Always Have Time for Progress!

Feel like there’s never enough time? One of our most engaging franchise speakers, Dean Lindsay, has 10 great self-reflective questions to get clear on how we invest our time!

Here’s an excerpt from Dean’s book, The Progress Challenge, which by the way, is a GREAT read – fun, engaging, full of actionable tools and tips, great stories, and memorable quotes:

What is an effective use of your time?

The Progress Challenge jacket coverThe answer is totally subjective because the value of the results is subjective.  What makes a wise investment of time for me may not be a wise investment for your.  Each of us is, however, investing some of our time in daily activities that do not serve our goals.  Too much time is allotted to fleeting interests that we know are less important than progressing toward our crafted goals.  That is why it is so important to remind ourselves of the benefits of our goals.

Time Management is really
Self-Management, with a respect for time!

All of us have said to ourselves, “Oh, I really would like to (fill in the blank), if I could only find the time.”  Time doesn’t need to be found.  It’s right here.  Time needs to be invested wisely.  Each day, we are choosing to invest our time somewhere, and for a reason.  By managing our time more wisely, we minimize stress, improve our quality of life, and have time to progress. Unfortunately, time management is one of those life skills that no one teaches us in school.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to help you get clear on how you invest your time.

Ponder & Progress:

    1. When do you feel you waste time?
    2. Is procrastination a problem?  How so?
    3. Do you need to exercise better “time management?”  Why?
    4. What are two important things in your life Unique Bonus system: You can use the bonus money from Royaal straight away. that must be done but aren’t?
    5. What are the most valuable uses of your time right now?
    6. Do you list and rank tasks that need to be done each day?
    7. During what part of the day are you most productive or effective?
    8. What are two actions that you do weekly that could and should be done by someone else?
    9. What is the best use of your time in terms of your short-term goals?
    10. What is the best use of your time in terms of your long-term goals? 

We don’t find time or make it; we schedule time and take it!

There is always time to progress. 

Be Progress!


Dean Lindsay is an authority on harnessing the human potential and creating authentic business growth.  He’s the real deal in every way – smart, energetic, fun, innovative, and as a speaker engaging, inspiring and provocative.  Interested in finding out more about how Dean might support your franchisees?  His dynamic keynotes cover networking, sales, and customer service.  Here’s what a recent franchise client had to say about Dean’s impact on their group:

“Dean Lindsay was the perfect choice to keynote the Meineke Dealers Association Convention.  His combination of contagious wit and sales and service insights inspired us to face the challenge of improving our operations while providing us the template to make it happen.” 
Chris Schmitz, President, Meineke Dealers Association 

More soon! 


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