Creative Virtual Convention Tips for Your Franchise

Earlier this year, I attended the IFA Business Solutions Round Table. The conversation was focused on how to create the most valuable convention experience for your attendees— we compiled my notes to share in hopes to help you and your team brainstorm ideas that work for your brand.

Here’s one of the amazing ideas discussed:

● Instead of creating sponsorship opportunities just for the annual convention, create year-long relationships and opportunities for Sponsors to have access to the network for the entire year. Sponsors can be featured on the weekly calls. On these calls, the leadership team can call out that Sponsor with product highlights and gratitude for the Sponsors support during the call. Recommend featuring the Sponsor in the middle of the meeting, not at the end, to ensure that Sponsor receives the most visibility. Rotate Sponsors to tie into the relevant conversation i.e. Update on new marketing tools, have your marketing partner be the guest Sponsor. WE ALL LOVED THIS IDEA!

You can find the download here. And as always, we’d love to help in any way we can, so please feel free to reach out.

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