform if there was complete inherent trust in each other and the organization?  Implicit contracts are all around us. They bind our world together, and they are part of the natural fabric of any business.

Research shows that vocalizing contracts and establishing them in a formal agreement can lead to increased productivity because both employees and managers recognize the risk inherent in breaking trust contracts.

Acknowledging and improving these agreements can have substantial positive effects. Because contracts permeate the entire organization, turning your attention to them has the ability to elevate both trust in individuals and teams.

Contracts present an opportunity to build trust. Trust is well known as a necessary component—if not the most important variable—of successful teams.


The Blue Angel approach to leadership is unique and inspires trust through confidence, with open and honest communication. Every team member is a leader driving expectations.

John Foley is a top leadership keynote speaker and former Blue Angels solo pilot that challenges leaders to build trust, improve performance, and create elite teams.

Teams become elite because of leadership, a commitment to excellence and a proven process. As companies transform their DNA and pivot their business to compete in the new digital paradigm, the ability to develop transformational leadership and enable workforce evolution is a critical competitive advantage.

The potential of elite performance lives within every individual, every team and every organization. It takes intentional leadership to enable that potential and turn it into focused action.

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