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Phil Hansen

Artist and Speaker

Phil Hansen’s presentation is inspiring and interactive for both In-Person and Live-Virtual Events.

As an art student, Phil Hansen’s intense style of pointillism led to a tremor in his hand and a diagnosis of nerve damage. Devastated, he dropped out and lost his way, until a neurologist suggested he “embrace the shake”. This piece of advice put Phil on a quest to invent different approaches to making art by embracing personal and universal limitations.

Phil’s ability to draw art parallels to the corporate world has lead to speaking at events such as TED main stage, the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, and the Million Dollar Round Table

Phil has designed a unique art experience beyond the talk. Companies who are seeking an unforgettable interactive experience for their audience are absolutely stunned by its originality, value and effect.

Phil’s keynote message reaches a broad audience. He has presented for the top financial and insurance companies, the healthcare industry, corporate groups, associations, and educational groups.

Phil Hansen’s Speaker Demo

Travels From:


Fee Range:

Keynote: $25,000

Virtual: $15,000

Phil Hansen's Bio

Referred to by his fans as “the Artist for the People,” Phil Hansen is an internationally recognized multimedia artist, speaker, author and innovator — at the forefront of bringing art to a wider audience. Crashing irreverently through conventional boundaries, Phil works at the intersection of traditional art, electronic media, offbeat materials, and interactive experiences. He is most widely known for his meta-art, videos that document the creation process (sometimes even through destruction), showing millions that art is action, not just result. Hansen’s work also extends deeply into traditional media with features on the Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, Glamour and many more. His work is sought-after by many influential clients including the Grammy Awards, Disney, Skype, Mazda and the Rockefeller Foundation.

For the tens of millions who have seen Phil’s art on TV and online, it’s hard to imagine that his artistic journey nearly came to an end when a tremor developed in his drawing hand. In exploring new ways to create art, Phil discovered that by embracing his shake, limitations could become the passageway to creativity.

His inspirational story was first shared on the TED stage to a standing ovation, and then shared around the world including on PBS, BBC and CCTV. Now, Phil’s ability to draw parallels to the business setting has won him followers among business and franchise leaders.


Partial Client List:

  • Connecting Point Marketing Group
  • Consortium Health Plans
  • GAMA International
  • General Mills
  • Shaw Industries
  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Weichert Realtors
  • All I can say is “wow”! It’s been over a week since my Weichert sales team participated in Phil’s “virtual experience” and they are still talking about it. At a time when a team can feel limited, he helped us to look beyond those limitations and imagine the possibilities. The motivational nature of the program was unbelievable, but the real magic was the interactive portion of the presentation. It was engaging and provided practical strategies to discover how we can approach creating ideas and solving challenges.

    Weichert Realtors
  • Phil is a dynamic presenter who knows how to engage the audience. He’s comfortable on stage, knows his material well, and has a flair for surprising the audience in a positive way. He’s able to tie in his talk to business professionals and their day-to-day work life.

    Consortium Health Plans, Inc.
  • Phil Hansen offered our sales team an uncommon, uncharacteristic and unexpected twist on traditional meeting presentations. His message was innovative, imaginative, and left us wanting more!

    General Mills President, Sales & Channel Development
  • Phil was our best speaker to date and was perfect for our meeting. Throughout the week I heard people talking about his session and his artwork. He kept everyone engaged throughout. Keynote speakers at times can tend to sound the same, but with Phil’s art his messaging goes to a new level.

  • Excellent Presentation. Engaging, Interesting and the after art is totally worth the extra upgrade.

    GAMA International

Phil Hansen's Keynotes

Virtual Talk: Phil Hansen’s Virtual “Embrace the Shake”

Limitations can drive Creativity.

Not your average virtual presentation. Phil brings you into his studio through a mixture of visuals and multi cameras (like a TV production), to make you feel like you’re in the room.

Audiences will feel inspired, engaged with Phil’s personal journey of overcoming adversity. They will learn a new create tool to help them see their own limitations in a new way. His program will help them focus on what they can do to help each other and themselves rather than look for external resources.

Whether your virtual conference is on Zoom, a live private Facebook group, or professionally hosted, Phil will genuinely connect a highly relevant message to your attendees.

What to Expect:

  • Help attendees learn ways to be creative, embrace limitations, deal with change
  • Inspiring, engaging, interactive
  • This can be for both for large/small teams and leadership/management meetings
  • The length can vary 15 minutes to 45 minutes

After hearing Phil’s talk, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify preconceived assumptions that cause us to believe obstacles have the power to limit success.
  • Manage change through analysis and application of systematic creativity.
  • Reduce stress by turning inwards and looking at how our internal resources can solve the challenges ahead.
Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations Into Opportunities

Success, especially in today’s fast-changing business environment, depends on our ability to make “creativity and innovation” a continuous process. Leaders want to know how their teams can rise above any challenge and succeed no matter what comes their way. Whether it’s to embrace change, overcome obstacles, sustain growth, or take your success to the next level, they want to “Embrace the Shake”.

The term “Embrace the Shake” is coined from Artist Phil Hansen’s personal story of transformation. After developing a career-ending tremor in his drawing hand, Phil embraced his “shake” both physically and metaphorically by redefining his limitation as an impetus for creativity. Phil not only restored his artistic abilities, he became a much more creative and innovative artist than ever before. Upon sharing his message on the TED stage and millions subsequently after, “Embrace the Shake” has become a motto for many businesses to approach their limitations in a new way.

Phil’s powerful message of finding creativity within limitations will inspire you to stop looking on the outside, and start looking inside yourself for resources that can transform your challenges into opportunities for success. And like Phil’s art, “Embrace the shake” isn’t just a talk, it’s an experience! Through jaw-dropping visuals and LIVE interactive art, get ready to break preconceived assumptions, activate your creative capacity, and bring fresh ways of viewing the task at hand that will culminate with success.

Are you ready to Embrace your Shake?

Learning Outcomes
Your participants will be able to:

  • Identify preconceived assumptions that cause us to believe obstacles have the power to limit success.
  • Break down resistance to limitations by recognizing their role in driving – versus stifling – creativity.
  • Explore ways to view problems with a fresh perspective by activating internal resources, the most important being creativity.
The Art of Collaboration: (An Interactive Add-On Art Experience)

Note: There is a separate fee to add this experience on to the keynote (fee based on the amount of people participating).
In addition to his inspiring talk, Artist Phil Hansen designs a hands-on interactive art experience that brings your audience together to create a stunning and unexpected work of art. This fun, engaging and collaborative project furthers the experience of embracing challenges through teamwork, and demonstrates the power of coming together to create something new. Client keeps the final artwork.

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