Greg Nathan's Franchise Relations Tip #17

Greg Nathan's Tip #17 is an important reminder for all of us to stay focused on the positive – a great tool for both franchisees and franchisors!  In this Tip, Greg shares a personal anecdote and reminds us that psychological evidence proves that focusing on the positive creates more effective learning, better results and healthier relationships.

Stay Focused on the Positive

A Franchise Relations Tip from Greg Nathan, Managing Director of Franchise Relationships Institute

I'd been working all week like a maniac and it was now Saturday afternoon. There is a neat cafe at our local golf club so I suggested to my wife that we take a drive and have lunch there.
It was delightful. We sat overlooking a beautiful green valley, occasionally chatting while she read the paper and I read my book.

On the way home she commented on how it frustrated her the way I went vague and dreamy on weekends.  I decided to let the comment pass as I figure I am always a bit vague and dreamy!
Next morning the phone rang. A tentative young female asked if there was an “Ann Nathan” living there. It turned out Ann had left her wallet on a seat at the cafe.

When I told her, she mused “And to think I was grumbling at you yesterday for being dreamy”.  
Of course I should have left it there. She is a reflective person and was well aware of the anomaly. But I responded with a hint of satisfaction “Yes you did indeed”.
At this point her reflective tone changed. “Go on then, rub it in” she retorted.

Lessons for effective coaching

When people make mistakes they are usually feeling bad about it. We learn our own lessons. The last thing we need is someone making us feel worse – which just gets in the way of the learning process.

Next time someone you work or live with makes a blunder, chances are they are well aware of this.  They don't need you to rub it in.

Psychological evidence proves that focusing on the positive creates more effective learning, better results and healthier relationships.

Perhaps there is a lesson here for franchisors and franchisees.

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In the meantime, why not focus on the positive.

Greg Nathan
Managing Director
Franchise Relationships Institute

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