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Evan Hackel, CFE

Leadership Expert
Founder & CEO of Ingage Consulting

Evan Hackel lives and breathes Ingagement (the ‘I’ stands for involvement!). And full-on Ingagement is what you get when you hire Mr. Ingagement as your franchise convention presenter. Evan’s audiences are deeply involved in the learning process through interactive, dynamic, and energizing experiential exercises as well as meaningful tried-and-true business tools, insights, and practices. Evan doesn’t just talk about Ingagement, he brings it alive for any audience.

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Evan Hackel's Bio

Known as Mr. Ingagement Evan Hackel is the founder and CEO of Ingage Consulting. As the thought leader for true and meaningful Ingagement within franchising, Evan’s a man on a mission to help franchise brands involve all stakeholders and create a unified team that is focused, integrated and collaborative.

Before starting Ingage Consulting and becoming Mr. Ingagement, Evan was a member of the senior management team that helped CCA Global Partners achieve extraordinary success.   Evan understands how to create growth within a franchise system.

By engaging all stakeholders within a franchise system, the system becomes stronger and every member is able to maximize the benefits of the franchise business system. For Evan, Ingagement is not about high-level concepts that feel-good, but meaningful, actionable involvement.

Evan brings an amazing amount of franchise experience to every Ingagment. In his many years in franchising, Evan has led the effort to start three different franchise systems and turned around a bankrupt franchise system with $700 million in system-wide sales to having over 2 billion in system-wide sales in four years. When he left CCA Global Partners he was managing over $5 billion in system-wide sales operating in six countries.

Evan’s lifelong commitment to franchising is evidenced by his own personal Ingagement. He is co-chair of the International Franchise Association’s Knowledge Share Task Force, a board member of the New England Franchise Association and a Certified Franchise Executive.

Evan is the author of the leadership book “Ingaging Leadership”

Evan is an avid skier who has yet to find a mountain he doesn’t love! He resides in Reading, Massachusetts with his wife, Laura, and three children.

Evan Hackel, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

Partial Client List:

  • 30 Minute Hit
  • Aire Serv
  • Armstrong Industries
  • Bath Fitter
  • Citywide
  • Denny’s
  • Exciting Windows!
  • FranConnect
  • Glass Doctor
  • Health First
  • Health Mart
  • Häagen-Dazs
  • International Franchise Association
  • Macco
  • Mainstream Boutique
  • McKesson
  • Meineke
  • Mr. Appliance
  • Mr. Electrician
  • Mr. Rooter
  • Padgett Business Services
  • Parterre
  • PSA Security
  • The Ground Guys
  • There are a lot of speakers out there that talk the talk, but that's all it is. Evan is different. He's credible. He's been a successful franchisor executive who's achieved amazing growth by engaging his franchisees in the innovation process. And he's also gathered important data insights on how to drive greater engagement in franchise networks generally. If you're looking for a speaker who gets franchising and talks about what really works, get Evan.

    Greg Nathan, Founder Franchise Relationships Institute
  • Thank you so much for the fabulous presentation [at our convention]. There were many members who told us it was the best they had heard at EW [Exciting Windows!] and two spouses who have attended many conventions and other industries that said they never heard better. Your message was meaty and moving. We want to hear more from you and keep your creativity and experience channeled to benefit Exciting Windows! in the future.

    Steve Bursten, CEO Exciting Windows!
  • Working with Evan has been eye-opening. Not only did our everyone love his presentation at our conference, but our management team has also found his insight into member organizations very valuable. We’ve been able to get a better understanding of how organizations like ours can succeed and see that improving engagement will have a positive impact!

    Dave Freeman, President & CEO Health First Network
  • We consider Evan’s group engagement presentation to be a pivotal turning point for our group. Evan helped us understand the importance of working together to achieve higher goals and it changed how we work together.

    Earl Ward, President & CEO Nemeon, Inc.
  • Thank you again for your help at this year's event. We have had nothing but positive feedback and everyone has said it was the best event yet. We're very inspired to put the gas peddle down! I just wanted to mention that you are two for two in delivering the goods and we had another clarifying moment this year.

    Jackson Loychuk, CEO 30 Minute Hit, Ltd.
  • Our organization booked Evan as the keynote speaker for our annual Purchasing Cooperatives Conference. Evan delighted the audience of executive leaders with a mix of big ideas, actionable solutions, humor, audience participation and some good ol’ fashion tugging at the heartstrings. I’ve known Evan to be as dedicated and as prepared as they come, unafraid to tackle a topic or viewpoint that others might shy away from while staying on-message and has a knack for being on the leading edge of what’s trending. Already a successful businessman and consultant, Evan should also be on your short list of speakers for your next conference.

    Judy Ziewacz, President and CEO National Cooperative Business Association
  • Evan Hackel set the standard for keynote speakers for us moving forward. His pre-program research and on-site engagement exceeded our expectations in every way. Evan took our learning objectives for this event and for the coming year and delivered them to our franchisees wrapped in engaging stories and powered by his fresh perspective and invaluable expertise. On-site, Evan was flexible, participatory and helpful and his ‘all-in’ engagement set a remarkable example for our entire system. I would not hesitate to recommend Evan as a keynote speaker for any franchisor looking to bring a targeted message of full-on engagement to their franchisees.

    Scott Hoots, VP of Operations American Family Care

Evan Hackel's Keynotes

Strategic Meeting Planning Services for Outstanding Franchise Conventions and Meetings

Well executed franchise conferences and large meetings can have a dramatic impact on the success of the franchisor. The ability to effectively communicate in a live environment is the most productive time a franchise system has for communication.

It is, therefore, extremely important that there is a large turnout at these events to have as effective a meeting as possible, given the time and expense for both the franchise and the franchisee.

Investing upfront in both improving attendance and effectiveness of the meeting will provide a substantial return on investment for your meeting.


  • Develop a highly interactive and effective franchise meeting plan
  • Improve levels of attendance and create an ongoing culture of attendance
  • Increase on-site engagement in all areas – individual learning, open exchange of ideas and experiences, building peer relationships, building relationships with franchisor Home Office staff, and just having FUN with each other!
  • Achieve key goals and learning objectives articulated by the leadership team
Embracing Millennial’s, Your Best Employees Yet!

Applying the concept of Ingaging Leadership is transformational when looking at how to lead, inspire and manage millennials. Millennials can be your best employees – once you learn the secrets on how to manage and inspire them. This interactive keynote will unlock the mystery of millennials and give you the tools to master being an outstanding leader for them. By embracing the millennial mindset and inspiring them through the concrete tools of Ingaging Leadership, you’ll create a culture of a highly effective team that will help take your franchise business to the next level.

Ingaged Leadership

The philosophy of Ingaged Leadership has been attracting attention – and new believers – thanks to Evan’s new book, Ingaging Leadership. In this keynote, Evan brings his philosophy to practical life through case studies and lessons from his career as both consultant and head of many successful companies. In this transformational keynote, Evan offers leaders the keys to unlock the full potential of any organization.

Attitude Is A Multiplier

Attitude is infectious, attitude is inspiring, attitude is the key to success. Attitude is a multiplier; attitude takes everything that you’ve worked hard to do and multiplies it and makes you many times more successful. But we as business people rarely focus on attitude. Attitude is something that we all need to focus on each and every day.

This keynote leads vividly through the power and impact of attitude, including a live demonstration of the power of attitude and positive thinking that will thrill and inspire your franchisees. Your audience will be taught the skills to create a culture of positive attitude within their own businesses. Attendees will leave this keynote amazed, inspired and empowered to make significant improvements in their businesses performance.

Better Together

There’s no doubt one of the biggest opportunities available in organizations is one of organizations working together better, acting like a team and executing at all levels.  Yet dysfunction gets in the way of success, individual agendas take precedent, communication is a major issue in the elusive synergies of effectively working together are lost. In this keynote address, we tackle these issues head-on, we work on changing the culture and thought process of the attendees. We focus on the benefits of everyone working together, we define the responsibilities scratch that each team member has not only to the organization but to other team members.

As part of this keynote, we do an interactive game that highlights the power of teamwork, in a clear and powerful way.  The game is fun, the impact is real and participants will be talking about it for years. The gameplay is a critical aspect of the presentation, as it enables participants truly visualize and understand the importance of working together and why they’re better together.

There’s an optional workshop they can be added to the keynote where the attendees define the roles and responsibilities of all members of the organization.

Franchise Leadership Coaching

Being a leader of a franchise organization is very lonely. Participating in our Coaching program allow you direct access to our CEO Evan Hackel for private one on one coaching. Allowing you share opening your thoughts and concerns with someone who has over 30 years of franchise experience successfully launching 3 franchise brands, successfully turning around a bankrupt franchise system from 700 million in system-wide sales to 2 billion in four years. Evan is both an expert in franchising but in leadership. This unique offering access to Evan to work through your toughest issues, to help make you a more effective leader. Allowing your franchisee system to grow faster and your franchisees to be more successful.

Seeking Excellence: The Never Ending Journey

Every day competition and a changing consumer environment make it harder for companies to succeed.  Successful companies are relentless in their pursuit of excellence, knowing that it’s a never-ending journey. You constantly have to get better to stay ahead of the pack.

In this keynote address, Evan motivates the audience and excites them about the future. He delivers the keys to creating a culture that is committed to seeking excellence and unwilling to sit back and let the world pass them by.

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