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Drum Café

Interactive & Motivational Team Development

With franchisees that represent their brands all over the US and globally, franchisors need their franchisees to support and commit to ONE common pulse and heartbeat; to marshal around ONE mission, vision, and voice.

Drum Cafe West Coast presents a unique, literally hands-on approach to team-building, learning, and motivation that draws parallels between making music together and collaborating in an organization, community or “tribe” to achieve a unified goal!

Here’s their premise: Rhythm is within each of us and because music is a universal language that we all understand, it transcends barriers, whether professional or personal. And making music together encourages you to be sensitive to what those next to you are doing. In this way, Drum Café West Coast uses drumming to create a rhythm which bonds and builds a team as each member recognizes one’s own contribution to the success of the whole. Not only is everyone valued for his or her diversity and uniqueness, but when everyone drums together in unison, it is clear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Drum Cafe West Coast programs are designed to spark unity- reigniting determination, enhancing loyalty and boosting attitude- throughout the franchise system. Their consultative keynotes are customized to integrate your conference messaging and franchise culture throughout the program.

Distinctive & Highly Immersive Experiential Keynote

Travels From:

Various Locations in the U.S.

Fee Range:

$2,250 – $13,000

Favorite Food:

Asian Fusion Cuisine

Drum Café West Coast – Natalie Spiro

Natalie Spiro’s keynotes are about creating a unified whole through appreciation and acceptation of individual thoughts, skills, and contributions. Her keynotes explore the unique voice that each person possesses and emphasizes the synergy that results from our unique collaboration. The abstract idea of engaging rhythm as more than just a metaphor to solve problems in business is not a new concept. It’s thousands of years old. In Africa, tribal councils would meet and beat. They’d connect at that primal level first before approaching each other with speech.

Natalie has personally facilitated interactive drumming programs for more than 30,000 people. Her clients have been from every sector—tech, health, government, transportation, hospitality, education, finance, media, and telecommunications. She has close ties with some of the most powerful brands in the world including Google, Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Intel, and eBay.

Natalie came to the USA in 2000 from South Africa with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and an MBA in Corporate Strategy and Marketing. San Diego was a far cry from her life in Johannesburg, but her insatiable curiosity and hunger to make an impact where ever she lived and worked led her on a passionate path to understanding corporate culture in America. She held positions in top global firms within the financial services and hospitality industries, including holding a senior position at the corporate offices of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Natalie’s African sensibilities ultimately connected her back to her passion for community and collaboration. She became an owner/partner in the worldwide Drum Cafe organization in 2002— and from this point forward, Natalie’s professional destiny came into clear view.

Drum Cafe Headshot

Partial Client List:

  • Dermatalogica
  • Direct Selling Association
  • Fast Signs
  • First Aid Beauty
  • Herbal Life
  • Jack in the Box
  • Marriott
  • Mary Kay
  • McDonald’s
  • Motel 6
  • I just want to say a huge 'Thank You' for all you did to work with us on Refresh 2010. It is undisputed that your presence played a pivotal role in creating the overall vibe of the program that had our Teammates leaving truly feeling REFRESHED! Even on the 22nd session, I loved every minute of running this year’s program and working with you and your team was definitely a contributing factor to that satisfaction.

    Benjamin Eye, Creative Communication & Events Manager Virgin America
  • You rocked our leadership meeting! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! The team energy and the experiential exercises exceeded my expectations! Frankly, that is hard to do coming from someone who puts himself through endurance events for the experiential value.

    Michel Cadieux, SVP HR Itron, Inc.
  • Thank you for the fabulous event you and your team did for us at Google yesterday. Googlers can be a pretty challenging audience (especially when it’s a group of learning professionals/facilitators!) and you absolutely blew everyone away. You exceeded my expectations by far – and the environment/energy you created was critical for us as an organization. Because of your involvement, we are going to be able to move forward in a more focused, unified, and joyous way. You were a highlight of the year at Google – and that’s a hard thing to do! You were also the highlight for me personally – so thanks!

    Trudi McCanna, Director, People Operations Google

Drum Café's Keynotes

Kinesthetic Keynote: Interactive Drumming Session

Our flagship program consists of a 10-minute drum call performance (scalable) and 50-minute upbeat and inspiring interactive program to set the tone for the conference! We bring a drum for every attendee to play, allowing one and all to connect and collaborate through the universal language of rhythm and music. And we weave high-level messaging throughout the program to make the experience extremely powerful and pertinent to all those in attendance.

Symphony of Rhythm: Interactive Percussive Program

This is a dynamic 35-50 minute (scalable) interactive session during which we provide  percussion sticks (boomwhackers) for every attendee to play. The boomwhackers are tuned to a C Major diatonic scale, allowing attendees to hear how their individual voices contribute to a greater, organizational whole. Each of the colors and notes will represent either Core Values,  working principles, leadership concepts, goals, geographic regions, etc. 

Body Percussion Interactive

Traditions of many cultures use body percussion as the rhythmic instrument. Our Drum Cafe program delivers a high-energy performance and incorporates the sounds and movement of the audience. It is completely interactive, upbeat and energetic. Participants get out of their heads and into their bodies as they use their own hands and feet to snap, clap, and stomp their way into the groove!  We can weave some very high-level and relevant messaging throughout the interactive performance building the energy towards a unifying finale chant!

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