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Galen Emanuele

Keynote Speaker, Team Culture & Leadership Thought Leader

Every outcome that business owners are pursuing is greatly impacted by their ability to skillfully lead their teams, develop exceptional culture, and drive the performance and engagement of their people. Galen’s high-energy, unique content gives franchisees actionable tools to skyrocket their communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and team culture. Participants laugh and learn together as they gain tangible skills to reframe the way they lead their organizations, impact their teams, and show up every day. He also provides comprehensive, follow through resources for franchisees to incorporate what they’ve learned and create lasting change.

A natural and captivating trainer and performer, Galen has spent thousands of hours on stage working with audiences and teams. His authentic, upbeat style is born from his background as a world-class improviser, having taught and performed improv for many years including touring with the cast from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” He seamlessly guides audiences from moments of wild laughter to pin drop silences, sharing profound truths and skills to permanently change the way they impact every person in their business and life.

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Portland, OR

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Galen Emanuele's Bio

Galen is an international speaker who works with teams and organizations including Fortune 500’s such as Microsoft, CBRE, Expedia, and Shell, to create a profound shift in how teams and leaders communicate and show up in business.

His unique, interactive keynotes and programs teach organizations how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to drive an exceptional team culture of high level performance and engagement. An expert in business leadership, Galen is also a world-class improviser, having taught and performed for many years including with the cast from Whose Line Is It Anyway?


Partial Client List:

  • Ben Bridge Jewelers
  • Comfort Keepers
  • Expedia
  • Great Clips
  • Hilton
  • Microsoft
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Safeway/Albertsons
  • Smile Brands
  • The Boys & Girls Club
  • “Everybody loved Galen’s energy, understanding and passion for our brand, and his fresh, essential message. His session was motivating, inspiring and gave our members real world tools to better their teams. Galen had everyone moving, thinking, and engaged. He (and his survey results) exceeded expectations, which were very high. One of our attendees commented after Galen’s session, ‘This is why I come to this Conference.” Our team is excited to continue following Galen’s work to extend the learning. We ALL recommend him highly.”

    Joni Magnus-Ramsey Sr. Marketing Manager & Events
  • "Galen was a pleasure to work with, and as the feedback and comments from our franchisees show, he knocked it out of the park! Galen fit in with our group so well, and we enjoyed every minute with him. A 96% out of a possible 100% is outstanding— we were overwhelmingly pleased. "

    Michelle Sack Great Clips, Inc.
  • "Yes, And Culture presentation was the BEST EVER! Galen Emanuele is positive and entertaining. The exercises we did at our tables were enlightening. And there was so much laughter and happiness in the room. Awesome!"

    Franchise Conference Attendee Great Clips, Inc.

Galen Emanuele's Keynotes

Creating a "Yes, And" Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement

Session Description: Galen’s dynamic keynote will profoundly impact the way franchisees communicate, show up, and lead their teams. Through simple, skill-building activities, Galen will teach them how to create a cohesive “Yes, And” culture to skyrocket team performance and engagement. Franchisees will laugh and learn, coming away with new, powerful tools to enhance their leadership abilities, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and capacity to drive exceptional culture within their franchise.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to communicate and influence others with the tools of “Yes, And.” 
  • Learn to be present and fully engaged in communications.
  • Embrace a collaborative team culture of support and strive to make others look good.
  • Adapt positively to change, be receptive to new ideas, and navigate conflict more easily.
  • Take accountability for the way they contribute and show up every day.
Navigating Conflict or Delivering a 'No' Using the Tools of "Yes, And"

Breakout Session

Description: One of the biggest challenges that we face in business and as humans is how to effectively deliver a ‘no’ and navigate conflict. These are amplified in business where taking the wrong approach can destroy engagement, morale, creativity, and even personal reputations. In this session Galen builds upon his keynote by teaching how to successfully navigate the art of delivering a ‘no’ and navigating conflict, providing a concise set of tools and framework. Franchisees will learn how to take a collaborative, strategic approach that puts the relationship first, focuses on a solution, and feels authentic and supportive without crushing employee and team morale.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to say no the idea and yes to the person in a collaborative way that encourages engagement.
  • Understand how to effectively diffuse and navigate conflict by making others feel listened to and considered while focusing on solutions.
  • Collaboratively arrive at no in a way that elicits engagement and doesn’t damage morale.
Reframing Culture & Leadership When it Matters Most

Virtual Session

Description: Galen will reframe how franchise leaders can show up for their people and shine at times when it matters most, and beyond. He’ll dive into ways leaders can support and prioritize employee experience, ensuring that their teams thrive. He will also share tools around skillfully creating a culture of feedback and constant improvement, as well as a step by step process to establish a clearly defined, intentional culture.

Learning objectives:

  • Providing a leadership presence of stability and security to help your team thrive through challenging times.
  • Mindsets and a model for creating a culture of feedback and constant improvement.
  • Galen’s “Clarity, Commitment, Consistency” step by step approach for creating a living breathing culture.

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