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Ford Saeks, Business Growth Accelerator, Hall of Fame Speaker

Franchisee Success | Business Growth | AI & ChatGPT | Local Marketing & Sales | Leadership

Ford Saeks is not only a leading expert in helping franchisees amplify their performance and profits, but he also possesses a deep understanding of unleashing the power of AI, particularly with tools like ChatGPT and Bard. His proven strategies have been embraced by a vast array of franchise brands. Ford’s dynamic presentations are packed with actional takeaways and engaging.  He mystery shops and customized each presentation to your theme and outcomes.

What sets Ford apart as the preferred speaker for renowned franchise brands such as Subway, Edible Arrangements, Papa Murphys, MTY Group, Comfort Keepers, Senior Helpers, OrangeTheory Fitness, Precision Door, Wine & Design, Learning Express Toys, Lawn Doctor, Gold’s Gym, Image360, and countless others?

With a rich background spanning multiple industries—including retail, QSR, full-service dining, and both residential B2C & commercial services B2B—Ford’s expertise is vast. He has collaborated with emerging franchise brands boasting fewer than 100 units and has also been a guiding force for global giants with over 20,000 franchise locations.

The author of four books, including the popular releases “ACCELERATE: The Ultimate Guide to Maximize Local Marketing and Boost Sales” and Superpower! A Superhero’s Guide to Leadership, Business, and Life.

Ford is widely recognized for his insights on reigniting passion for success, helping franchisees leverage their systems, create fantastic customer experiences, increase sales, and develop winning workforce cultures.

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Ford Saeks Franchise Speaker

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As the opening keynote speaker, he will kick off your conference with a bang. As the closing keynote speaker, he will ensure your Zees leave with a prioritized massive action plan!

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Fee Range:

$15,000 – $20,000

Favorite Food:

Ribeye Steak

Ford Saeks' Bio

Delivering Profit-Rich Results

Ford Saeks built his first business at the age of 16, reaped the profitable rewards, and was labeled “A True Entrepreneur.”  Since then, he has successfully founded 10 companies, received three U.S. Patents, and is the genius behind many successful ventures.

He has helped thousands of franchise owners improve results, take accountability for their local marketing efforts, and grow their bottom line.  An entrepreneur in every sense, Ford Saeks relates to franchisors and franchisees as someone who has been there in his own ventures and with his many clients.  Ford has worked with multiple franchise organizations, helping guide both franchisees and franchisors through the maze of traditional and digital marketing.  His style is contemporary, upbeat, and fun.  His presentations are packed full of actionable information delivered in an easy-to-implement style peppered with just the right amount of humor.

Beyond his popular keynote and breakout presentations, Ford Saeks has over twenty-five years of presenting, facilitating, and moderating interactive experiences and Franchisee roundtable best-practices discussions.

Ford was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 2019, and awarded the CPAE – 1 of only 189 people on the planet. He’s also in the Virtual Speaker Hall of Fame, 1 of less than 50 people, and a certified virtual presenter.

ford saeks franchise keynote speaker

Partial Client List:

  • Alliance Franchise Brands
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Bank of America
  • BeaverTails
  • CarePatrol
  • CKO Kickboxing Franchises
  • Comfort Keepers
  • Duck Donuts
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
  • Fresh Coat Painters
  • FranConnect
  • Gold’s Gym Int’l
  • Great Harvest Bread Co.
  • H & R Block
  • HEAT Franchise Summit
  • IBM
  • International Franchise Association (IFA)
  • John Deere
  • Karcher North America
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Lawn Doctor
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • Murphy Business
  • MTY Group Brands
  • Oracle
  • OrangeTheory Fitness
  • Papa Murphy’s Franchise Co
  • PostNet
  • Pirtek
  • Pridestaff
  • Precision Door Services
  • Senior Helpers
  • ShowHomes
  • Signs By Tomorrow
  • SignsNOW
  • Staples
  • Screenmobile
  • Subaru
  • Subway
  • Synergy HomeCare
  • Wine & Design
  • and many more…
  • I seldom have the opportunity to attend these sessions due to time constraints, but I made a point to attend this one. Very well done—enjoyed it. I am also reading your book, or I should say, studying your book and implementing its many ideas, activities and actions. Thanks! The world of social media is still quite a challenge for me, but I’ve just begun to fight.

    William (Bill) White, Regional Director Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, LLC
  • I really enjoyed your Business Growth keynote presentation. It was standing room only, you packed it out! I left with tons of ideas and concepts.

    Kim Hanson, Vice President of Support LearningRX
  • Ford, I very much enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the IFA National Convention. It was both entertaining and content-rich on a topic that is timely for all of us. Thank you!

    Kirk Allen, National Director of Financial Services AlphaGraphics, Inc.
  • I was incredibly impressed with your presentation during the technology summit earlier this week. You did an amazing job of keeping everyone engaged, particularly since half the room was full of first-time attendees.

    Michael Misetic Fishman Public Relations, Inc.
  • Thank you for your awesome presentation to our PostNet dealer network. You left them energized and filled with strategies and tactics that they can use to improve their business centers.

    Steve Greenbaum, President & CEO PostNet
  • Not only were Ford's session's filled to the back of the room - a clear demonstration of how much our franchisees valued Ford’s great content and dynamic delivery style - he did his homework and really understood our brand and our franchisees challenges in running their businesses day to day. We especially appreciated that Ford was willing to do whatever it took to do a great job and really connect with our franchisees. We will definitely be using Ford again in the near future.

    Bridget Sypolt, Director of Meeting Gold's Gym
  • Ford Saeks was our guest speaker at a recent Area Developer Retreat and our attendees absolutely LOVED him! His material was ‘spot-on’ for what we wanted delivered and his actionable take-aways truly resonated with our team. What impressed me the most was the amount of homework that Ford did to really understand our company, our culture and our content objectives for the Retreat. Logistically he was a dream to work with from our initial planning call to texting us with updates on his travel, Ford never left us guessing. The only thing I would change would to have been able to give him more time on our agenda. I know he has so much more he can bring to our team! We look forward to using Ford again in the near future.

    Karen Halman, Director of Training Liberty Tax Service
  • We hired Ford Saeks to do a marketing consulting project for our company and we like it so much we hired him to do a second one specifically on franchise sales. The bottom line is that I liked him so much as a speaker that we became a client, twice!

    Roger J. Murphy, CEO & Founder Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, LLC
  • We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our franchisees on Ford Saeks’ sessions at our recent annual franchise convention. Our franchisees LOVED him! We really appreciated the fact that Ford not only delivered an outstanding keynote but engaged the entire group with the dynamic interaction that he created facilitating our roundtables. He really understood our mission and objectives for the event and was incredibly knowledgeable about the franchise relationship. We loved Ford’s sessions so much that we are going to be leveraging his expertise in other areas and will be using him again to work directly with our franchisees.

    Mike Brickner, VP Operations Precision Door Service
  • We are incredibly pleased with Ford’s engagement of our franchisees at this year’s annual franchise convention. He was fantastically well prepared and clearly tied our brand to his content for the perfect ‘Precision Flavor’. I will definitely be using Ford again in the near future. Awesome experience!

    Suzanne Odisho, Marketing Manager Precision Door Service
  • Thank you so much for such engaging and informative webinars. It truly is refreshing to be part of a brand that actively invests in providing learning opportunities for its franchisees and colleagues.

    Kerri DeLaRosa Papa Murphy's International, Division Marketing Manager, Central Division
  • “As someone who knows the franchise industry, I can say that Ford Saeks KNOWS FRANCHISING. Ford is a great resource and has helped me with my digital presence and marketing too, he’s generous and smart, and a nice guy on top of it all!”

    John Francis CEO, Next Level Franchise, Inc.
  • “I just came out of an amazing workshop. I thought I was trained well over 35 years, but this guy named Ford, he was teaching me things I not only forgot, but never knew! I filled up my entire book today with tactics and basically benefits that are going to help me grow my business strategies.”

    John Barber SpeedPro, Franchise Owner - Norcross, GA

Ford Saeks' Keynotes

Unlocking the Power of AI, ChatGPT & Bard: Mastering Prompt Engineering for Business
Keynote Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Mastering AI for Business, Prompt Engineering, Conversational AI, Ethics and ChatGPT, Executive Briefing, Marketing, Business Operations

Discover the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT in revolutionizing all aspects of your franchise and franchisee network. You’ll discover the secrets to leveraging AI for unprecedented growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

AI’s Transformative Power in Franchising

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead isn’t just about keeping pace—it’s about pioneering the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just another tech buzzword; it’s the game-changer that’s redefining the very fabric of business strategy and customer engagement.

For franchise brand executives and forward-thinking planners, understanding and harnessing the power of AI is no longer optional—it’s imperative. Here’s why:

  • Automation & Efficiency: Streamline operations by automating mundane tasks, allowing your teams to focus on what truly matters—growth and innovation.
  • Elevated Customer Experiences: With AI, personalize customer interactions like never before, ensuring every touchpoint resonates and builds brand loyalty.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Dive deep into customer behavior, market shifts, and franchise performance. AI doesn’t just offer data; it offers actionable insights that can pivot your strategy and drive results.

Discover Proven Ways to :

  • Uncover groundbreaking AI advancements that can propel your business forward, streamline operations, marketing & sales, and maximize revenue growth.
  • Master the art of utilizing AI technology by learning the crucial Do’s and Don’ts, ensuring seamless automation and cost reduction.
  • Witness live interactive demonstrations of AI and ChatGPT, showcasing their practical and effective implementation in your business.
  • Learn how to craft effective prompts that optimize AI and ChatGPT performance, enhancing communication and problem-solving capabilities.

Ford Saeks demystifies AI, offering tangible takeaways that can be immediately implemented to propel your franchise into the future. It’s not just about staying ahead of the competition; it’s about setting the benchmark.

Available as a live or virtual hybrid presentation customized for your specific needs

SUPERPOWER SUCCESS: Unleash Your Inner Superhero to Bust Through Barriers and Ignite High-Performance

Keynote Focus: Leadership, Performance, Team Building, Inspiration, Corporate Culture

Regardless of your title — owner, leader, manager, or team member — you’re faced with internal and external challenges that block your full potential. Ford’s powerful self-discovery process demonstrates ways to shift your mindset to create immediate and long-term results that help you accomplish what seemed impossible. Perfect as an opening keynote for your conference or event.

Discover Proven Ways to :

RETHINK your mindset and unlock your superpowers to accelerate performance

REFRAME communication strategies get more done with less effort which helps you reduce frustration and overwhelm

REFOCUS how you lead, engage, and retain your multigenerational diverse team members

REIGNITE your passion for your brand to deliver fantastic customer experiences

REFLECT on personal accountability that will help you transform excuses into results

REWARD your hard work by setting mini-goals and then celebrating excellence

Available as a live or virtual hybrid presentation customized for your specific needs

ACCELERATING FRANCHISEE REVENUE GROWTH: Maximizing Local Area Marketing and Increasing Sustainable Sales

Keynote Focus: Generating Revenue, Local Marketing & Sales Excellence, Operational Performance

Ford understands that leading and managing growth can be challenging, especially when faced with increased competition, changing buying behaviors, multigenerational workforces, and squeezing profit margins.  As some franchisees may look to the national brand to drive more business, it’s essential that local and multi-unit owners shift their focus to make the most of their local marketing & sales efforts.  

Discover Ford’s powerful approach to: 

  • Building relationships, trust & credibility, and social proof in your local marketing areas
  • Leading revenue growth and profits through operational excellence
  • Skyrocketing lead generation even on a limited budget
  • Getting higher per-ticket sales from new & repeat customers 
  • Delivering remarkable customer experiences that create brand advocates 
  • Avoiding the generational landmines that can destroy your business and local brand’s reputation
  • The renewed importance of following your brand’s systems and best-practices
  • Improving leadership communication that elevates team accountability

Franchisees and staff will leave with doable takeaways, in alignment with your brand, to produce immediate results.

WINNING WORKFORCE STRATEGIES: How to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Finding and attracting the best people for your franchise can be challenging, especially in today’s multigenerational and diverse workforce environment.  Discover the secrets of recruiting in the digital age and combine them with successful onboarding that will improve retention, reduce turnover, boost employee engagement and shrink the time it takes for your new employees to follow your systems and reach their full potential.

In this presentation designed for franchisees, you’ll discover:

  • How to attract the best candidates for your open positions
  • The most common mistakes with millennials and how you can avoid them
  • Keys to setting clear roles and expectations for your leaders and team
  • Successful onboarding practices to increase engagement and accountability
  • Which policies and procedures work best, no matter the size of your franchise
  • Automated support systems that make employee orientation effective

Success depends on the quality of its leaders, managers and staff.  Attracting and developing the right people maximizes productivity, shapes a positive culture and promotes harmony.  The simple fact is that leaders aren’t defined by job titles. Being a leader starts with your staff taking personal accountability for their own success, results and areas of improvement.  It’s those individuals who can motivate, inspire, and challenge those around them to do the same, who will create a strong foundation for your franchise success.

BOOM! Explosive Insights into Generational Marketing and Trending Technologies for Franchisees

Keynote Focus: Generational Marketing, Future Trends  

Each generational group, from millennials to baby boomers, has its own specific characteristics, behaviors, and buying patterns. This has created new opportunities for franchisees to gain a competitive edge with their workforce and marketing efforts. In the race for relevancy, the one-size-fits-all marketing and communication strategy just isn’t very effective.

You’ll Discover How to:

  • Identify trends and get ahead of the curve to capture new opportunities
  • Avoid the generational landmines that can destroy your business
  • Adapt communication strategies for multi-generational buyers
  • Gain fresh insights into what motivates millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomers, to retain top talent
  • Leadership and management processes that improve communication and engagement of diverse workforces

You’ll leave this presentation armed with the tactics to engage the diverse demographics of today’s staff and consumers.

LEAD THE DISCUSSION: The Importance of an Experienced Facilitator for Panel or Round Table Discussions

Picture this: without a skilled moderator, like me, your panel discussion may go off-track, become disorganized, and fail to deliver the valuable insights your franchisees crave. The absence of an experienced facilitator leads to missed opportunities for collaboration, limited engagement, and a lack of actionable takeaways. Frankly, too many times without a professional facilitator (like me) leading the discussion, I’ve seen it turn ugly really fast as negativity takes center stage.

Now, envision the positive impact of having me, Ford Saeks, as your facilitator.  My focus is to help you empower your franchisees and elevate your convention experience. I will help keep the discussion Engaging and Interactive. I’m experienced in creating an atmosphere of active participation, I will encourage your panelists and franchisees to share their experiences, challenges, and best practices. This interactive approach will foster collaboration, inspire innovative thinking, and lead to valuable insights.

Together, let’s ignite the power of collaboration, drive best practices, and propel your franchisees toward unparalleled success!

Executive Roundtable Moderator and Panel Discussion Leader

In addition to presenting exciting keynote presentations that are interactive and filled with actionable takeaways, Ford Saeks is also a skilled Executive Roundtable Moderator and Panel Discussion Leader

Tap into Ford to host your next panel, forum, or CEO roundtable session. For over 25 years, Ford has been presenting, facilitating, and moderating. His interactive style and to-the-point demeanor help keep conversations on the topic while generating discussion and engagement.

  • Stay on track with panel discussions
  • Discuss effective best practices
  • Uncover innovators in your organization.
  • Make the most of role-playing exercises.

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