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Barbara Nuss, CPA: Financial Speaker

Franchise Leadership | Franchise Finance | Strategic Planning

Barbara Nuss, CPA is the founder of Profit Soup, a contemporary financial training company. She combines the management and teaching skills of a seasoned business advisor with the technical knowledge of a CPA. She has worked with business owners and managers across the United States, Canada, and Australia, providing them with practical tools and techniques to achieve greater control over the financial future of their companies.

Barbara is a sought-after convention speaker and a frequent facilitator for industry peer group meetings and strategic planning sessions giving her a unique perspective of the long and short-term challenges that business decision-makers face each day. While she is ardent about helping business people understand the financials, her focus is on the future, using the Profit Soup’s recipe for success – Measure, Understand, Get it Done!

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Barbara Nuss' Bio

“Wherever the lack of financial acumen gets in the way of success – that is where we want to be.” —Barbara Nuss, Profit Soup

I’m Barbara Nuss, CPA, creator of Profit Soup Online. I’ve spent decades teaching franchise executives, franchisees, consultants, and emerging entrepreneurs how to master the numbers side of a business and make better financial decisions.

What makes my approach unique? I focus on the business owner, not on academic accounting concepts. I want my learners to make smart decisions that maximize profits and cash flow.

Plus, I want it to be efficient. Busy people don’t have time to spend years or even months on classes. And new franchisees need to hit the ground running so they win the race to profit before their cash runs out.

Barbara Nuss, CPA – Profit Soup

Partial Client List:

  • America’s SBDC Washington
  • American Concrete Pumping Association
  • BrightStar
  • HappiNest
  • Hounds Town
  • IFA Academy
  • Insulate SB
  • The UPS Store
  • LearningRx
  • Moran Family of Brands
  • Owens Corning
  • PoolWerx
  • Property Management Inc.
  • ProSource Wholesale
  • PuroClean
  • The Lash Lounge
  • Threshold Brands
  • Title Boxing Club
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
  • “Barb has worked with our company, and our franchisees, for a number of years. Her guidance and insights are born from a strategic viewpoint that always balances the restraints inherent to capital funding with the resources required to properly execute. Her methodical and intelligent approach rarely provides the easy answer but it does provide a road map to the planning and effort required for growth, innovation and profits. Barbara’s work is tireless, her desire for details provides safeguards and her work product is highly valued. Barb (and Profit Soup) is one the few firms that can appropriately bridge strategy, capital and execution between franchisees and franchisor.”

    Eric Bernstein ProSource Wholesale / President
  • “Wow! A standing ovation for a CPA. In all my years of franchising I’ve never seen that before!”

    John Rotche Title Boxing Club / President
  • “You’re not like other experts we’ve hired that just tell us how much they know. You did a lot of work that helped us accomplish our vision. Our performance groups are in their tenth year now. We’re thankful that we enlisted Profit Soup’s help to launch them. I learned so much!”

    Kimberly Hanson, CFE Learning RX / Chief Executive Officer
  • “Barbara Nuss of Profit Soup spoke to our franchisees about financial strategies that build business value. Franchisees left eager to establish a long-term vision for their business, with clarity about how to improve business performance, raise the value of their franchise and as a result, lift the value of the BrightStar brand. The session transformed our franchisees’ view of financials from an accounting necessity to a strategic resource – an immediate ROI for me!”

    Shelly Sun BrightStar Franchising / Co-Founder and CEO

Barbara Nuss' Keynotes


Successful entrepreneurs have vision, passion and commitment. They also understand what is required to build a strong and viable business. We have identified eight essential ingredients for success. What are they? Does your business have them? Grab this opportunity to see what you may be missing! Complete a self-assessment for your business to see where you stand in each critical area and identify what you can do to make your business enjoyable, profitable and sustainable.


It is never too soon to envision how you will leave your business. Your vision will influence your decision making along the way. To receive full value for your investment of time and money, you will have to make some hard choices. How much should you be paying yourself? How will that impact the value of your business at exit? How much wealth do you need to accumulate? How can you estimate what your business is worth? Explore basic exit strategies and find out what you can do today to make your business more attractive and valuable to tomorrow’s buyer.


Not a numbers person? No problem! Learn to climb over this obstacle and discover how to transform customer and financial information into decision-relevant tools. Gain confidence to make brilliant financial choices to solidify the future of your business. The story of a business is found in its financial statement. We’ll use business ratios and industry benchmarking to gain perspective on what your statements say about your productivity, profit, cash and financial strength to determine your business priorities and a develop a plan to move you forward.


Make continuous performance improvement part of your ongoing management process. Brainstorm with peers about critical issues and then assess your business priorities. Armed with the knowledge of what drives success, select the metrics that matter for you – those that help you focus on activities that produce the desired outcomes. This valuable exploration includes: measuring lost profit and cash flow, using ratios to measuring improvements in productivity, profit, cash and financial strength, selecting ratios (metrics) that matter most and using dashboards to communicate expectations and maintain focus.


All businesses need cash to operate. Even a profitable business can run out of cash. What are the primary drivers of cash in your business? How would your cash balance change if customers paid more quickly? If you managed inventory more effectively? Understanding the cash cycle helps you identify specific actions that could improve cash flow. You may need a high-level overview of asset utilization and capacity, and a thorough review of accounts receivable collection, inventory management, and effective use of short-term credit.


What sales targets yield the profits you will need to achieve your financial goals? Learn to use information about your cost structure and your past results to develop a profit plan that aligns with your personal lifestyle goals. Play “What If?” to measure the impact of changing prices and margins, investing in assets, adding staff or other fixed costs, improving average transaction value. Compute the sales required to justify your marketing investments. (This session can include delivery of an Excel-based profit planning tool customized for your business model. It is frequently offered in combination with Driving Sales with Purpose for a 3½-hour session titled “Driving Sales and Profit”.)


Don’t just wait for the phone to ring; set your sights on growth, do the things that drive sales, measure your activities and engage your team. Explore how to leverage your clear value proposition, brand strategy and foster a culture of proactive selling that focuses your team on growing new and existing business. How many customers buying at what frequency and average transaction amount will it take to hit your sales target? Develop strategies to drive sales volume, define and communicate expectations to sales staff and use accountability and rewards that align with your goals.


Effective goals help to maintain the clarity of focus and attention needed to function profitably in a fast-moving business climate. Discover a straight-forward structure to identify your business priorities, set goals for your business, establish accountability, monitor progress and achieve more. Includes an introduction to coaching, accountability and giving effective feedback.


What type of financing should you have in place for your business? What makes your business attractive from a bank’s perspective? How you describe your most critical banking needs influences the financing arrangements your lender will offer. Learn to tell the story of your business, improve your standing with the bank and get the financial backing you need.


There is no greater loss than opportunity left uncapitalized. Do you have a long-term plan for funding your opportunities for growth? Learn how to predict your borrowing needs so you can be ready to take action when opportunities arise. This session provides a model for forecasting the amount of long-term debt you’ll need over time to fund the growth of your business and suggests alternate strategies for managing debt and equity to align with your growth plan.


Know what cash you’ll need in the short run to achieve your profit goals in the long run. A detailed sales and expense budget and monthly cash plan can reveal short-term cash shortfalls in advance, so you can plan for the best use of your credit line, manage inventory and cash collections and plan equipment purchases for maximum cash flow. This session can be enhanced for retail businesses to explore dynamic purchase budgets and open to buy.

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You only have 24 hours in each day and 7 days in each week. All of your time won’t be enough to build the business value you deserve. You’ll need to engage your team. The value of your business depends on it. Even the smartest goals fall short without follow-through and leadership. How will your plans get traction? A culture of accountability and reward drives results worth celebrating. Learn to be better coach by establishing clear expectations, monitoring results and providing actionable feedback.

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