Food Allergies! Don’t Overlook This Important Franchise Conference Detail

Managing a franchise conference is no small feat. There’s a reason they occur yearly: that can be how long they take to plan (and sometimes longer!). There are the meeting planner tasks we are all aware of: securing a venue, planning the content and agenda, hiring speakers, breakout trainers, emcees and entertainers, planning networking & team building activities and more! And then there are the behind-the-scenes things, like food preferences and requirements that the non-meeting planner might not consider, but are a vital piece of the conference’s success.

Image of a commercial kitchen preparing food.

These days it’s rare to sit down at a restaurant with a large group of people without someone discussing the details of a particular dish with the server. For whatever the reason – medical, religious, dietary or moral – there has been a shift toward people being more concerned about the foods they eat & the contents of their nutrition. Food allergies and special food requests are topics all meeting planners need to be aware of and sensitive to, as it can make or break the overall conference experience for an attendee, and can even mean life or death in extreme cases.

California Meetings and Events Magazine shared this helpful article with eight steps to help keep your franchise conference attendees healthy and happy: How to Navigate the Needs of Attendees with Food Allergies.

How are you going above and beyond for your franchise conference attendees with special needs? Please share with us – we’d love to know!

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