Do WE Have the 5 Key Attributes? Greg Nathan’s Franchisor Wheel of Excellence

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting (continent to continent) with our dear friend and Founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute, Greg Nathan. Many of you know Greg and his extraordinary contribution to the franchise industry—through his research and books, as well as his Franchise Relationships Bootcamps and varied speaking engagements, which have created change for SO many franchise systems.

Based on Greg’s years of vast franchising experience and industry research, he created the Franchisor Wheel of Excellence: 5 Key Attributes of the Successful Franchisor. In our conversation, Greg explains the how and why of its creation, and he drills down into each of the five key attributes.

Franchisor Wheel of Excellence graphic

Enjoy and as always, feel free to pass anything you find valuable along!

More soon…


P.S. There are six more of these conversations with Greg, including the Franchisee Wheel of Excellence, The Alignment of Brand Values with Culture, The Franchise E-Factor (6 stages of the franchisor/franchisee relationship) and more. Check them all out here.

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Headshot of Greg Nathan, Franchise Relationship ExpertHeadshot of Greg Nathan, Franchise Relationship Expert