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Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE

Workplace Performance Expert, Best Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

Dan Thurmon is the perfect choice to kick off or close a conference, as he delivers both a life-changing message and a show-stopping performance. Dan enables franchisees and franchisors to see past their current obstacles, reconnect to their passion for their business, and initiate changes to become more successful.  Specifically, they will learn how to utilize systems, manage focus, inspire teams, and align personal and professional efforts for maximum results.  They will also have a fantastic time while they learn! After his presentation, your franchisees will be recommitted to the success of their business and empowered by strategies to embrace uncertainty and create their own success.

Dan delivers experiences people will feel and remember. Are you ready for something unforgettable?

Dan Thurmon’s 2023 Speaker Reel

Travels From:

Atlanta, GA

Fee Range:

$20,000 Virtual
$25,000 In-Person

Favorite Food:

Sushi & Thai Cuisine
Loves Coffee!

Dan Thurmon's Bio

Dan Thurmon is the founder and President of Motivation Works, Inc, a company that helps leaders and their organizations move confidently through change and transformation, so they become, achieve, and contribute MORE.

His clients include Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Marriott, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, State Farm, and Walmart.

Dan is an expert speaker and performer. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and even troops on the front lines of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame — and is one of fewer than 200 living speakers to have received this honor.

Dan has served as the President of the National Speakers Association. During his tenure, he led the Board of Directors and the 3,000+ member organization through a critical transformation, which included new governance; new mission, vision, and values; higher member value; and greater financial accountability.

He is also a writer and content producer. He’s authored two books: Success in Action and Off Balance On Purpose.

Along with his speeches and books, Dan produces an ongoing, weekly video-coaching series and podcast in which he shares leadership principles and life-enhancement strategies in under three minutes.

Dan and his teenage daughter, Maggie, have become social media sensations on TikTok. Several of their videos have been viewed more than 30 million times, and their personal channel has well over a million subscribers. Maggie and Dan’s creative and enthusiastic content resonates strongly with an audience that spans the world.

Dan built his first company, a live entertainment firm, in the late 1980s as a means of financing his education at the University of Georgia. There, he received his degree in Business. In the mid-1990s, Dan changed his firm’s focus, from live entertainment to corporate education, so he could more fully use his knowledge about peak performance and help businesses succeed at a much higher level.

He is a health and fitness advocate. In his 50s, Dan continues to train and perform advanced acrobatics and enjoys hobbies such as golf, mountain unicycling, and the flying trapeze.

Dan Thurman headshot

Partial Client List:

  • Arby’s
  • AIG
  • Anthem
  • AT&T
  • Bank of America
  • Bright Horizons
  • Carvel
  • CGI
  • Chase
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Cinnabon
  • Citibank
  • Denny’s
  • Firestone
  • Great Harvest Bread Company
  • H&R Block
  • Honeywell
  • IBM
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Marriott
  • McDonald’s
  • MetLife
  • Microsoft
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill
  • P&G
  • Pfizer
  • Sally Beauty
  • Senior Helpers
  • Sonic
  • Taco Bell
  • The Little Gym
  • Tim Hortons
  • Walmart
  • Dan Thurman was an exceptional speaker – a powerful choice to kick off our conference. He took the time to understand our business and frame his message for maximum impact. Dan’s presentation was high-energy and engaging, and the feedback has been outstanding. From franchise owners to coaches and sales associates, our global audience left empowered to initiate positive change in their personal and professional lives.

    David M. Carney, President & COO Orangetheory Fitness
  • Dan Thurmon did an outstanding job as our keynote speaker for this year’s annual franchise convention. He was the perfect choice for a late afternoon spot – a time that can be tricky to really engage and inspire franchisees – and he was able to hit a solid home run for our group! Our franchisees responded with a roaring standing ovation and we heard snippets of Dan’s message being repeated in the hallways following his session. Dan was exceptionally well prepared, understood our brand, our culture, and our desired outcomes. Logistically he was extremely easy to work with and very ‘low-maintenance’ all the way around. I have booked a lot of speakers over the years and Dan ranks as one the best!

    Gloria Stock-Mickelson, Director of Training & Education Travel Leaders
  • Dan was incredible!!!! The managers, staff and Owner Operators couldn’t stop talking about the session. I was looking for learning and motivation in an environment that would not be boring. Dan delivered exactly that. The juggling, unicycle, acrobatics and the handstand on the podium were all tied to the learning. It was a home run!

    Jim Mulcahy, Training Director McDonald's
  • We have restaurants in 33 countries around the world and we host a Global Conference every two years. Our most recent conference was last October and Dan Thurmon presented a keynote to our group of over 300. I can't tell you how incredible this gentleman is. I've been around a number of years and have heard presentations from some of the most noted speakers, experts, and leaders in the country and I was overwhelmed by Dan's keynote. He combined feats of physical daring while delivering the most incredible...on target message of how to manage what is really important in your business as well as personal life. His presentation was spot on the money and would have been outstanding even if he gave it without his 'props'...I won't give away his secrets but I personally guarantee he will have your team, audience, crowd etc on their feet and moved to action. If you want to motivate, inform, educate, entertain and deliver a presentation that your team will not forget and will talk about for many all means, pick Dan to 'deliver the difference' for you. Our franchisees, vendors, company management and support teams still fondly recall his message and method.

    Ken Myers, President Romacorp, Inc.
  • After hiring you three times, I manage to still find tremendous nuggets of wisdom to take away from your exhilarating presentations.

    Reed A. Lynn, VP of Sales, North America WILD Flavors, Inc.
  • Dan, I was so impressed with your attention to detail, listening skills during our times together and final presentation. You hit a home run with us! I believe the reason you did such a fantastic job was your personal desire to get to know what we really wanted from you. Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings and your trip with one of our consultants in the field really helped build up your credibility with our field staff. You had a perfect balance between entertainment and education.

    Mark G. Moraitakis, Sr. Director, Hospitality and Service Design Chick-fil-A®
  • The power behind your motivating speech helped our field force to make sure about the importance of attitude, take commitment with action and how looking up is superior to looking down!

    Elaine M. Acosta, District Sales Manager GlaxoSmithKline
  • Dan Thurmon has, for more than ten years, worked with our teams, executives and clients to help them become more successful and productive on the job while continuing to grow personally. His approach to “life balance” is reality-based and extraordinarily effective. In addition to offering great ideas and a fresh perspective, Dan presents himself as an inspirational model – someone with a deep appreciation for what it takes to nurture all aspects of life and a talent for making it irresistible. He truly is a force of nature imparting energy and insight to all he touches.

    Dick Wilde, CMO Deloitte
  • Just a note of appreciation for the outstanding job you did keynoting our Nebraska Career Education Conference. The teachers and administrators loved the presentation. It received the highest marks on the conference evaluation of any speaker we had. Your combination of entertainment, humor and a powerful message was the perfect blend for our audience. We have had entertaining speakers in the past, but none with a message as powerful as yours. Living off-balance on purpose was exactly what they needed to hear. The depth of content supported by examples you shared and your athletic ability related well to the audience. Again, thanks for the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to future engagements.

    Richard Katt, State Director Nebraska Career Education
  • I have heard attendees say that you are the BEST presenter they have ever seen, and I have to agree! Your energy and enthusiasm are evident from the moment you take the stage, and it's infectious.

    Ellen H. Wentz Deloitte
  • Dan not only made the presentation fun and engaging for our attendees, he seamlessly wove our company messaging into his performance. This was voted the best keynote we have ever had at this conference.

    Julie Ewing JLL / Transition Coordinator
  • The valuable strategies you were able to visually convey through your presentation gave our participants a strong image and affiliation with our goals and objectives.

    Pam Elledge Delta / Director of Business Development
  • Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings and your trip with one of our consultants in the field really helped build up your credibility with our field staff.

    Mark G Moraitakas Chic-Fil-A
  • We couldn't stop talking about the session. The entertainment elements were all tied to the learning. It was a home run!

    Jim Mulcahy McDonald's / Training Director

Dan Thurmon's Keynotes

Positive CHAOS

We’re living in a time where “change” has become “CHAOS.” Events that seem unpredictable and out of our control can create an environment of anxious overwhelming stress. Or, you can leverage today’s CHAOS into breakthroughs of understanding and exponential future results.

Dan will teach you the truth about CHAOS. You’ll gain insights and tools to transform your CHAOS from a negative state to a strategic advantage. Learn to see clear patterns in what now appears random, and take intentional action to shape them for your benefit!

  • Understand and use the principles of Chaos Theory in order to take more confident action during uncertain times.
  • Identify existing patterns within seemingly random or unpredictable events, or within consistently recurring similar situations and obstacles.
  • Shape those patterns more intentionally to create dramatically better future results
Off Balance On Purpose - Improving Work-Life Alignment

The incredible challenges of COVID have impacted every aspect of how we live and how we work. It’s now crystal clear that there isn’t a “work-life” and a “home life.” You get ONE life, and improvement starts with handling what matters most. Dan Thurmon believes we set ourselves up for failure trying to “compartmentalize life” or “achieve balance.” Balance isn’t what you get. It’s what you DO. When we recognize what’s necessary and initiate meaningful changes, you are living Off Balance On Purpose. You are also more successful, productive, and fulfilled. This keynote will help you embrace lifelong learning and stretch into the next opportunity, leveraging your past experience into present action and future success. Dan amplifies his messages with exciting stunts and interaction, making the learning memorable. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

As a result of attending this program attendees will:

  • Know how to act with confidence, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Have a model to align personal growth to professional excellence.
  • Feel more excited and optimistic about what’s to come, and their role in making it happen.
Perform-ability - How to Be Your Best When it Matters Most

Throughout your life and career, you’ve been told to “always be at your best because every moment counts.” While this may sound like good advice, it isn’t really possible, or all that effective. And the truth is: Some moments count much more than others. For that reason, you must learn to be your best when it matters the most.

Dan helps an audience member achieve a breakthrough moment!

Dan will explain why some individuals are excellent in practice yet fail under pressure and why others seem to naturally rise to handle critical moments with ease and excellence. This isn’t an innate talent. It is an ability that can be learned and mastered. Dan calls this “Perform-Ability.”

The key to being able to “perform,” or deliver excellence when it matters the most, is to prepare properly and understand the mindset and methods of top performers. Dan will teach and demonstrates these elements in his signature high-impact style. Audiences will leave the session energized and ready to tackle their challenges with new tools.

Learning Objectives

As a result of attending this program, attendees will be able to:

  • See themselves as performers, capable of delivering excellent results under pressure.
  • Understand the three aspects of an effective performance.
  • Clarify what they are trying to achieve.
  • Develop strategies to succeed.
  • Recognize critical moments and rise to the occasion.
  • Adopt the mindset and methods of peak performers.
  • Commit to ongoing learning and disciplines to aid their efforts.

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