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Craig Zablocki

The Art of “Un-Learning” Expert | It’s Not About Learning – It’s About Un-Learning

There’s a reason Craig is one of the most sought-after speakers for Franchisees. Not only is he one of the most audience-engaging speakers you will ever experience, but he also provides transformational tools that will help improve the success of franchisees immediately and for years to come. His unconventional style and straightforward manner with audiences makes him a hit for franchise conventions, regional road-shows, and sales rallies.

His premise is simple – we have barriers to our innate potential for commitment, creativity, leadership, sales, and communication. He helps us overcome the obstacles keeping us from making more of an impact on customers and employees. Craig unravels us from our habitual ways of being and conditioning that keep us stuck.

Craig distinguishes information from transformation. Not a “rah-rah” session but real transformation. As a business speaker, Craig is brought back time and again to many of the Franchise and Fortune 100 companies, helping them achieve success through his unique perspectives and experiences.

Craig’s ability to see “where” franchisees are stuck allows him to tailor a specific program that delivers the powerful behavioral change you’re looking for. It’s not about learning – it’s about UN-learning.

Be Inspired, Have a Purpose

Travels From:

Denver, CO

Fee Range:

$15,000 – $17,500

Favorite Food:

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Craig Zablocki's Bio

Author and Speaker Craig Zablocki has encouraged and inspired thousands of people with his unique blend of humor and authenticity. He has spoken to over a million people internationally and in all 50 states.

He was recently ranked one of the top 2% of speakers in America from the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM). Craig brings 20 years of speaking, consulting, and training experience to dozens of franchises in addition to many others including realtors, educators and administrators, human resources professionals, US Armed Forces, victims groups, health care professionals, and corporations.

Craig has authored Improv 101, Unleash Your Creative Spirit and written many articles for major publications. He has appeared on countless radio and television programs, including National Public Radio.

Craig Zablocki, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

Partial Client List:

  • Big O Tires
  • Disney
  • Global Franchise Group
  • Goddard Systems, Inc.
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Microsoft
  • Midas Total Car Care
  • Pinnacol Assurance
  • RE/MAX International
  • The Little Gym
  • United Airlines
  • US Air Force
  • Urgent Care Association of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wendy’s
  • I must tell you that at the Macola Kick-Off meeting this week in Columbus that you were the equivalent and epitome of a grand-slam home run. It was as if it was the 9th inning of the seventh game in the World Series. With calm and confident assuredness, you simply got up and delivered a message that resonated with the group. The idea of having you as the keynote speaker was wonderful. But having you lead four sessions on Tuesday during the breakouts was a stroke of genius. Many people told me that you awakened in them an understanding that they may never have had, or if they did, it had gone to sleep and you have brought it back. Even the photographer who was on site told me that he heard your presentation and it made him start thinking and realizing some new thoughts. It's the first time in my 20 year career that I have ever seen one speaker have such a total and complete effect on an entire room of people in such a positive manner. You are an amazing and very skilled speaker at reading your audience, and that’s a unique and special skill set that not everyone can claim. Kudos and well-done and all I can say is that I feel very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time and met you.

    Glenna Fulks, Events Manager Macola
  • Craig Zablocki was the keynote speaker for our recent franchise Reunion and he was Outstanding! The fun that he brought to our event was exactly what we needed for this year and his message was absolutely perfect. He gave us all some really great life lessons that we can apply to both our personal and business lives and really connected in a heartfelt way. His humor was hilarious and there were times that we were laughing so hard we were crying! The feedback from our franchisees on-site was fantastic. And in fact, they have been writing to us asking for the video to be posted on our intranet so that they can watch it again. I think that says it all! I also really appreciate how easy Craig is to work with - he was flexible, really made an effort to understand our brand (including a visit to a local gym), and targeted his message specifically for our business. We loved working with Craig and are considering bringing him back for another dose of hilarious fun and actionable learning!

    Alex Bingham, Senior VP Operations The Little Gym International, Inc.
  • We have used Craig a number of times – because he’s always entertaining and always engaging. He challenges our franchisees to be awesome leaders.

    Dan Askey, President NAPA
  • I would not hesitate to use Craig for any audience from executives to the hourly employee as his down to earth and common sense message is spot on for all audiences!

    Sharon Wilkoski, Marketing Manager Wendy’s Midwest
  • Craig kicks butt – that’s why we brought him back for another national conference.

    Tina DeJong, President Midas International Corporation
  • One word. Awesome!

    Brian DeLong, Director, Marketing, Advertising & PR Goddard Systems, Inc.
  • You were a ‘knockout’ Craig – everyone loved you and your presentation, thank you! The energy you created in that room lasted for days, it was a phenomenal experience.

    Margaret M. Kelly, President and CEO RE/MAX International, Inc.
  • Craig really did his homework – one of the best ever!

    Kevin Kormondy, Director of Marketing Big O Tires

Craig Zablocki's Keynotes

Be All In - Getting to 100%

Franchises that are thriving are able to develop a culture of ownership, engagement, and fun. A recent Gallup Poll stated that 70% of employees in the US are disengaged at work.  Of those, 20% are “roaming the halls spreading discontent.”  Most of us are holding back from total engagement, but once we see the benefits of being “All in” and learn ways to cultivate that in our employees, the magic starts to happen and success is the result.

Think Big - Act Big

What does it mean for franchisees to Think Big? What does it mean for them to Act Big? What holds them back from a bigger perspective and bold action? In this keynote, Craig shows how to celebrate our victories, challenge our complacency, and live life in a BIG way. We’ve all heard the saying that mountains are climbed one step at a time – and the way to a BIG victory is one step at a time. Be ready to learn (actually Un-Learn), laugh, and up your game both personally and professionally.

The Intelligence of Fun

It is a proven fact that a culture of fun increases productivity, motivation, and employee engagement. This keynote is guaranteed to leave participants laughing while teaching them how to create a culture of fun and creativity that strengthens morale and increases productivity. People do business with franchises that are fun and have great customer service, where employees really care about the customer experience. Get ready to laugh while learning about The Intelligence of Fun.

Radical Leadership in the World of Franchises

Craig gets the value of collaborative communication in the World of Franchises owners. In Craig’s approach to leadership he invites collaborative communication and fun. He brings a strong element of both relevance and levity. In his non-power pointed and highly interactive style, he will challenge the attendees to see where they are stuck, to see where they hold back.  They will be able to own their greatness and identify their blind spots.

An effective franchise owner/Leader today is one who: leads by example, take themselves lightly while leading from purpose; one who is willing to be vulnerable and champion others, who can own their “stuff”, tap into their innate creativity, joy, and passion and helps others do the same.  They are visionaries and know how to get results.  Radical leaders listen deeply and lead from their heart. They speak honesty and lastly, embody the intelligence of fun. And guess what…it’s contagious.

Embracing Change

We hear it all the time – change is inevitable.  As franchisors and franchisees, the struggle is that we often spend so much time resisting change.  Through it all, we complain and moan and talk about the “good old days” as if that really helps.  What if your franchisees could actually be excited about change from “the get-go” with an attitude of “bring it on!”  This program will help franchises become successful by embracing change with passion and 100% commitment.

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