Craig Zablocki: Using humor to open minds and overcome obstacles

Do you love laughter, but have concerns about trusting a “funny guy” to deliver a message to your franchisees? That’s understandable! Years ago, I recall being in a convention setting where the result of a canned, humorous keynote was at best, a short break from the delivering of real value, and at worst, alienating to some.

But I’ve definitely seen the flip side of this! Enter Craig Zablocki…

Laughter, energy and a profound connection fills the room, when Craig takes the stage!

Craig’s humor is NOT one size fits all! Craig respects and works closely with the franchisor team in order to understand the individual franchise culture, as well as the theme and learning objectives for the event. He then crafts a message which engages franchisees while opening their minds to new insights and creating transformational change.

[youtube id=”LGnN43lg8O0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Here a just of few thought provoking tidbits we’ve heard from Craig’s presentations:

Craig-Smiling-wIth-AudienceIt’s not about learning, it’s about UN-learning.

Is leadership a noun or a verb?

Thinking often gets in the way of action.

It’s more about the ‘want to’ than the ‘how to’.

You’re more productive when you’re having fun doing what you’re doing!

If you’d like to explore the idea of having Craig at your next event, let me know. I’d love to make the connection! His fees start at $9,500—he travels from Denver.

More soon….


P.S. A recent study tested 5 year olds and found 93% were creative geniuses. While at 20 years of age, only 2% were found to be creative geniuses. So…what do we ‘learn’ and lose as we grow up?

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