Dan Thurmon: Off Balance On Purpose

So your franchise system is dealing with change, right?
Does uncertainty cause your franchise team to grab tight to stay safe?
To protect what they have, know or do?
OR does change look like opportunity?

If you do nothing else with this newsletter, there are a couple quick segments of Dan Thurmon’s video which I highly recommend you watch—1) starting at 3:05 Dan talks about how our current successful (yes, successful) patterns can stifle our growth, and 2) in the last minute of his video, Dan demonstrates why being off balance (on purpose) works!

Dan Thurmon is the perfect choice to open OR close a conference, as he captivates the audience with a show-stopping performance, while he delivers an essential message. He teaches strategies and skills that enable franchisees and franchisors to see beyond their current obstacles and feel empowered to embrace uncertainty and in doing so, to create out-of- box success. Dan loves to say, “Once you stretch into uncertainty, uncertainty stretches you.” I LOVE that!

Dan’s fees start at $17,500 and he travels from Snellville, GA. If you want to kick off your next event with a session that wows AND opens your franchisees to a message of change, let’s talk, because Dan will deliver.

More soon…


P.S. Check out this quote from Dan’s keynote, “To succeed, we find patterns—patterns in thinking, acting and interacting with others. We find patterns that work for us, ones that serve us. And because these patterns work, we almost instantly begin to defend against outside change. But if you want to transcend your current level of ability, you must be willing to transcend your current patterns.”

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