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Rod Bristol, CFE: Financial Speaker

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Rod Bristol, CFE is a dynamic, passionate financial speaker with a stellar reputation in the franchise community. He engages his audience with funny, compelling stories from his own experience as a 23-year multi-unit business owner and then motivates the franchisees to apply the financial tools they are learning to their own operations.  Franchisors are excellent at teaching the franchisee how to DO the business, but using the Profit Soup curriculum, Rod teaches them how to be profitable quickly and consistently through every phase of their growth in the network.

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“One of the biggest challenges of a business’ leadership is understanding their financial statements and using them to drive operational improvement in their companies.” -Rod Bristol, Profit Soup

Rod Bristol is a Certified Franchise Executive and a Director with Profit Soup, a contemporary financial training company.  He specializes in teaching franchise executives, franchisees, consultants, and emerging entrepreneurs how to master the numbers side of a business and make better financial decisions.

Rod’s unique approach focuses on the business owner, not on academic accounting concepts. His audience learns to make smart decisions that maximize profits and cash flow and help new franchisees hit the ground running so they win the race to profit before their cash runs out.

Rod began his career as an investment banker doing mergers and acquisitions in Seattle and then purchased Sudden Printing in 1984.  Rod grew the company to $5 million in revenue with 19 branches and had the good fortune to sell his company in 2007

He is a sought-after convention speaker and a master financial trainer who has presented programs to business owners throughout the US and Canada, Puerto Rico, India, the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Rod has a well-earned reputation for making complex financial topics clear and fun to learn.

Rod Bristol

Partial Client List:

  • America’s Small Business Centers
  • Any Lab Test Now
  • Choice Hotels
  • Creative Colors International
  • Direct Energy
  • Do it Best
  • Dreammaker Bath and Kitchen
  • Green Home Solutions
  • IFA Academy
  • Lawn Doctor
  • Millicare
  • Mosquito Hunters
  • Poolwerx USA
  • PostNet
  • The UPS Store
  • Threshold Brands
  • Two Men and a Truck
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • “Lawn Doctor and Happinest Brands has enjoyed our relationship with the entire team at Profit Soup over the years and we consider them a trusted partner. We have had the pleasure of engaging Rod Bristol to speak at our national conference on multiple occasions. His ability to deliver important financial content to a large diverse group in an entertaining and easy to understand manner has made him one of our highest rated presenters. Rod’s personal experience as a small business owner gives him a level of credibility that resonates with our franchise owners. He has been an integral piece of our efforts to improve financial performance at a a unit level.”

    Jack Miskin Chief Financial Officer
  • “We had the pleasure of working with Rod Bristol two years in a row at our Annual Franchise Sales & Training Conference.  Rod “wowed” our franchise owners each time.   He even had someone so excited that they passed out, literally.  Somehow Rod was able to take numbers and make them dance in front of their eyes.  A truly engaging, energetic speaker that we would LOVE to have at every one of our conferences!!”

    Terri Sniegolski, CFE Senior Vice President
  • Rod Bristol was recently our keynote speaker at our annual franchise conference for the second year in a row.  Once again, Rod blew everyone away and, once again, Rod’s keynote was the highest-rated session of the entire 3.5-day conference! With his pragmatic coaching and colorful anecdotes, Rod truly kept our audience of business owners on the edges of their seats.  Rod helped our owners to not only demystify their own numbers, but to use their numbers as a source of empowerment to build better businesses.  Even our owners with heavy financial backgrounds learned new things from Rod. The other reason why I think Rod connects so well with business owners is that he has so much business ownership experience, himself, so they can sense that he is one of them.  I highly recommend Rod Bristol and Profit Soup!

    Andy Fuller CEO
  • We have had the pleasure of having Rod Bristol present at many of our conferences and regional meetings. It became evident that his help was greatly needed, and the response was fantastic. It was easy to invite him back again and again when you consider his presence in front of his audience and the engagement that is difficult to garner when not everyone has the same business acumen level. The feedback was consistent, our franchisees could understand more easily and make their financial goals more realistic.

    Melanie Kirk Franchise Business Coach and Finance Manager
  • Rod Bristol is one of those rare speakers who blends superb functional expertise with deep audience engagement. I had the pleasure of bringing him to a convention where participants were variable in their subject knowledge, and a bit  hesitant as learners. Rod was a skilled consultative partner leading up to the making sure his presentation was the right fit for the company. Day of, Rod was able to read this audience well and bring subject matter skill, presence, humor, and impactful interaction to his presentation. I highly recommend Rod Bristol to any organization seeking energy, excellence and real learning momentum from their speaker.

    Julie Stark
  • "I love numbers, I’ve never met a spreadsheet that I didn’t like. However, that’s not everyone . . . but I can say with confidence that after you meet Rod Bristol you will love numbers. One on one, and with a small group he’s almost pastoral in his encouragement as he draws you into leveling up your financial coaching and acumen. Further, when he’s educating a crowd of small business owners he steals the show, you can’t help but remained glued to his presentation. Rod Bristol is a unique and dynamic speaker that makes the financial side of small business exciting. Rod, thank-you for all you did for my team and the MilliCare network!"

    Brian Morgan Director of Operations

Rod Bristol's Keynotes


In this session, we will explore the top 10 financial mistakes business leaders make that negatively impact profits and reveal steps you can take to avoid these missteps. Assess your own situation to see if these mistakes are derailing your operation’s progress toward continuous improvement. Then, brainstorm with your peers about possible systems, skillsets, reporting, and accountability that can correct the mistakes. With the proper focus and framework in place, owners and managers can lift profits, cash flow, and customer experience!


What sales targets yield the profits you will need to achieve your financial goals? Learn to use information about your cost structure and your past results to develop a profit plan that aligns with your personal lifestyle goals. Play “What If?” to measure the impact of changing prices and margins, investing in assets, adding staff or other fixed costs, and improving average transaction value. Compute the sales required to justify your marketing investments.  It is frequently offered in combination with Driving Sales with Purpose for a 3½-hour session titled “Driving Sales and Profit”.


Don’t just wait for the phone to ring; set your sights on growth, do the things that drive sales, measure your activities, and engage your team. Explore how to leverage your clear value proposition and brand strategy and foster a culture of proactive selling that focuses your team on growing new and existing business. How many customers are buying, and at what frequency and average transaction amount will it take to hit your sales target? Develop strategies to drive sales volume, define and communicate expectations to sales staff, and use accountability and rewards that align with your goals.


It is never too soon to envision how you will leave your business. Your vision will influence your decision-making along the way. To receive full value for your investment of time and money, you will have to make some hard choices. How much should you be paying yourself? How will that impact the value of your business at exit? How much wealth do you need to accumulate? How can you estimate what your business is worth? Explore basic exit strategies and discover what you can do today to make your business more attractive and valuable to tomorrow’s buyer.




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